5 Danger Signs To Look Out For In Your Dog’s Poop

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

As a dog owner, you already know that your dog’s poop can be a major indicator of its health. The way it looks, smells or the frequency of your pet’s bowel movement can tell you a lot and signal some health problems. Also read: https://petsho.com/best-pooper-scooper-for-dogs/

Sometimes, you might think that your dog has a simple case of an upset stomach. Only for it to turn into something more complicated. You might find out that your dog has some serious health issues. In order to notice health problems as soon as possible, make sure you check on your dog’s poop for danger signs.

But how do you do this? How do you know if your dog’s stool is normal or not? How do you even recognise when your dog is having digestion problems? What constitutes and how does a healthy dog poop look / smell like?

Orange dog poo

Not all dogs are the same. We can say that most of the time healthy dogs would usually have a bowel movement twice a day and that their poop would be brown, firm and form a curved shape.

Even though every dog is different, you can expect your dog’s poop to always look the same. Be careful and cautious when you notice some of these danger signs:

Blood in the stool

If a dog has diarrhea, don’t get alarmed if you find traces of blood, it’s normal. But anything more than that, like constant blood or black stool, you better take your dog to the vet.


Different unusual colors in your dog’s stool, might indicate different problems. For instance, orange / yellowish colors might mean that your dog is having some liver problems.

Strange shapes

Sometimes, when dog’s poop would look strange and change its consistency by starting to look softer, like a cream, it mind indicate a tumor in the colon.

Don’t wait too long before checking with the vet. If your pet’s stool is too soft or too stiff, it might mean that it’s experiencing dehydration or kidney problems.

Changes in frequency

Has your dog been experiencing more often bowel movements lately? Or maybe the very opposite, by experiencing less than the usual? Sometimes, these might mean that a dog has either diarrhea or is constipated.

Sometimes, it’s a response to stress or change in their diet. But if it lasts more than 2-3 days, you might want to take your dog to the vet, make sure everything is fine.


Another sign of possible diarrhea or constipation problems. Sometimes it can be a bit more scary, since it can also be a sign of a blockage caused by a rock that the dog swallowed or even of perineal hernia. If you’re afraid it happened, ask your vet for a rectal exam.

What Is Healthy Dog Poop Like?

Generally, what you’d want to find is dog poop that is brown in color, firm in texture and a little curved. Usually, a healthy dog will poop about once or even twice each day. How to help your dog poo easily?

Make sure that when your dog poops, it’s not straining or in pain. Do expect that just like us humans, every dog’s bowel movements can differ slightly.

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