10 Secrets Your Cat Wants You To Know

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(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

Cats are amazing creatures and there is so much more to them than meets the eye. It turns out that there are some things the average cat owner doesn’t know. These can improve the quality of your cat’s life while helping your cat-human relationship!

10 secrets your cat wants you to know

1) My Purring Can Mean Different Things

Purring is a standard way of communicating affection and content. But sometimes, cats purr for reasons other than happiness.

Examples of these can be discomfort, nervousness or a desire for something (usually from you!). Pay attention to your cats’ needs and wants and don’t always take purring as a given that your cat is feeling good.

2) You Might Be Over-Feeding Me!

As with most animals who were first wild, it is a cat’s natural instinct to eat more than it needs to. Unfortunately, this is now leading to an increase in overweight cats. Cats who are overweight run a greater health risk, so be careful before over feeding your cat.

If you are unsure how much you should be feeding them, it’s best to check with a vet.

3) Hydrating Me Is Tricky

If your cat isn’t drinking much water, you don’t have to worry. Unlike most animals (humans included) cats have developed the ability to absorb most of their required water consumption from their food. But it’s still beneficial to use a water fountain for cats!

This is good news. It is relatively easy to make sure your cat has access to wet food instead of pellets. A bowl of clean water never goes astray either, but don’t panic if you don’t see much drinking activity!

4) I Am Talking To You

It is a little known fact that when adult cats meow, they are trying to communicate with their owner (that’s you!) instead of with other cats.


Only kittens meow in order to communicate with other cats – this survival mechanism drops off when they mature, but they will still meow in order to communicate with humans. So if your cat is feeling vocal, pay attention to its needs.

5) Meat is Important!

Cats need meat in their everyday diet, as they thrive on protein. If you want a healthy, happy cat who is well adjusted, then making sure that your cat gets plenty of meat is a vital first step. Your cat will definitely thank you for it!

6) I Need to Climb

Climbing is a very important activity for cats, and making sure that they have effective space to do it in is a very important part of making your home cat-friendly. Small, but high up climbing posts are particularly effective as it gives your cat the ability to survey the area around the post, and gives them the ability to stretch and to feel safe.

7) I Thrive Better Inside

While cats used to be outdoor animals, domestication and the fact that we live in an urban world, means that cats are much safer inside. If you include climbing frames (as mentioned earlier in the post), your cat will get all the exercise and entertainment needed, while staying happy, healthy and safe.

8) Be Mindful of My Tummy

When cats lie back and expose their tummies, it means that they feel relaxed and safe. That said, it is not always an invitation to pet them. Take things slowly and be respectful of your cat’s space in order to avoid scratches and claws!

9) Hygiene

Although cats are mostly clean animals, it is important to note that they have trouble cleaning their own teeth. It is important that you make sure they have good dental hygiene, in order to avoid pain and other health issues. Take good care of your cats’ teeth, and you will have a happy cat.


10) You’re Not a Very Good Cat!

To cats, humans are bigger cats who are not very good at doing feline things. They might lick you to help you clean, or bring you caught mice to help you survive. This is done out of love, and a little bit out of pity. Because you are probably not doing a very good job at being a cat!


All in all, it is very important to take good care of your cat. Keep their teeth clean, give them enough wet food and make sure they have the climbing space that they need.
If you do these and respect your cat, you will find that your cat will give you plenty of love and affection in return!
Love your cat and the sentiment will be returned tenfold!

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