7 Cat Litter Mats To Buy: The Ones That Actually Work & That Ones That Don’t!

Owning a cat is one of the few things in the world that has added a new outlook to my life. While it is easier than tending to my dog (Harley) since my cat (Lilo) likes her own space, it does become a challenge to manage litter routines for her. Especially when you have to feed infants, complete household chores; ensure the cat doesn’t go to the room which has just been cleaned. From my own experiences, I know how harrowing it can be to run chase your cat and get them to do it on a mat or in a box. This is where litter mats come in. Not only do they make your life easy, they are a stress free way for your cat to feel at home without much interruption too.

Two Main Types of Litter Mats

Most of mats available are either made up of PVC or Rubber. Let’s dig deeper though to get a better understanding.

PVC Mats

The PVC litter mats consist of a dense mesh type network of PVC strands. This mesh holds the litter without letting it slip, and makes it comfortable for your cat to walk on it as well. The litter granules can be gotten rid of later, by shaking it into the trash can or easily vacuuming it. PVC mats are usually cheaper than the rubber ones but require better maintenance.

Rubber Mats

Rubber litter mats are made from a variety of rubber compounds. Most of them usually have two layers with holes in the top layer to let the waste granules pass through and a more solid bottom layer for collection. However, some also come with absorption pads that capture the moisture and rid the mats of the odour. This is great for longevity of the mats as the litter has to be disposed less often as compared to their PVC counterparts.

​The 7 Cat Litter Trapper Mats: My Thoughts


The Litter Trap mat is a simple product that fulfils your basic needs. This mat prevents litter from being tracked throughout the house by catching litter from the paws. Armed with a good nylon mesh, it is also stain resistant and waterproof.


  • Great for small cats
  • Traps litter as described
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Litter doesn’t have to be emptied daily


  • Large to medium sized cats can’t fit completely resulting in the litter being tracked sometimes
  • Sometimes measurements are smaller than described in the product


At 35 x 23 inches, the petsMOD is slightly larger than the average mat. This ensures lesser cleaning to be done. It is easier to clean and maintain as well as soft and toxin free


  • Great for medium to large cats
  • Soft texture, and effectively traps litter
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Litter doesn’t have to be emptied daily


  • Can be difficult to clean if the cat pees on it.
  • Delivery was late


The iPrimio from Michigan is the highest rated cat litter mat with Patent Pending Design. Armed with the puppy pad option for cats that pee a lot, this litter mat is just the perfect solution for all your cat needs. It is larger as compared to other mats, super smooth, catches more litter, easy to clean, and very light as well.


  • Mat is large enough to prevent tracking
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Litter doesn’t have to be emptied daily


  • The instructions on the label were difficult to read


The Blackhole cat litter trapper mat is a dual-structured mat. The upper layer meets the footprints of your cat paws while the lower layer absorbs the litter. The mat is made up of durable EVA gentle rubber foam that is non toxic.


  • It is waterproof and stain resistant
  • Durable, scratch free and strong
  • Works perfectly as advertised


  • It's a little tricky to clean


The Petlinks Purr-fect Paws cat litter catcher mat is the ideal solution if you are looking at a simplistic design for your cat. Available in large sizes, and designed to meet safety standards, the Petlinks mat sure ticks all boxes.


  • Very large in size due to which it prevents tracking
  • Easily washable in machines
  • Traps the litter perfectly


  • The mats have unpleasant rubbery smell


The Easyology to start with is the largest litter mat available on amazon. Having said that, it captures all the litter perfectly. Add to that an extra thick layer of PVC material that prevents the mat from tearing and you’ve got yourself a robust all-weather mat that can resist the toughest of wastes and stains. And it’s not expensive too.


  • One of the largest ones available on the market
  • Available in different designs and colours
  • Trap the litter as described
  • Soft material and texture


  • Some cats don’t adjust to the large size of the mat
  • Can’t be cleaned using vacuum

Private Island Hawaii

The only rubber litter mat in this list, the Private Island Hawaii is made up of rubber EVA that keeps your cat’s feet clean. The mat edge is finished with a white reflector strip that glows in the dark.


  • Holds litter effectively
  • Glow design for night visibility
  • No weird smell


  • The mat gets deformed when kept under the sun
  • Not easy to clean


Buying a good cat litter trapper mat for your cat sure is a tricky thing given that different people have different choices. As a result, the choice of what is acceptable to someone also varies from person to person. However, with experience and experimentation, you can finally choose the best one for your cat.

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