Aspen Cool Flow Cat Fountain Review: Does It Work?

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(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)

The most important thing you are able to do for your pet is to keep it hydrated at all times. Water carries important nutrients throughout its body and helps it digest food, avoid overheating and improves overall functioning of your pet’s organism. You need to make sure your pet gets enough fluids, even when you are not home to oversee its water intake.

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About This Product

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The Aspen Cool Flow Cat Fountain provides fresh, flowing water for your pets all day. It gently sends water down the slope into a bowl with no splash or bubbles, enticing your pet to drink healthy amounts.

It comes with a translucent reservoir which automatically regulates the water level in the drinking bowl. It is made out of high quality plastic and comes in three different colors – black, white and bleached linen. Choose from three different sizes (reservoir capacities) – 50, 108 and 216oz.


  • Its unique design is attractive for your pets and they are enticed to drink more water, staying hydrated throughout the entire day
  • The water is filtered with charcoal and its continuous circulation helps it stay fresh, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria
  • The reservoir is made out of transparent plastic material, so that you are able to easily track your pet’s water intake and refill needs
  • It is equipped with a quiet and submersed water pump that will not scare your pets
  • The fountain comes with a 120-day charcoal filter supply
  • It comes with clear instructions and is easy to setup and use


  •  If the quality of your water is poor, especially if you have a hard-water problem, it is a good idea to pre-filter the water. If you choose to use tap water instead, it can lead to calculus build-up, damaging the water pump and making the fountain useless after a while
  • Regular cleaning helps the fountain stay functional longer. Make sure to disassemble it from time to time, referring to the user manual, and clean it with a sponge to get rid of dirt deposits from all of the device’s nooks and crannies
  • If you have more than one pet, choose the biggest model available


  • Recommended by veterinarians – as it gets rid of the harmful bacteria that regular water bowls contain
  • It attracts pets with the unique, silent designwatering fountain aspen brand
  • It helps them stay healthy, providing optimal hydration
  • It prevents stale water – when water sits in a bowl for long periods of time, it goes stale due to the oxygen deprivation
  • Constant flow of water in the fountain aerates it and gives it a nice and fresh taste
  • Easily replaceable special charcoal filters are used to get rid of all the impurities in the water, keeping it safe for your pet’s consumption
  • It is usually silent and doesn’t scare or disturb your pets
  • Your pet won’t be able to push the fountain around thanks to the rubber feet that prevents it from sliding on the floor
  • It is ideal for cats and small dogs
  • The available color variations and its simple and sleek design make it easy for this brand to fit in any type of decor


  • Filters are worn down relatively fast and need to be purchased and replaced every two to three months
  • The pump is prone to clogs, compromising the free flow of water
  • Cat hair and food residues have the tendency to bypass the filters and collect directly in the pump
  • The pump needs to be checked and cleaned at least once or twice a month, depending on the number of pets using the fountain
  • The fountain needs to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning routine includes dismantling it and putting it back together
  • The pieces are not dishwasher-safe
The Aspen Cool Flow Cat Fountain is a good choice to help keep your pets healthy and hydrated. Your pets will be able to enjoy cool, fresh running water and won’t be scared by the device, as it is virtually silent.
As every other product of this kind, it needs regular upkeep. Check and replace its filter. Disassemble and clean its parts regularly.
It may seem like a time-consuming process, but when you think of the beneficial effects on your pet’s health, you conclude that it is worth all the effort.

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