Top 7 Cat Doors and Cat Flaps


My cat, Lilo, is an adventurous little thing yet she also loves the freedom to come back into the house any time she wants. Of course, a cat door would come in really handy in this case so she doesn't sit outside and purr and scratch for us to let her back in!  Investing in a cat flap in this sense isn't just convenient but also, safe for your cat so it can come back into the house any time it might need to seek shelter or even refuge from a stray dog.

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Questions To Ask Before You Buy 


Do you want it in a door or a wall? You’d like there to be easy access so your cat doesn’t need your help to roam


Is it big enough for your cat to fit through comfortably? Most flaps come in a variety of sizes.


Is it insulated or will it protect from wind? Does it seal shut to keep cold air or rain out? You might want to consider these features. These are the best options for interiors.

Types To Choose From In The Market

All of the types listed below have a four way locking cat flap; this locking cat flap lets you control if your cat can roam in and out. You can control if your cat can leave, and also leave unwanted animals out.

1. Magnetic

These aren’t for doors with any type of metal in them. It can be unlocked by a magnetic collar your cat wears. Downsides of magnetic ones are that your cat can lose the collar and be trapped outside or if a nearby cat has the same product, they can enter your house.

2. Infrared

This is unlocked by an infrared key collar. Both the door and collar require batteries. Just like the magnetic one, your cat can either lose the collar, or a nearby cat with same collar can unlock it. If the batteries die, your cat can be locked outside.

3. Microchip

This is well known to be the most secure. You have to take your cats to the vet to have a microchip implanted in order to use these. Some come with a special feature to lock during certain times, to limit your cat’s freedom. This is the best choice for your garage.

4. Extra Large

These are made for wider cats that won’t fit through normal sized ones. Some even come in a microchip version.

7 Popular Cat Doors I Recommend

Kitty Pass

This comes in a cute cat head and rear end design. It has a smooth and wide opening, making it easy and comfortable for your cat to use. Works for cats up to twenty pounds. This is the best for an interior door. It’s made of durable plastic and is a good way to hide the litter box from other animals and children.

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  • Wide opening
  • Hides litter box
  • Beauty semi-gloss white that looks really elegant and gorgeous with any decor!
  • Can easily paint it in any color you want too
  • Designed to fit any standard door size easily


  • The sticky pads it comes with aren’t as durable

Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Door With Timer

This can be used with either an implanted chip or a collar, the collar is not included though. The door requires four AA batteries with an average life of nine to twelve months. LCD display shows if it is in lock mode, your cat’s location, and the last time your cat used it. It is draft and water resistant brush sealed flaps and can be used with up to nine cats. These are the best cat flaps.

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  • Can be used with up to nine cats
  • Sealing flaps
  • LCD display is pretty cool. It even shows cat location and time last used!
  • Fully weatherproof seals


  • Not made for wider cats
  • Microchips can sometimes fail

Cathole Cleaning Brush Entrance - Best For Interior Door

This is easy to install and takes less than an hour. It comes with a removable brush to clean your cat off. Made for an interior door only. You can easily hide the litter box away and give your cat easy access.

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  • Removable brush to clean off cat.
  • If you remove the brush, a wider cat can fit through
  • Really easy to install


  • Cannot be installed into a wall
  • The brush hardware isn’t as sturdy so some people try to reinforce it themselves
  • Opening is significantly smaller with the brush attached

Petsafe Wall Entry Telescoping

This comes in three different sizes and has a plastic and aluminum frame. It also has a telescoping tunnel for wider walls, as well as double flaps for weather resistance. You can block off the inside flap with the included cover to keep your dog from using it. You can also purchase another cover for the outside to keep other animals out and extra protection from the weather.

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  • Double flaps for weather protection
  • Telescoping tunnel for wider walls
  • Can be used on an interior or exterior door


  • Can be difficult to install
  • Plastic isn’t very durable

Classy Custom Sherbert Alley Deluxe Pastel

Includes a magnetic weather tight silicone flap and dead bolt lock. This is available in three sizes and four appealing colors and is made of steel. The flap is 7.75 inches by 12.25 inches.

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  • Magnetic and weather tight!
  • Steel construction
  • Dead bolt lock
  • Really unique and adorable design and colors


  • Only one side is decorative

Patio Pacific Endura

For this door, you can choose between four sizes and a single flap or double flap. It has a safe design and max wind resistance. Adjustable magnet strength, insulation, and durability are more of its features. There is also a sturdy locking cover to keep your cat from using it.

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  • Wind resistance
  • Choose single or double flap
  • Insulated
  • Ten year warranty, flap has a fifteen year warranty


  • If any issues, the cost to ship it back can go above one hundred dollars

Petsafe Extreme Weather

This is the best for your garage. It has a three flap system, with the center one insulated. It’s energy efficient because you can either keep warm air in by using the closing panel, or let hot air out. You can also purchase another panel for the outside flap. You can also choose from three sizes.

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  • Good for the garage 
  • Three flaps with center flap insulated
  • Energy efficient


  • Can be hard to install
  • The screws it comes with are plastic
  • Plastic cover isn’t very durable

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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