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review of 4health
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

It’s always great when you can save money on things you buy regularly, especially cat food. 4health is one of the more affordable brands out there. But how can you be sure that it’s one of the high quality brands of cat food that you can trust? Keep reading and see what I thought. 

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Our 4health Rating

I’ve put together this unbiased review of 4health products. We looked at things like quality of ingredients, customer experience, variety, species appropriateness, recall history and, of course, price.

Company History

4health is owned by Tennessee based company, Tractor Supply Co.. The ranch and home chain was established in 1938 and was originally known for mail order tractor parts. As Tractor Supply Co.’s business grew, pet supplies and food became one of the major categories. 

4heath is one of Tractor Supply Co.’s higher quality brands and known to be a great price point for premium ingredients. 

Details on Origin

4health is manufactured by Diamond Pet Food. Diamond produces pet food out it’s five facilities, and known for making other notable brands including Canidae and Taste of the Wild. 

While the majority of 4health’s ingredients are sourced in the United States, a select number of ingredients are imported from countries such as New Zealand, Belgium and France. Other ingredients – like taurine and folic acid – are obtained from China. 

Recall History

4health food has been recalled on two separate occasions. Tther Diamond Pet Food brands have also been recalled in the past. Here’s some more information about the recalls relating to 4health cat food:


Several different cat food brands produced by Diamond were recalled due to insufficient levels of the nutrient thiamine. 


4health food that was manufactured in the Gaston, South Carolina facility was recalled because of a potential salmonella contamination. 

Types of Cat Food From 4health 

4health offers variety of cat food options. There are options in both wet and dry formulas with meat listed as the first ingredient. The featured meat is paired with a wide variety of fruits and veggies. All 4health formulas are free of soy, wheat and corn. 

All of 4health’s recipes provide your cat with a well-rounded diet, complete with adequate amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The Original 4health line of cat food features a dry formula for every stage of life.

The Grain-Free formula offers 13 different product – including nine canned, wet recipes and for dry recipes. 

Then there’s the Special Care line that features four wet and two dry formulas that will address specific health concerns. These concerns include skin sensitivities, weight management and sensitive stomachs. 

Lastly, there’s 4health’s Untamed line that has two dry, grain-free recipes. 

4health Cat Food – My Review of the Top 3

4health Grain-Free Whitefish, Pea, Potato with Real Turkey Recipe Review

4health grain free

The primary sources of protein here appear to be whitefish and fish meal. This is a grain-free formula that includes fish and an array of plant-based ingredients. 

The first ingredient on the list is whitefish. This isn’t any species in particular, all it means is a fish with white flesh. This “white fish” is likely a combination of cod, haddock or whiting. 

Second on the list is another somewhat vague ingredient – fish meal. This is typically the fish that’s caught and isn’t usable for humans (either not popular or marketable). Fish meal is generally composed on by-products such as bones and offal. Turkey meal and fresh turkey are added a little later down the list. 

Ground peas help to add protein, carbohydrates, fiber and a round shape to the food. While tapioca acts as a binding ingredient. The high starch here really bumps up the carbohydrate content, this also includes the dried potato at the bottom of the list. 

The main fat source in this food is the chicken fat. You’ll also notice and ingredient called natural flavor, which is typically comprised of hydrolyzed animal tissue. 

Dried beet pulp, dried carrots and whole flaxseed provide added fiber. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals and probiotics are also added to make it nutritionally balanced. 

 In conclusion, this recipe is high in carbohydrates and moderate in both protein and fat. 1 serving or cup contains 359 calories. 

Ingredients we like: chicken fat, turkey

4health Grain Free Cat Food Review

The primary source of protein in this dry formula seems to be chicken. 

4health claims that this dry food recipe is specifically formulated to b the dietary and nutritional needs ideal for indoor cats. his food also features ingredients like omega fatty acids and antioxidants to help support healthy skin and coat. 

As with all foods, it’s always important to take a closer look at the ingredients and not just take it at face value. 

Chicken is the first ingredient on the list, which a species appropriate protein. Second on the list is chicken meal, which is chicken that’s been dehydrated and has the fat removed. In addition to protein rich chicken, turkey meal and ocean fish meal are also found later down the ingredient list. 

A blend of beans, peas and lentils are also included which provide even protein, as well as carbohydrates and fiber. Wood pulp or powdered cellulose, which is often found in indoor cat food, is added a source of fiber. Extra fiber is added with intent to increase satiety and prevent hairballs. 

This food also features a variety of beneficial probiotics and dried chicory root for prebiotic fiber. 

I’d describe this formula as being rich in plant-based nutrients, making it high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein. 

1 cup or serving contains 313 calories. 

Ingredients we like: chicken, chicken fat 


4health Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

chicken recipe in broth

The biggest source of protein within this cat food is chicken. This food is packed full of chicken, and includes ingredients such as dried eggs, chicken liver and muscle meat to give it a good and healthy amount of protein. The eggs can be either fit for human consumption or it can be a product of food processing, but either way it still makes a decent contribution to its protein content.

While not a recommendable ingredient for cat food, the potato starch in it gives the gravy it’s thickness. The additives such as natural flavoring or guar gum should not cause any issues for your cat. Guar gum works as a natural thickening agent and the food has small amounts of it, which will not cause any complications. Some of the extra ingredients listed in this food include ground flaxseed and cranberries.

One of the biggest sources of omega-3 fatty acids within this food is Menhaden fish oil. Sunflower oil is a plant-based ingredient that also contributes to its level of fat content. This food is a good choice for adult cats and it is perfectly balanced with nutritional vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

This food has a high level of protein with a mild level of fat, as well as a low level of carbohydrate content. It is made to give your adult cat nutritional balance. It has 26 calories per ounce of food.


Nutrient Breakdown

Awesome Ingredients: Chicken, Menhaden Fish Oil, Chicken

Ingredients We Didn’t Really Dig: Potato Starch

Pay Attention to this Allergen: Chicken


  • Does not have artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Low in carbohydrates 
  • Thickened without the use of carrageenan
  • Made with real meat


  • Made with plant-based ingredients


Customer Impressions: 4health cat food?

Overall, 4health cat food receives an excellent amount of positive feedback from its happy customers. Customers are pleased that the food they provide are healthy for their cats and sold at an affordable price. Most of the negative reviews say that their cat was not particularly fond of the taste.


“I’m just so happy to have found an affordable brand!” – Eunice, Colorado

“My cats love the Chicken recipe plus it’s so affordable. Five stars from me.” – David, New York


“My two cats liked it at first but I think there was some formula or packaging change.” – Rhonda

“My cat did seem to suffer from diarrhea. I guess it didn’t suit him.” – Sarah


The dry cat food from 4health brand food costs $0.16 to $0.24 per day, and the wet cat food costs around $1.62 per day. However, 4health does not include and harmful ingredients, preservatives or animal byproducts unlike !post other cat food brands. It is made with real meat and plant based products that will ensure that your cat receives a healthy balance of nutrients.

Overall Verdict

While 4health has its flaws like any cat food brand would, it is still a good product to invest in for your cat’s nutritional value requirements. Their food is healthy and free of preservatives and coloring. This brand of cat food would surely prove to be beneficial for your cat.

4health’s wet food has a very low amount of carbohydrates and contain real meat instead of animal byproducts that are commonly used in cat food. Their dry food contains a well balanced amount of meat without adding too much plant-based products in their ingredients. 4health’s cat food is one of the best economical and nutritional cat food options you can have for your own cat, and their wet food will be especially appealing to them.

The dry food may not seem as impressive as the wet food, or attract as much of the attention the cats may have for the wet food. Even so, it is still exceptionally packed with nutrients that are essential for your cat’s overall health and well-being. I would personally take advantage of all the benefits that 4health cat food has to offer.

Where can I Purchase?

You will only be able to find 4health cat food at Tractor Supply since it is an exclusive cat food brand of the company. Alternatively, you can also buy a limited amount of 4health cat food products on Amazon.


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