The Best Interactive Cat Toys for Bored Cats: Keep Them Happy Indoors

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

If your cat is bored, it poses a lot of concern for you as their owner. Your cat may exhibit signs of misbehaving which will only aggravate you and the other members of the household. But you have to realize that your cat may be ‘acting up’ because they are terribly bored. This article presents you with the best cat toys to help keep your cat occupied and contented.


Best Cat Toy For Bored Cats Indoors

SmartCat Cat Climber – great for cats home alone

toy from smartcat

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This cat climber has many purposes, all designed to keep your cat occupied when boredom strikes. Your cat can scratch, climb, sleep in, and exercise on this versatile cat climber. The natural sisal post of this climber makes it perfect for scratching, and the spring loaded bracket system will help you move the unit from one room to another with ease. Hang this on any standard door of 79-82 inches in height. One of the best cat toys for indoor cats! Also a great toy for cats home alone!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to assemble and disassemble
– Great alternative to a cat tree
– Made of durable material
– Fits in well with home décor
– Space saving

Keep In Mind:
– Unstable on flimsy doors
– Has a strong smell
– Directions that come with the unit can be confusing
– Middle part hangs freely even when brackets are tightly fastened

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

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The value bundle of this play circuit provides the ultimate sensory experience for your cat who’s home alone. The different units of the Catit Senses line can be used individually or connected for a fun experience for your cat. There is a massage center, a scratch pad center, speed circuits, a food and treat center, and a grass garden center. Your cat will surely be occupied with this as you can customize the connections to be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. One of the best cat toys for indoor cats!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Can be used to make feeding your cat more fun
– Targets your cat’s senses
– Mazes provides your cat with a challenge
– Comes with a nonskid mat for stability
– No need for batteries

Keep In Mind:
– Ball can get lost if your cat pops the top off
– Ball sometimes gets stuck

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

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This is a cat tree furniture of 62 inches height, with a ladder, a condo, several perches and baskets with faux fur covering for your indoor cat to rest in, and is covered in sisal to keep your cat’s scratching concentrated. This Go Pet Club tree is available in four different colors: beige, brown, blue, and black. Great toy for bored cats!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Perfect for your cat’s playing and/or sleeping.  Great cat toy to keep them busy!
– Can fit both kittens and adult cats
– Can be assembled alone with ease
– Very durable and sturdy if built correctly

Keep In Mind:
– Hammock sometimes falls off
– Can be a bit wobbly at times
– May not be good for chubby cats

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

prosper pet cat tunnel-min

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This pet tunnel is available in a variety of colors (11, to be exact). It is made of crinkle crackle paper, has a peephole and bell toy and 3 spacious tunnels. Your indoor cat who’s home alone will surely be amused by the entertainment that this cat tunnel provides. It is made from tear-resistant polyester so it will withstand your cat’s scratching quite well.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Collapsible and portable for storage and traveling
– Center does not collapse
– Completely washable
– Does not collect cat hair
– Strong steel frame has covered ends to prevent poking your pet

Keep In Mind:
– Can accommodate small kittens, at best
– Crinkly sound can scare some cats

The Ripple Rug

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This is a multi-use habitat bed mat that provides your cat with interactive fun. Your cat can scratch, stretch, groom, pounce and even nap inside the ripples or tunnels of this rug. For added fun, you can hide a treat in it and watch your cat go wild to hunt and stalk it. There are infinite configurations for this mat, so your cat will not get tired of it. It’s also five times larger than other cat mats and the thermally insulated rubber bottom ensures that your pet is warm while resting on it.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Respects your cat’s sense of smell
– Made of recycled materials
– Strong and durable, even against teeth and claws
– Can be reshaped
– No power required

Keep In Mind:
– Looped carpet material can catch cat’s claws
– Holes might not be big enough for some cats

Curious Cat Cube

Check price and more details here

This product is a cat house/condo which your cat can play and rest in. It is sturdily constructed and is collapsible for easier storage and portability when traveling. It has two jingling balls to keep them busy, and the den can be a hideout for your kitty. The top is also comfortably cushioned so your pet can rest on it as well.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Faux suede and fleece bed topper looks great with any home décor
– Hide and seek cut outs will surely amuse your cat
– Easy to assemble and great to keep them busy
– Made with high quality standards to ensure your pet’s safety
– Does not tip easily

Keep In Mind:
– Sometimes hard to clean
– May be better for smaller cats

Catit Design Senses Bundle

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This is a bundle of all the Catit Design Senses sets. It provides your cat with the ultimate experience with the speed circuit, the play circuit, the treat maze, massage circuit, grass garden, and the scratch pad. This is perfect for cats of all ages and you can just keep on adding new circuits to enhance your pet’s experience even more.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to assemble and disassemble
– Arrangement can be customized
– Each set engages a different sensory experience for your cat
– Helps keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated

Keep In Mind:
– Some parts may be ignored by your cat
– Older, lazier cats might not find it interesting

Signs That Your Cat Is Bored

Repetitive Behaviors

Has your cat been grooming itself for what seems like an endless amount of time? Do they pull out their fur and/or bite their skin that results in irritation? Then your cat is probably bored. Grooming is a great habit, but too much of it is not ideal.

Chasing Other Pets

If your cats are chasing each other, the dog, or other household pets, then this may mean that your cats are experiencing low stimulation and are terribly bored. It may be amusing to watch your cat try to corner the much larger dog, but this is a sign that kitty needs more activities to enjoy (and the dog deserves some quiet moments too!).


It’s natural to find your cat napping during most of the day, as they can spend up to 15 hours doing so. But if your cat is doing it excessively and is not showing any signs of curiosity when you present them with something new, then your cat is one bored feline. There should be a noticeable amount of time spent playing as well. Don’t let your cat be a couch potato.


A bored cat can exhibit symptoms of depression, exhibiting little to no interest in things around them, even food. When this happens, your cat needs something to stimulate them mentally and engage their attention. If this continues even after you introduce positive changes to your cat’s environment, then it may be time to consult the vet.

Destructive Behaviors

The string of shredded toilet paper and curtains are signs that your cat is looking for ways to amuse itself. And no one really likes this sort of behaviors as it leads to destruction of furniture and other important items around the house. You better get your cat a form of amusement that is specially made for them to keep them away from your stuff.


You’re not the only one who eats when you’re bored. Chances are your cat does it too. When cats find nothing interesting to do, they’ll eat and eat just for the sake of doing something and not necessarily due to hunger. When a cat becomes obese, it will further depress them.


There are countless ways to keep your bored cat occupied, and these toys are some of those. It’s best to give your bored indoor cat with a healthy dose of mental stimulation to keep them perky and occupied. Trust me, there will be less shredded materials inside the house when you invest in the right one. Please do let me know if you have tried any of these in the comments below.

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