7 Fascinating Things Your Dog Can Smell That You Can’t

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2022)

When you walk through the front door, and he runs up to welcome you home. When you’ve had a rough day, and he’s the only one to give you a cuddle and show you how much he cares. When all you need is a soft stroll together, and you know you are ready to face life’s troubles. For many, dogs are our best friends, fur babies that nestle themselves deeply into our daily lives. He’ll let us know when an intruder finds a way in or when the postman has arrived.

Dog sniffing reasons

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Though we know their patterns and signals down to a tee, most pooch owners do not know that our four-legged friends can smell a lot more than they care to share. Here are 7 things that your dog may smell that your nostrils cannot pick up:

7 things your dog can smell that you cant

Bed Bugs

The nasty little critters that infest furniture and feed on skin can be sniffed out by dogs with amazingly 96% accuracy. Oh how we would’ve appreciated the warning! Companies in the United States now offer dog sniffing services. Before tenants or homeowners move into their new abode service dogs can ascertain if there is a possible scourge needing extermination.

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Fertile Cows

With gym memberships soaring through the roof and an unprecedented demand for protein in paleo diets, more cattle is needed to ease the plea. However they are a romantic herd and can take a little longer to meet expectation so it is more than common to artificially inseminate cows now. This is where dogs are needed as they can sense when cows are in heat; this helps farmers to pick just the right time when fertilising their heifers.

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If only our canine counterparts could speak, we might know of risks in our bodies that are requiring attention and need to be medically assessed. Across many studies, dogs have been able to identify strains of lung and breast cancer with no less than 90 % accuracy. No intimate testing needs to be completed as dogs can recognise this alone by smelling people’s breath.

Sunken Stiffs

In the horrific event of a body needing to be found, dogs can assist in the recovery of persons that may have drowned or be submerged underwater. Although a corpse may be many metres below, the odor can be followed by a dog to the closest point via vessel or on land. Though we hope we will never need to endure such a traumatic event, we can be assured that dogs are able to recognise and locate this scent.

Counterfeit DVDs

One of the most recognisable careers for a dog is sniffing passengers and their luggage at airports to identify the use of or concealed narcotics. Police in South East Asia have now trained their working dogs to pinpoint polycarbonate. This is an element present in all Digital Video Discs (DVD). When the pup recognises this metal it generally signals a possible counterfeit operation. It appears to be a valuable skill learnt as their team of canines uncovered $3,000,000 of forged stock and the equipment needed to enable a production line.

Terminal Beehives

Since the mid-seventies it has been known that the common bacteria destroying beehives at an alarming rate can be discovered by man’s best friend. Dogs are brought in to quickly assist the detection of this bacterium before it can be passed through other hives. This helps beekeepers’ find afflicted hives in minutes compared to manually checking colonies and taking days.

Diabetic Fits

Although all of the previous are unusual and useful, this could be the most urgent item a dog can smell, a diabetic fit. Medical detection dogs can flag possible emergencies before they occur advising their owners that a potential danger is lurking. The dogs are sensitive to the differences in blood sugar levels that usually happen before a diabetic fit begin, possibly saving a life.

Now we know. With their nostrils working a lot harder than we’ve ever considered and being so much smarter than we’ve ever known there are so many more reasons why pups really are man’s best friend. As much as we love our pet pooches for their fluffy fur, sloppy kisses and devoted attention we have further reason to adore them still. A dog can be a long-time partner, investigator and warning sign. If we didn’t love them with all our hearts before, we definitely do now.

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This is a guest post written by Laura.

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