The 5 Best Cat Harnesses

best cat harness review

I know how difficult it can be to find an effective harness and leash for walking your cat. You want to keep your feline indoors (because you don’t like him bringing home poor little birds, or you don’t want him to catch a nasty bug), but you also know that he loves to smell the fresh air! This post will help you choose a good one so that you can both get out and walking in no time. Trust me when I say I'm so thankful I got one to use with my cat, Lilo! 

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Here's My Recommendation If You Go For The Premium Stuff!

This Dean & Tyler one is also my personal fave. It's more pricey but trust me, it's worth every cent. The design itself is impeccable and compared to others, it's definitely a lot sturdier and durable. Do try this one out if you go for the premium stuff!

1. PetSafe Come with Me Kitty

The bungee cord end to this leash is a unique feature that provides a bit of “give” when your feline tugs on the leash. The leash is 4 feet long, but with the bungee cord action, it can stretch up to 6 feet long. There is an adjustable strap on this lead to ensure a comfortable fit, and the design of this harness allows pressure to be applied to the shoulders, rather than the throat.

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  • Most felines do not mind wearing this when given the appropriate amount of time to adjust to wearing a leash.
  • Made of durable material.
  • For felines who were not able to walk with other types  (such as a vest one), this one worked.
  • More details, features & reviews here


  • Some felines were able to escape from this easily.
  • Plastic clasps are hard to manipulate for hooking and unhooking .

2. Kitty Holster

This vest is soft, very comfortable for your feline, and made with 100% cotton material. It is lightweight, comes with a D-ring for leash attachment, and secures onto your pet with velcro. The cotton lining of the vest is undyed.

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  • The “ripping” sound of the velcro being removed can startle some more timid felines.
  • Some felines really do not like walking in this, so beware if your pet is very picky about that type of thing!

3. Coastal Pet Mesh

This lead harness has cushioned straps that will be very comfortable for your feline. It will fit most felines weighing between 8 and 12 lbs.

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  • The comfort of this product makes felines more likely to consent to walking in it, meaning that if your pet is fussy, you may wish to give this product a try!
  • More details, features & reviews here


  • The neck loop is not adjustable, making it very easy for some felines to escape.
  • For some larger felines (although within the specified weight category), the neck loop would not fit over their head.

4. Dean and Tyler

This hybrid between a lead and a vest is bright orange with reflective strips to make sure that you and your cat are safe if you are out walking in the evening or early morning. It has strong buckles, and the harness is very durable, originally designed for working dogs (but appropriate for general use as well).

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  • It is a bulkier one but personally, I actually like it that way as it seems a lot sturdier and durable.


This article has reviewed some popular products, both lead and vest types, and attempts to give you an overview of them so that you can easily make the decision. I hope that you have found something that catches your eye — enjoy being the talk of the town when you take your kitty out for a stroll! 

Types To Choose From

The type that will suit your feline will depend on both its size and fur length, so make sure to keep both of these things in mind. There are two main types to choose from: a lead or a vest harness.

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The lead harness functions more like the bridle of a horse, while a vest one has a hook that allows you to attach a leash. The lead one is a nice option, because it balances the pressure applied by the leash across a greater surface area, meaning that when you try to lead your kitty for a walk, it will be more comfortable for them. On the other hand, if it is very small, or if you anticipate walking your pet in colder weather, a vest one may be a better option.

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What to Look Out For

To make your job easier, I’ve listed some tips of things you should look for when shopping for one. First of all, you should look for one that is light and easy to slip on and off your cat. In addition, check that the main fabric used is cotton, which is a more breathable material.

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To prevent irritation of your pet's skin and coat, make sure the cotton lining  is undyed, and also check that there are no uncomfortable buttons or clips that could pinch your feline. Finally, assess whether it is made to last, and whether it is machine washable. If it comes in a variety of colors and patterns — that’s a bonus!

  • Light and easy to put on and take off
  • Fabric in use is cotton
  • Make sure cotton lining is not dyed
  • No awkward or uncomfortable buttons/clips that can hurt or annoy your feline
  • Durability
  • Machine washable

Different Kinds

Choosing the right one for your pet is really important because they can be a lot more fragile than dogs and they can easily be hurt or suffocated if it is not the right one. So, how do we select the one that fits your feline? There two general kinds that are available to choose from: those that are attached to their leash and those that looks like a clothing or vest for them.

If you have a playful or frisky feline, a walking vest is the most suitable type. Walking vests are encouraged because they are safer to use and cannot easily choke it when it goes on different directions while walking. It is flexible yet your pet cannot easily escape. This makes it easy to discipline your cat while training it.

We all know that pets are very unpredictable and easily distracted. You can start walking them with ease at first and when they see something or someone to chase, they will try to resist whatever it is that is limiting their movements or try to jerk out of their leashes and it could get really dangerous if the harness is not strong enough. So, using a walking vest kind can really help you in properly training your feline. It will not necessarily limit their movements but will stop them when it is dangerous enough.

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

There are also some kinds that are called the Holster. They are made of velcro. However, some felines will not find it comfortable to have it around their necks. Velcros do have that kind of effect. So make sure that your cat is not too sensitive to it. Also, these kinds are a lot cheaper than the Walking Vest ones. This is the one you might want to try first if you’re on a limited budget. If you usually do physical activities with your pet, Holster ones are easy to use. It restricts very little movement from your feline which reduces the chances of choking.

There’s also the Puppia that may be designed for puppies but are wonderfully suited for cats as well. However, some felines might not be comfortable with its fitting.

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