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(Last Updated On: May 22, 2023)

Modern technologists are always coming up with some creative invention aimed at making human life easier. As a cat owner, I jumped for joy when I realized that they had actually invented the Litter Robot, which takes away all the stress of having to scoop my kitty’s litter. But looking at the price tag brought me back to earth – at first! I love my cat, but I hadn’t budgeted for such a purchase. So imagine my excitement when I heard that Litter Robot and Affirm have teamed up to create a Litter Robot payment plan.

Thankfully, the payment plan doesn’t have any hidden fees or interest, so the amount you see on the website’s checkout is the amount you pay through the financing plan. Read on to learn more about how the awesome Litter Robot payment plan can help you purchase this neat device for your feline friend today.

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Affirm Litter Robot: Setting Up An Account

Before you get access to the Litter Robot payment plan, you have to set up an account with Affirm. This is a super easy process that only requires basic details like your name, birth date, contact details and the last 4 digits of your SSN. Affirm will also perform a minor credit check which won’t affect your credit score at all.

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Should this step still not yield the required data, Affirm will then request that you link to your online checking account in order to perform an assessment on your financial situation to better customize your payment plan options. All of these steps take a very short time to complete and are totally worth it because of what you’ll be getting at the end of it-your very own Litter Robot, and the end of kitty litter chores! I hope you’re very relieved to know now that Affirm Litter-Robot is totally possible!


Litter-Robot Payment Plan Options

Once your account has been set up, you can then gain access to Affirm’s flexible payment plans, and have your pick between their 3, 6 or 12 month payment options. Depending on your credit score, you’ll get charged a low rate of between 10- 30%, an amount which is immediately added to your total and clearly shown to you on your checkout. Like I said, Affirm has no hidden fees, and what you see at checkout is what you pay throughout the course of the repayment period.

You can then complete your request by setting up the payment method you prefer, and Affirm accepts a variety of these including bank transfer, check and debit card. A small down payment fee is required to confirm the purchase, after which your Litter Robot will get shipped to you.

Post-Purchase Support
The Litter Robot Company proudly stands behind its product, and has a great customer support unit made up of well-trained and experienced consumer care agents. So if you experience any issues with your Litter Robot, post-purchase, you can easily contact them via email or phone and speak to a qualified person who will work with you to solve the problem in a timely manner.

Your Monthly Payments

With Affirm’s Litter Robot payment plan, you won’t experience any surprise billing on your account. They inform you about your billing dates beforehand, using sms text message and email, so that you know when to expect the debit order to go off. For the duration of the loan payment, your monthly installments will be due on the exact same date each month, making it convenient for you to budget for it. So if you make the first payment on the 15th, then you’ll get billed on the 15th of every month until you finish paying off the account.

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Warranty Claim 

What About Litter-Robot Afterpay?

If you’re wondering whether you can use Afterpay to finance your Litter-Robot purchase, the answer is no. Right now, Litter-Robot does not accept Afterpay at checkout. While Litter-Robot Afterpay financing support doesn’t exist at the moment, that’s not to say it won’t in the future. Who knows? Afterpay is an Australian company that’s an increasingly popular ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) platform. It might be available in the future perhaps.

More Deals to get Litter Robot for Less

On top of their innovative Payment Plan, the Litter Robot Company has this amazing offer where they sell reconditioned Litter Robot units for a fraction of the price you’d pay when purchasing a new one. These are devices which have been returned by clients within the 90 day return window period and then put back into working order by the Manufacturer. Sure, they’re not as abundant in availability as the brand-new models, but if you keep an eye out for them on the Litter Robot website, you’re sure to find one of these fantastic deals.

If you’re not sure about the quality of these reconditioned units, then you should know that before getting thoroughly cleaned and restored, these devices go through in-depth testing to ensure that they still fall under the Manufacturer’s specifications. By the time testing is complete, they’re as good as new and they get shipped to you in mint condition. Plus, they come with the same 18 month warranty and 90 day guarantee that you’d get from a brand-new unit.

These refurbished units are the ideal option for someone who’s on a tight budget, but still wants a Litter Robot and all the benefits that it offers.


Affirm makes it much easier and less intimidating to purchase a Litter Robot thanks to their convenient and flexible payment plan. You get to pay the device off in installments instead of shelling out one huge amount, all the while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with not having to pick up after your cat anymore. After all, who has time to scoop kitty litter these days? Get yourself a Litter Robot and the only time you’ll even think about this chore is when you’re taking out the trash on the weekend.

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy unparalleled customer support and peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a worthy investment. To get your Litter Robot, just select ‘Affirm’ at checkout and you’ll have access to the convenient and flexible payment plan, and instantly say goodbye to scooping kitty litter!

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