Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

When you’ve got an active cat, it can be a little tough stopping them from jumping up on all your furniture and knocking down your items. Felines like to be in high places after all! You don’t need to worry though, not when you have a condo from Armarkat to keep them occupied.

Despite the fact that the company is only around 20 years old, they’ve become an international success story with locations across the US, China, and Europe. Established in 1994, they’re the first manufacturer of Feline Trees for US distribution in a small, women-led company. Now this much larger company focuses on designing and selling both dog and cat products meant to keep your pets both comfortable and happy.


Their products are especially notable, with multiple selling points that will work for felines of any personality. Not only do they look great for any type of home, but they’re made to be durable, use environmentally friendly materials, and even have replacement parts available if your kitty does destroy some of the smaller pieces. With over 100 unique models of kitty furniture for you to choose from, Armarkat has the greatest product diversity on the market. Your kitty certainly won’t be bored!

B5701 57-Inch, Ivory

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This cute model is perfect for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising, and is small enough to fit in almost any space in your home. The attractive wood and faux fleece looks beautiful while fitting perfectly with the needs of your feline. It works well when you put it up against a wall or a window, and will allow your pet to see around easily.

Why Its So Popular:
– Extremely stable, with a wide base that won’t fall over
– Made of great-looking materials
– Quick and easy to assemble
– Very unobtrusive for its size, and will not take up much space
–  Superior price point

Keep In Mind:
– The gaps between platforms are fairly wide, so when your kitty jumps, they may knock it over
– The toys are not very durable compared to the rest of the structure

Model A6501

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Pick out this beige condo in any color that will fit your home. It’s covered in faux fur that will entice your kitty to relax, while the pressed wood is sturdy and stable. Multiple felines will have multiple platforms to play on, along with a little hammock and a hidey hole so your pet can relax comfortably.

Why Its So Popular:
– Fairly sturdy despite the fact that it’s over 6 feet tall
– Takes less than 30 minutes to assemble
– Weighted well so it doesn’t randomly fall over
– The house is wide enough and high enough for most felines
– Remains in great condition even after many months of usage

Keep In Mind:
– May scratch up wooden floorings with the material used on the bottom
– Active pets may easily knock it over


Check price and more details here

This 75-inch high condo not only includes multiple platforms for your kity to sleep on, but two hidey holes for comfort and multiple toys attached for playtime. Pick out any color that will match your home, and as long as your felines are under 60 pounds, they’ll be able to play and relax comfortably.

Why Its So Popular:
– There’s no tipping over for an average sized kitty
– Even bigger felines have plenty of space to sleep in the condos
– The material does not shed much and claws can grab it with ease
– The entire structure is very well made and durable
– You can reconfigure it for larger adult felines to have a place to relax

Keep In Mind:
– Not designed as well for a taller or bigger feline (try these ones here though!)
– The second level lacks some space for your pet to stand or sit in

A7202 72-Inch

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Now this condo is great to look at, with many platforms that will satisfy multiple felines who want a place to relax. They’ve got a cubby hole to sleep in, as well as a hammock too, with all the tools included to help you put it together. It may be a little wider than some other condos available, but the A7202 is certainly built to be stable.

Why Its So Popular:
– Extremely sturdy, with all posts anchored well
– Multiple felines can relax upon it without a problem
– Has 10 sisal posts, so it’s great for the price
– You can put it together very quickly
– The material is sturdy and soft

Keep In Mind:
– The toys are destroyed very quickly by most kitties
– It’s definitely wider than most and requires more space


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The B7801 is meant to fit in almost any place while still being stable and tall. It includes multiple platforms for your pet, and places to sleep up top and within the condo. The material provides great natural scratching surfaces for your feline, and will thankfully look wonderful within your home too!

Why Its So Popular:
– Very easy to assemble, with scratching posts that attract your pet
– Disassembles and reassembles quickly if you ever need to move homes
– Lasts for years without breaking
– Light enough for you to move it around after assembly
– Very tall while still being durable enough, especially if you place it in a corner

Keep In Mind:
– The faux fur it is covered with is hard to clean
–  Larger felines have a harder time staying on


You want your cat to be healthy and happy, and one of the best ways to ensure that is with a cat tree. Armarkat makes tons of great models to choose from, with these five here being some of the great for comfort and your home. You can’t go wrong with the sturdy, soft, and beautiful models, so the most difficult decision will be which one you should buy!

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