5 Of My Ultimate Best Cat Cages: Top Picks & Reviews

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

What comes to mind when you think of cat cages? On the one hand, the reality is that this topic can be quite a touchy subject for some, sparking images of confined animals which are denied the chance to roam free and enjoy their life. On the other hand, some of you might already understand the benefits of having a cat cage, but are unsure of which one would be most suitable for your furry little friend.

If you find yourself in one of those two categories, don’t worry, as in this article I will talk about the benefits of having a cat cage, and the reasons for which it may be important for you to ask yourself would I benefit from having one?. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already a cat owner, and you’re just trying to make an informed decision.

5 Top Cages For Your Cat

And you’ve seen above, there are multiple reasons for which you might choose a cat cage, here are 5 different products, outlining both their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision:

IRIS Wire Pet Cage

Check price and more details here

Designed for limited spaces (e.g. small city apartments), this cat cage allows for a safe environment in which the cats can both rest and play. In addition, the fact that it has 3 tiers allows for more than 2 cats to be inside, making it a more sociable experience for your furry friend.

Why Its So Popular:
– Easy to clean
– Slim convenient design
– Includes casters which help with stability
– 3 conveniently placed doors
– Foldable

Keep In Mind:
– Height of the tier may not be as suitable for kittens
– Can sometimes be a little noisy as their is no pillow surface on the plastic trays

Cat Home by Midwest Homes for Pets

Check price and more details here

This cage is structured, as the name suggests, as a mini-home for your cat, providing plenty of space for your kitten or cat to play or relax in. Just like the first product, it’s made for apartments or even homes with limited space, while being easy to fold and store away.

Why Its So Popular:
– Collapsible design which makes for quick easy storage
– Caster wheels at the bottom make it simple to move around
– Roomy design
– E-coat prevents rust, making it longer-lasting

Keep In Mind:
– Might be hard to assemble
– Potential gaps or pinch points

Prevue Pet Products Premium 4 Level Cat Home

Check price and more details here

A fun cat cage playpen! The design of this cat cage incorporates large hammocks on which your kitty can dream about those new treats.

Why Its So Popular:
– Slim design, easy to fit in apartments and small houses
– Includes two hammocks
– Caster wheels at the bottom make it simple to move around

Keep In Mind:
– Fuller-size cats might break hammocks
– Not foldable

New Homey Pet Two Tier Heavy Duty Cage Kennel w/ Casters and Feeding Bowls

Check price and more details here

Featuring feeding bowls which may help shy or feral cats to get adapted to the environment without too much interference, this cat cage appears both durable and spacious.

Why Its So Popular:
– Separate tiers (useful in kennels)
– Feeding bowls incorporated
– Very spacious and strong design

Keep In Mind:
– May not be as suitable for small houses/apartments
– Harder to move around
– Not foldable

ProSelect Foldable Cat Cages – Ivory

proselect foldable cage-min

Check price and more details here

This slim cat cage is like a cat cage playpen! Available not only in ivory but also purple and black, should you wish to add more color to your house.

Why Its So Popular:
– Fits most apartments or houses
– Easy to clean
– Foldable

Keep In Mind:
– Made of plastic
– Smaller space, limited room to move around

Why Choose a Cat Cage?

And now I’ve come to the question some of you might have on your mind: why use a cat cage in the first place?

Taming or calming cats

Every year you hear more and more about cats being abandoned and charities relying on the goodness of the public to actually provide them with a home. In some cases, these cats can be victims of abuse and neglect, or they might be frightened. Keeping them in a cage might actually help tame and comfort them over time.

Introducing your cat to a new environment or another cat

When taking your cat into a new environment (e.g. after a home move, after adoption), it may be useful to use the cage as their “safe haven”, a secure place in which they can get used to different smells, sounds or objects in the environment. You know what they say “better safe than sorry”!

In addition, the same idea can be applied to introducing a new cat member to the family, as you may want to first put the cat in the cage, so your other little one can get used to the smell and idea of a new little brother or sister.

Safe “Outdoor” Time

When living in a small apartment or somewhere with an open balcony, you might still want your cats to experience the fresh air, the birds flying around, all without having to worry about losing them. Even though you might feel like you’re depriving them of their natural instincts of roaming free and hunting, you may be actually protecting them from themselves. So give yourself a nice tap on the back instead of a slap on the wrist!

Separating healthy cats from sick ones

In some unfortunate situation it may also become necessary to separate cats from one another so as to protect them from contagious diseases. It may break your heart to have to do so, but it’s all in the name of the greater good!

Litter Training

When your kitten is just learning to use the little tray, it may be useful for you to restrict the space in which they roam. Obviously you need to make sure that the cage is big enough to fit any needed items (e.g. food bowl, water dish, litter box), and that it still offers enough space for the kitten to move around. You can find a cat cage with litter box.

What to Look For

Deciding to get a cat cage is only the first step. But what do we need to look out for before making that purchase? Here are some of the features which you should consider:

  • How easy is it to clean? You may overlook this part as you’re mainly trying to keep your cat safe, but remember you want to keep your sanity intact as well. Since you will be doing all the cleaning, you might need to ask yourself if the cat cage you’re about to choose is easy to clean!
  • Does it have locking doors? Safe to say that’s one of the main points of getting a cage; you surely don’t want gasps or doors which won’t safely lock, so definitely check for that.
  • Is it easy to assemble? Again, you will be doing the hard work while your cat gets cosy in that huge box you’ve left behind you. Be sure to pick something straight-forward that won’t frustrate you.
  • Does it have enough levels and space? I’m sure you have experienced the joy of your cat climbing your TV, fridge or wardrobe. That’s why you need to make sure that the cage gives the cat enough space to climb so they can entertain themselves like they usually do.
  • Is it durable and long-lasting? Cheap materials won’t cut it. If you are a new cat owner, here is some advice: don’t underestimate cats! They are quite smart and take advantage of situations (just like you do!), so don’t leave it to chance and get something durable and with strong locks.


To sum up, there are many cat cages indoor around. They may differ in a couple of ways, the main goal is always to keep your cat or kitten safe and happy. The question now is: have you ever tried one of these cages? Whether the answer is yes or no, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits all kind of solution. Always consider the needs and personality of your cat!

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