100 Ways to Make Your Cat or Dog Happy

how to make your dog happy
(Last Updated On: May 31, 2023)

You might want to have a pet. But are you really ready for it? Before you plan to adopt a dog or a cat as a pet, you first need to be clear on how your own life would shape up in the next 15 to 20 years, for these could be the number of years you would be having a pet with you. In this article, we’ll cover the challenges involved in owning a pet as well as 100 ways to make your cat or dog happy.

Understanding the challenges involved

You need to first analyse any possible changes that might happen during the lifespan of your pet. Are you going to get married? Are you expecting children? Will the rest of your family members accept a pet? What if any of your family members turns out to be allergic to pet dogs or cats or if any of your family members cannot get along well with the pet? What would you do if the responsibilities at your workplace increase over the course of time?

Would you still find time for your pet? Will there be anyone else who can take care of your pet in your absence? Will you be able to show the same kind of interest towards your pet later or will you move away from your pet later on and shift your priorities towards your children? Adopting a pet is a very big event in your life that can affect your lifestyle for years to come. And of course, the ones who are truly affected are our beloved animals themselves.

dog and cat

Analyse each and every point mentioned above and then decide if you still want to go ahead and adopt a pet. Understand that animals too have emotions. You cannot take them for granted, use their companionship whenever you need them and then discard them. Your pets look at you as their owner, their pack leader, their hero and trust you. Do not prove them wrong or disappoint them! If you own a pet, you really need to consider how to make a cat happy or how to make a dog happy. You have to pamper them as much as you can and make them feel happy and comfortable – just as you would a child.

Loving your pet the way you want

You may pamper your children but only to a certain extent. You do not want your kids to become spoilt brats. But that is not the case with your pets. The more you pamper them, the more they remain loyal to you and love you forever (yes, this might be debatable but we will leave that topic for another post). Pet dogs or pet cats will be there with you in both happy times and testing times. All that they expect in return is a little bit of love and affection. They would truly serve you for the entirety of their lifetime. Remember that your pet depends only on you and your family members. It has immense trust on you and feels safe and confident if you are around. Do not break that trust. It is important to give proper nourishment and medical attention to your pet cat or pet dog. Treat it like your child.

Try to make your pet as happy as you can. A happy pet means a happy environment and you can contribute towards increasing its life span as well. If you are wondering as to how to make your cat happy or looking at ways to make your dog happy, here are some tips for you.

100 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat or Dog Happy

 how to make your dog happy

If you’re looking to take care of your pet, here are 100 amazing ways to do it.

Communicating with your pets

Communication doesn’t just mean talking to your pet. You can do a whole lot more. Here is what all you can do.

    1. Firstly, greet your pet in the morning or when you come home.
    2. Give a warm hug to your pet dog or cat daily and shower maximum love on them.
    3. Take your dog or cat for a walk daily in the morning to let them enjoy fresh air.
    4. Open the windows of the room where the dog or cat stays most of the time.
    5. Brush your cat or dog daily. Animals really enjoy this.
    6. Try to provide them with food that they like the most.
    7. Take your pet dog or pet cat out in your car regularly whenever you go to the market.
    8. Take your pets along with you when you go for a picnic to a nearby place.
    9. Take your dog or cat for long walks.
    10. Make your dog happy or cat happy by rubbing on the belly and chest.
    11. Let your dog or cat sit on your lap.
    12. Talk to your dog or cat as much as you can just as you would talk to your kids.
    13.  Buy dog biscuits regularly for your pet dogs. Similarly, feed your cat with milk regularly.
    14. Give your pet dogs or cats the freedom to do whatever they want. Do not impose too many curbs on their movements.
    15. Teach your pet to communicate.
    16. Hold your pet like a child and cuddle.
    17. You can also sing to your pet dog or cat to make it happy.
    18. Pay individual attention to your pet daily for at least half an hour.
    19. Treat your pet dogs or cats daily in the morning with their favourite breakfast.
    20. Cover your puppies with a special soft blanket while they are asleep.

Buying those amazing gifts

how to make your cat happy

Your pets deserve to be rewarded. If they’ve learnt a new trick or are respecting your commands, they deserve a treat. You can reward your pet in any of the following ways.

      1. Buy boxes or containers for your cat or dog.
      2. Buy best cat toys like soft plush cats for cats or soft plush dogs for dogs for them to play. Or even a cat tree that it will thoroughly enjoy scratching.
      3. Let your cat or dog take a window seat in your car when you take him out in your car.
      4. Play pool games with your dog or cat.
      5. You can also consider buying puppy or kitten pool.
      6. Treat your pet with burger or grilled chicken frequently.
      7. Take your puppies or cats out to a beach or a park regularly.
      8. Stroke your pet to put him to sleep.
      9. Massage your pet regularly
      10. Sing along to make him or her happy.
      11. Use good bathing wipes for your dog or cat and they smell wonderful.
      12. Buy a good comfy chair or bed for your pet.
      13. Buy your pets their own containers for water and food.
      14. Let your pets enjoy different kinds of food.
      15. Pets enjoy with tooth brushing. Use a good flavoured toothpaste to brush their teeth.
      16. Pay attention to grooming your cat or dog by using appropriate combs.
      17. Make a trip with your dog to the doggie park or take your cat out to the park with lot of grass. Cats like grass.
      18. Let your cat or dog have the freedom to go out to hunt and explore.
      19. Set up or buy a pet water fountains to make your pet happy. Read more here!
      20. Make a nice nest out of clothes for your cat or a nice hot pad for your dog for a warm feel during winters.
      21. Buy a good gift of an automatic pet feeder for feeding your puppy or your cat (read here!).

Taking care of your pets

how to make a dog happy

It’s important to take care of your pets. From ensuring that your pet has enough exercises to giving your pet all that it loves, it’s important to take care of it. If you’re thinking on how to do it best, here are few ways.

      1. Place ice cubes in water during summers.
      2. Install a window bench for your cat or dog and enable them to enjoy the view outside.
      3. Allow your pet to enjoy the television, preferably channels that focus on nature.
      4. Spoil your pet cat or dog by having them clumping litter boxes that are without lids.
      5. Share some morning kisses with your pet cat or puppy.
      6. Give good gentle pats to your cat or dog for about ten to fifteen minutes on the top of their heads, under the chin, chest and lower back.
      7. Keep buying gifts for your pets too along with your children, during Christmas time.
      8. Spring up surprises to your pets frequently by leaving them alone at home for a long time and hiding their favourite treats around the home. The pets would find surprises while you are not at home and would keep boredom away.
      9. Fruit juice ice-cubes are favourites of dogs and cats during summers.
      10. Train your cat or puppy to play some games.
      11. Pets enjoy playing in the bath tub. Do not stop them.
      12. Do not confine your pets indoors as they too need amusement.
      13. Be a part of pets club and take your pets and let them enjoy the animal assisted activities.
      14. Go for an overnight camping.
      15. If possible send your pet for pet carting.
      16. You can also consider weight pulling games for your pets.
      17. Let your pets participate in racing games.
      18. Send your pets to summer camps and do not forget to give them flea and tick medicine if you find insects, flea and tick.
      19. You can also dress up your pet which matches your dress.
      20. You can also celebrate your pet’s birthday.
      21. You can do some makeup for your pet by painting the nails.
      22. Get a companion for your pet (such as a Lemon Tetra fish)
      23. Play fly ball games with your pet.
      24. Frisbee is another way of entertaining your pet.
      25. Take your pet to a gym and teach him to walk on a treadmill.
      26. Play tug of war with your pet.
      27. Try playing water sports with your pet.
      28. Play sniffer dog or nose games with your dog.
      29. Take your pet on a bike.

It’s all about style

how to make my dog happy

Now, you might want to have your pet live in style. Here are some ways to keep you pet stylish and happy. It’s simple and it’s fun.

      1. Cover the eyes of your pet with sunglasses and put a hat on the head, show him in the mirror and take some of photos with it.
      2. Try roller blade with your pet.
      3. Send your pet to a spa.
      4. Rock your pet in rocking chair.
      5. Take them for night walks in pet stroller.
      6. Play laser light chasing games.
      7. Call them with nicknames.
      8. Include him during your tea time.
      9. Take your pets for sun baths.
      10. Give wet food once or twice a week.
      11. Blow bubbles and let your pet catch them.
      12. Set regular play times for your pet.
      13. Make sure to have warm places at home where the pets like to stay the most.
      14. Know when they are sick and act swiftly.
      15. Go to a pet bakery and let your pet pick up the treat of his choice.
      16. Give a good ear rub.
      17. Read aloud a book to your pet.
      18. Shower unconditional love on your pet at all times.
      19. Treat your pet with special dishes at least once a week.
      20. Do something that your pets like.
      21. Set up a jungle gym for your pet.
      22. Play games like hide and chase with your pet.
      23. Let your pet have its own place at the table.
      24. Look into their eyes when you talk.
      25. Throw sticks in the lake and let your pets pick them up.
      26. Give obedience training.
      27. You can also try fun agility training for your dog.
      28. Let your pet participate in various competitions.
      29. Wear a shirt that has a photo of your pet.
      30. Buy a good special pillow for your pet.
      31. Take your pet out during rain and play in the rain with your pet.

So, which are your favorite ways to keep your pet happy?

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