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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Mixing dog breeds is something we as humans have been doing for a long time now. Some breeds are created for work such as pulling the sled, herding, guarding or hunting and some breeds are created just for their looks. When combining two different breeds to create a new one, there are many things that need to be taken into account. Creating a perfect breed is not that easy, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. This leads us to Akita Husky mix, also known as Huskita.

This dog is a mix between an Akita and a Siberian Husky. You might ask yourself what kind of purpose should this breed have? To answer that question; many. Akita’s are known for inheriting genetic diseases while Husky’s are known as hard-working, resilient dogs.

Also, since Huskies are closely related to wolfs, they are known to wander around while Akitas are more attached to their home. To explain the mix between the two of these breeds, keep on reading.

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Since this is a designer dog breed, they must have some kind of an origin. Designer dogs are dogs who are bred specifically for their looks and are generally very popular in western countries. Just like every other dog, if you decide to get yourself an Akita Husky mix, you should be really careful. You need to know who the parents are their behaviors and the medical history. To understand the origin of Huskita you need to learn the history of Husky and Akita.


This dog originated from Siberian nomad tribe called Chukchi. They were bred to pull the sleds, but soon they became irreplaceable family members. They used to sleep with children in order to warm and protect them. At the beginning of 20th century when Alaskan gold rush began, Siberian Huskies were used for pulling sleds.

A Husky is a pack animal, so they are very loyal and they see their owners and family as a part of their pack. This means that you, as a owner, have to establish dominance and show them that you are the leader. If you let your Husky be in charge, you’ll have a hard time dealing with his behavior. Because they have tons of energy, they need extra activity. If they are left alone for a longer period of time, they may become destructive and destroy your furniture. They love attention, and they like to show off. The Husky is a loving and loyal dog, you just need to spend quality time with them and they will become extremely loyal.

The Siborgi Husky


Akita is a dog breed that got its name after a province in Northern Japan called Akita because it is believed they originate from there. They had been there for centuries. It is believed that they were first bred in the 17th century for hunting purposes and guarding the royal family of Japan.

As a matter of fact, Hellen Keller is the one who introduced this breed to the West. She admired the stories about this Japanese dog, and she received one while visiting Japan. After the WWII, even more, Akitas were introduced to America. They are loyal, playful, brave and protective.

Temperament and Behavior

Now that you know a little more about the Siberian Husky and Akita let’s talk about what you can expect from the mix of the two. This dog is extremely loyal and protective, so most people use them as guard dogs. They can be detached, and they are known to wander, but if they are with their owner and family, they will always stay close.

Since this dog can sometimes be somewhat “complicated,” at the beginning, it is not recommended for first-time owners to adopt this dog.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix


This dog can grow to be a large dog and sometimes even a giant one. They can weigh anywhere between 70 to 120 pounds, and they can easily reach 26 inches in height. They have a medium sized muzzle, curled tail and the color of their head varies depending on the color of his coat. Coat texture can also vary. It can be thick, harsh and dense. Most common coat colors are amber, white, tan, gray, brown and black.


Since this breed has tendencies to test dominance and is generally stubborn and sometimes independent, you’ll have a hard time training them. The most important thing is to stay calm and be patient. Training must be consistent if you wish to see any results with this breed. Seeking professional help is advisable if you wish to eliminate the risk of poor behavior. Keep in mind that this dog can become aggressive as he gets older and that is something you will have an exceptionally hard time dealing with if you don’t eliminate those traits while they are still young.


Just like every other dog breed, Husky Akita mix also can develop health problems. Most of these problems are inherited from their parents which mean they are genetical and usually unavoidable. To avoid potential health problems, it is vital that you get a dog with proper papers and that you have an insight into the medical history of the parents. Most common problems Huskita can develop are Hypothyroidism, eye problems, obesity, bloat, SA and hip dysplasia.


If you are looking for a loyal dog that’s able to guard your property and play with your family, then a Husky Akita mix might be the perfect choice for you. As I have already said, you need to be prepared to spend your time with this dog. You can’t just let him spend his day inside a house because you will probably return to a mess.

This high-energy dog requires physical activity, and they need to know that you are in charge. If you are an experienced dog owner, you will know what to do. If not, consult with professionals before you get yourself a Huskita. Have you got a Huskita in your family? I would love to hear about him or her in the comments below.

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