7 Cat GPS Trackers: Tried and Tested! Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

If Your Cat Goes Missing…

When outdoor-access cats get lost, it could be because something happened that kept them from returning home. There are a few reasons why cats get lost, yet here are some spots where usually end up:

Outdoor-access cats are at a higher risk of harm than cats that are kept indoors. Just because you don’t see predators does not mean they’re not around. There are owls and coyotes that are generally nighttime seekers, and they can prey on cats or little dogs. Additionally, during winter, cats tend to slither into the motor part of cars to keep warm, putting them at danger when the car starts.

A few cats are taken care of by more than one family. I’ve known about many situations where two families had a similar feline yet never realized that they both cherished the same cat. There are cases wherein a stray cat is received by a family. The cat may consider living in that home but eventually goes to its first home from time to time and decides to have two homes.

Many cats are expelled from your area by somebody who deliberately wants to keep them away. It could be a heartless neighbor or a pest control group. They could also get trapped and are transported away accidentally. Because of their curiosity, they get in to doors that are left open and sometimes get trapped inside a garbage bin, a truck or even inside the neighbor’s garage.

They escape and they set up another territory.

When cats get chased by dogs or other cats and they get terrified, they run away and they get too anxious to return home. They tend to not use their homing intuition because of fear.

They end up at a cat shelter or get taken by people who love cats.

Some people bring stray cats to a shelter to keep them safe. Try to check out nearby local shelters because you might find them there. Lost cats frequently wind up in the shelter for weeks and even months. Many lost cats are also embraced by individuals who discover them. They may understand that somebody most likely owns the cat and that it has not been living as a stray. But most individuals who discover them usually expect that the cat no longer has a family.


Now that you have some information on cat GPS trackers, hopefully you can find the right one for you. Just remember to find one that is affordable while also giving you what you need to safely keep track of your furry family member.  Save $20 on Whistle with coupon code FETCH

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