The Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs: Top 10 Reviews

Best Dog Seat Cover For Cars and Trucks
(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

​Updated: December 2017

As proud dog owners, there’s nothing more we love than taking our favorite pal for a ride in our car or truck. I know Harley looks forward to our quarterly road trips down the coast! However, as fun as a road trip can be, it is a fact that canines are prone to leave their traces behind in the form of footprints, mud, hairs, dirt and these can often ruin our seats. Investing in some good canine seat covers for cars and trucks can save you money in the long run as they work as a protection for your upholstery. Take a look at the best car seat covers for dogs.

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4Knines Rear Bench Waterproof Non-Slip with Hammock

4Knines Rear Waterproof Non Slip Backing Seat Cover for Cars Trucks and SUV's

  • Waterproof, Quilted & Padded
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free of Azo dyes and heavy metals
  • Non slip backing, won’t damage your seat
  • Best Car Seat Cover For Dog Hair

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Why should you buy one?

When traveling in your vehicle, your dog’s sharp claws may damage the seats by tearing it. Paw marks can also ruin the interiors. Dog hairs are also usually hard to get rid of – they never seem to disappear entirely in spite of how much you vacuum! The easiest solution for it all is to simply invest in covers which offer ultimate protection from dog hairs, accidents, mud, stains, footprints, claw damage etc. Along with this, investing in a car seat cover can also help with other situations like coffee spills or kid mess in your vehicle too!

​My Top 5 Canine Car Seat Cover Comparison Table

Brand Check It Out My Rating Details​

4Knines Rear Bench w Hammock

See Price Lifetime Warranty

4Knines Bucket

See Price Lifetime warranty

Plush Paws

See Price Lifetime warranty


See Price Washable & top treated with water repellent


See Price Lifetime warranty

The types available:

Before looking to purchase one, be sure to understand the available options, features and materials. There are mainly three main types:

1. Fitted

The most common ones available are bench seat covers, specially made for the rear bench. This car seat cover provides efficient protection for the back seat and it usually fits in all vehicles with special features for belt access too. While these are available for use in both cars and trucks, they also do come in various customized versions to fit with customer demands.

2. Hammocks

These are simple, easy to use and offer a high level of protection for your vehicle’s interiors in the back area. These are usually from the rear headrests to the front headrests creating a hammock of sorts. This kind of back seat canine cover for your dognot only provides the high protection to the back seat but also ensures that dirt and hair do not accumulate on the floor. Various options in this category are available – you can usually choose from waterproof ones and stain-resistant ones.

3. Liners, Mats and Cargo

These are used to protect the cargo area of a van, sports utility vehicle, or suburban utility vehicle (SUV) and the simplest of them resembles a blanket or a mat which protects the carpet area. Some of the cargo liners can be used to protect the rear seats of cars and the back area in trucks.

How to select a suitable for your dog?

  1. Materials: They are available in materials ranging from canvas to microfiber suede. Many of the variations offer layers to make it waterproof. The commonly used material is poly-cotton which offers ultimate protection and washabletoo.
  2. Design: They are designed to easily fit any kind of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.
  3. Color and Pattern: While most are available in neutral shades of tan, gray or black, patterned options like camo or paw print ones are available too.
  4. The pricing range: The average price range ranges from 16 dollars to up to a hundred dollars; it all depends on the design, material, customizations etc.


What’re The Top Ones to Buy?

In short, the most suitable one depends on the user and their exact needs, the kind of protection and support they want for their vehicle. If you travel often with your dog, you’d want a good quality one whereas someone who takes their dogs only occasionally might be able to get away with a cheaper option.

Here we have a round up of the top car covers for dogs. Some of the top 10 in the market here:

4Knines Rear Waterproof Non-Slip Backing 

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This seat cover suits cars including SUVs and full-size trucks. It is made with heavy duty material that are also free of heavy metals and AZO dyes. It is also waterproofquilted and padded for maximum support and comfort for your dog. Boasting a lifetime warranty, the firm anchors and quick to release clips ensures that the entire travel experience with your dog is a smooth and pleasant one.


  • AZO dye free and heavy metal free
  • High temperature rated
  • Non slip backing
  • Easy to install with quick release clips
  • Lifetime warranty


Epica Deluxe Pet

Check Latest Price + More Details

This seat cover is one of the better options out there that can fit any headrest. It is padded, quilted and made to increase the comfort level of your dog.

Available in black, this car seat cover is extremely popular as per reviews and helps to protect your car from dog hairs, dirt and claw marks. Easily fitted into any car even with headrests, this cover has a water resistant guarantee and is machine washable as well. You can also get pet seat belt for cars made from nylon material – a great idea for dog safety!


  • Stays in place with straps and anchors that are easily adjustable
  • Machine washable. Very convenient!
  • 6 point tie downs
  • Fits any bench seat with headrests
  • Made of heavy duty microsuede protected with an extra layer of stain-block
  • 1 year warranty

Cargo Liner for SUVs Waterproof Durable Material 

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This cover is one of the larger ones you can get. As such, it is important to ensure that you first verify that it will fit your car properly before ordering one. This seat cover can fit any middle to large SUVs and is made up of waterproof material free of any heavy metals and dyes – the color never bleeds too. Coupled with a lifetime unconditional warranty, this is one of the top ten review gainers from happy customers. There is a padded design as well that offers the extra protection needed. Check customer reviews.


  • Colorfast, durable and water proof
  • Machine washable or easily cleaned with wet cloth or vacuum
  • High quality workmanship
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Lifetime warranty

Kurgo Waterproof

Check Latest Price + More Details

This is a waterproof one which protects your car’s interior from any mud and dirt. It also comes with canine travel accessory pockets and can be machine washed. Additionally, there are hook and loop openings that allow use with belts and it can easily act as child seat restraint or a dog restraint.


  • Stain resistant, waterproof and durable
  • Conveniently machine washable!
  • Hook and loop openings which allow for easy use with dog restraints, belts and latches
  • To give a snug fit, it has an under seat attachment and rear of seat attachment

Plush Paws Pet

Check Latest Price + More Details

This defends your car interiors from the usual damage inflicted by dogs. It comes with two harnesses and 2 seat belts for free. If you want some recommendations for dog harnesses, check here. Highly waterproof, padded and quilted durable enough for high endurance, the lifespan warranty ensures customer satisfaction. Since it is weatherproof, you can be assured that it will stay good even when the weather is hot, unlike others that are made of rubber.

You also get a comprehensive eBook Pet travel Guide with the purchase, making it one of the most bought and great review getter.



  • Comes with 2 bonus seat belts and harnesses free!
  • Both weather proof and water proof
  • Quick release buckles make it easy to use
  • Re-enforced pressure points for more strength and safety
  • Heavy duty polyester fabric, quilted for comfort
  • Lifetime warranty

4Knines Bucket Cover – Fits most vehicles

Check Latest Price + More Details

The selling point of this cover is that it is free from heavy metals like Arsenic and Mercury that can cause health problems. Additionally, it is easy to install and the quick release tips mean that you can be set up within a short time. Heavy duty, highly padded and quilted, it is waterproof, easy to clean and effective in protecting your car in all conditions. Its company “4Knines” is known for great customer service and warranty guarantees give customers peace of mind.


  • High temperature rated
  • Colorfast
  • Easy to clean – conveniently machine washable, or wipe with wet cloth, or vacuum
  • Premium strong straps
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Lifetime warranty

Solvit 62283 Deluxe Bench Cpver

solvit dog seat cover

Check Latest Price + More Details

This Solvit dog car cover can work on all standard cars and is fully machine washable. Another high review earner, it protects your rear seat from spills and dirt. Made of quilted material and durable micro-suede, the color option is grey-green which is rather unique. It is long lasting as well, which means that you do not have to worry about spills anymore. If you travel often, you can consider this pet barrier for travel.


  • Made from heavy cotton twill (comfy, soft yet super strong)
  • Durable micro suede material used too
  • Conveniently machine washable


Check Latest Price + More Details

This dog cover fits all standard cars and you do not have to worry about it being too short or big. There is a waterproof polyester that is durable and long lasting. This is mainly a hammock convertible one which is made of high-quality waterproof polyester and is highly luxurious and with an easy installation. There is extra padding that ensures a better comfort level for your child as well as your dog. This is indeed good value for the price – however, it is a little thin and I don’t find it as waterproof as it claims. It does have a non-slip backing to add security.


  • Quilted pattern
  • Color fast materials
  • Waterproof and easy to install

Deluxe Quilted and Padded – One Size Fits All

Check Latest Price + More Details

Looking for total protection for your car? This will fit anything from the seats to the back and floor. Add to it the fact that it has high-quality fabric that is padded and quilted.

While the name says it all, this fits the bench seat, floor, back and can be used in all kinds of vehicles. It is totally washable and water repellent, earning it a lot of positive reviews. It is available in black color and you can even fold it in half to SUV’s and trucks easily.

Pet Cover Auto Rear

Check Latest Price + More Details

This dog cover is waterproof, helps protect your car from spills, has extra padding for comfort and comes with a lifetime warranty! It has a high quality quilted material and it is easy to install. Add to it the fact that you have an adjustable anchor system that secures the back seat and you know you have a winner.


Investing in a good cover for your car will certainly prove worthy in the long run by protecting the interiors of your car while also keeping your dog safe. Hopefully, it will be much easier for you to narrow down your choices now!

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