Best Cat Trees and Scratching Posts: Sturdiest, Space Saving Ones

best cat trees and scratching posts
(Last Updated On: August 23, 2020)

I’m sure I’m not the only pet owner out there who loves my cat to bits yet really detests one thing. Scratched out, damaged furniture I love!

If you have the same problem, you’d be glad to know that investing in some good cat trees and scratching posts can be the most effective way to save your furniture from scratching. You can also use cheap cat towers as an affordable alternative as well.

Let’s explore how to find the most suitable option for your home as well as check out the top 10 must-haves..

How to Choose Your Cat Tree:

The size of a scratching post mainly depends on the size of the apartment you are living in, and most importantly, the number of cats you have.

If you only require it for a single cat, you can always opt for a smaller one. To make the entire set up a little more appealing for your pet, you can always opt for kitty condos that feature a lot more levels and look more exciting. Give your kitty a space of its own to play, roll over and scratch to its heart’s content.

Scratching posts and cat towers are basically a way of stopping your cat from scratching out your basic home essentials and furniture by curbing their desire to scratch and directing them to claw somewhere else instead.

Best Cat Trees And Scratching Posts – Comparison Table

DimensionsMy Notes
52 x 21 x 21 inchesMedium sized
51 x 19 x 19 inchesSmall kittys/small apartments
62 x 27 x 38 inchesPerfect for more felines
50 x 26 x 72 inchesPerfect for more - the ultimate luxe condo!
57 x 28 x 25 inchesMaximum of 2
73 x 24 x 22 inchesCan suit more than 2
47.5 x 32 x 25 inches1 or 2 in a small apartment
20 x 20 x 52 inchesSmall/Medium

Go Pet Club

My Rating: 4.8

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige

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This tall cat tree comes in a great beige color that will match with any décor. It’s made of compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope for safe playing. All assembly tools are included of course, but remember that this can only handle small and medium sized cats.


      • Easy to assemble
      • The wide base prevents falling off
      • Neutral colors means it’s easy to match any of your existing home decor
      • Covered with soft carpet
      • Sturdy construction
      • 2 cats of average weight can use it without a problem
      • Withstands heavy scratching for months

Suitable for: A medium-sized cat of moderate weight. It’s also great if you live in a small apartment as it’s not that big and can be easily accommodated.

Keep In Mind:

  • Usually not as sturdy for cats above 10 pounds
  • If your kitty likes to stretch, the smaller surfaces might not accommodate its yoga poses!


Go Pet Club Beige


My Rating: 4.7

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color with house

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If you’re looking for a sturdy cat tree for your chubby cat, this is Go Pet Club one you’d want to go for. This one has a larger cubby hole to relax in, and won’t take up too much space in your home. It’s definitely for a kitten though, with a toy meant to keep them occupied and sisal rope for their little claws.

This 51 inches beige colored tower is made of compressed wood and faux fur. It features a unique dome and is somewhat smaller than most. If you need something that is sleeker and takes up lesser space, this will be a good choice.


      • Not a problem for heavy cats at all
      • Platforms are a nice size to fit comfortably
      • Soft, comfy carpet covering it that is nice and silky to touch
      • Comes in about 10 pieces – quite easy and fast to assemble
      • Columns can be exchanged when you notice wear and tear
      • Durable, with columns lasting a long while

Suitable for:

Small kitties and people having small flats and apartments.

Keep In Mind:

  • Will not accommodate large cats. In fact, if you have an average sized kitty that is on the bigger side, I would recommend to not even try this.
  • Not suitable if you have more pets


Go Pet Club 62 inches

My Rating: 4.7

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture- cat condos for large cats

Check Latest Price + More Details

Now this is quite the palace! It has a little cubby hole, a hammock, and multiple areas to climb up on. It’s tall enough for your kitty to relax on, and is sturdy enough that it won’t fall over even if it gets a little rough. Pick out any color you’d like to match your home!

This can support more than 2 cats with lots of space to spare. There are also a few colors to choose from: Beige, black, brown, blue. A welcome choice since most only come in beige.


      • Can accommodate more than 2
      • Setup only takes around 30 minutes
      • Can accommodate extra feeding utensils
      • Comes with step by step pictures to help you assemble quickly
      • Even has a unique hammock and full relaxation!
      • Very durable; lasts more than a year with no problems

Suitable for:

People who have up to 3 cats in their house and a large apartment with ample space.

Keep In Mind:

  • Support beams are made of plastic
  • Hammock and hide out do not fit larger cats
  • The hammock does fall off easily


Go Pet Club F2040

My Rating: 4.5

Check Latest Price + More Details

Go Pet Club includes even more in the F2040, with 2 cubby holes, if you’ve got more than one playing, along with many platforms that your cat can climb up on. Choose a color to match your home and relax, since the bottom is so sturdy that you don’t need to worry about tipping.

This 72 inches beige structure supports up to 6 grown up cats at a time.


    • Accommodates multiples
    • Sturdy enough to support heavier weights
    • Easy and quick to assemble (I took less than 30 minutes!)
    • You can staple your own toys on it due to the type of wood used
    • Multiple cats can play and relax with ease
    • Toys and features stay attached

Keep In Mind:

  • The inner covering is of plywood material
  • Cats can tear off the fabric is they’re aggressive



My Rating: 4.3

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo Height 50-Inch to 60-Inch

Check Latest Price + More Details

Incorporated with great features, this Armarkat one is a very handy piece to save your furniture from scratching. Covered in faux fleece, it’s made from pressed wood and is known to be one of the more sturdy ones in the market.

You’ll love how sleek this condo looks, and your pet will appreciate that they can scratch, climb, sleep, and exercise all in one place! The entire condo is made from pressed wood and covered with faux fleece. Thankfully, it also assembles easily with all necessary tools included.

Made of faux fleece, this 57 inches furniture is made of pressed wood and is highly beneficial for apartments with moderate space.


      • Made with environment-friendly materials
      • Very stable for smaller kitties, but works with larger ones too
      • Comfortable and appealing fleece
      • Easy replacement of parts
      • Comes with a 6-month manufacturer defect replacement
      • Doesn’t take up much space even in smaller areas

Suitable for: A maximum of 2 cats and a flat that has moderate space in it.

Keep In Mind:

  • Not as sturdy


BestPet Blue

My Rating: 4.6

73 inches Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Bed Post Pet House

Check Latest Price Here

This spacious condo will prove useful in giving your pet a fun place to explore and scratch out.

This adorable blue condo is tall enough to keep your pet occupied, but be aware that it is 73 inches, and is a little taller than other models. It’s made of pressed wood with 2 houses for 2 cats to enjoy it at once, but it’s thankfully still sturdy too.


      • Quite spacious
      • Great sturdy structure
      • Easy and quick to put together
      • Very tall to fit into small spaces
      • Includes many platforms and areas

Suitable for: People who have ample of space in their flat and more than 2 cats

Keep In Mind:

  • The smaller nook and crannies might not fit bigger cats
  • Instructions are not given step by step
  • Advisable to place it against a wall to avoid tipping


Go Pet Club F49

My Rating: 4.5

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Brown, F49

Check Latest Price Here

If you are looking for an affordable scratch post that can fit into your apartment, consider this one as a great option. It’s covered in a very soft layer of faux fur that your cat will love resting on.

Now this looks like a comfortable home! The F49 is covered completely by faux fur, with pressed wood underneath. All the posts are covered by natural sisal rope, and the color is perfect for any home. Older cats might love this especially because of its comfort level.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 1 year warranty
  • Carpet is very soft with a pleasing texture
  • The triangle base keeps your tower stable


Suitable for: A single cat or two small sized ones within a small apartment.

Keep In Mind:

  • Not as ideal for multiple cats
  • The top perch may wobble a bit
  • Scratching posts are not plastic or wooden; they’re thick cardboard


Best Choice White

My Rating: 4.4

Best Choice Products Deluxe Cat Tower Tree Condo Scratcher Furniture Kitten House Hammock New, 52-inch

Check Latest Price Here

Compartmentalized in four different parts, this 52 inches structure provides your pet with the right level of comfort desired and is one of the top kitty towers.


    • Enough space to provide the right level of comfort
    • Easy to assemble
    • Comes with a unique hammock, condo, perch and tower
    • No tools needed to set up
    • Not especially heavy, so it’s easy to move


Keep In Mind:

  • Not as ideal for heavier cats
  • Tight fit for larger pets



My Rating: 4.4

Check Latest Price Here

Now this is certainly stylish, including lots of features to keep your cat occupied. Scratching posts are covered by sisal rope, perches have plush for lounging, and toys like ropes and balls add lots of fun. All of the materials are CARB-certified to be sturdy and safe.


    • Great quality, not cheap at all
    • No chemical smell or any missing pieces
    • Easy to follow instructions; construct it in under 30 minutes
    • Very sturdy even for larger cats


Keep In Mind:

  • The fabric may be a little loose



My Rating: 4.4

Check Latest Price Here

Multiple cats can easily sit on the Ollieroo, although this product may not be for larger cats. Medium to small sized pets love sitting in the hammock, tray, platforms, perches, and scratch plate. It’s got a strong construction and a neutral color for your home, so it’ll look great while being perfect for kitty playtime too.


  • Perfect height for cats to climb into
  • Very easy to clean just with a vacuum
  • Easy and quick assembly in under 30 minutes
  • Does not take up much floor space
  • Doesn’t stick out far if you place it against a wall

Keep In Mind:

  • It can sway a little



My Rating: 4.4

Check Latest Price Here

This playground by Furhaven certainly has some style to it. But it’s still covered with plush fabric for maximum comfort. There are two private houses for multiple cats, with posts covered with sisal rope to help with scratching. Young cats especially love the hanging balls and mice toys and you’ll love how you can keep your pet occupied.


  • Houses multiple cats without a problem
  • Even larger kitties can sit with ease
  • Holds up to jumping, climbing, clawing, and pouncing
  • Perfect height

Keep In Mind:

  • Takes longer than others to put together
  • Taller than advertised and difficult to move

How To Select: Factors You Should Consider for the Best Cat Trees

When looking at the best cat furniture, look at the age, size and personality of the cat or kitten. You should hopefully by now have figured out your pet’s habits and personality. If you haven’t, start by observing them to see what they might like or might like to play with.

Best cat tree for larger cats

  • If you have an older cat that is not very active anymore, you should choose furniture that is not too high as you don’t want them to strain to get to their perches. Choose something that gives them enough room to play or sleep without needing to climb too much. They should be able to reach every perch, condo or bed with relative ease. You can even look into something with a hammock, which can provide hours of rest for the lazier kitty.
  • With younger or more active cats, you can look into taller trees or gyms that will give enough exercise, scratching and playing space to keep them entertained for hours on end.
  • Cats that like to sleep in their own little space might enjoy a condo, a tunnel or a little house. Kitties that like to snuggle can get a lot of enjoyment from beds as part of the furniture.
  • If your pet is more of a scratcher than a climber, providing it with a carpet or sisal post as a playground will keep their nails as well as temperament in check. Also keep in mind that the more cats you have, the bigger it should be should be. More perches and enclaves will also keep your kitties happy because everyone loves their own space.

Other things to look out for:

  • The taller the better for active climbers. Considering the age and activity levels of your cat, you should go as high as possible. Cats love being high and usually feel more protected than when they are on the ground.
  • Sturdiness and stability. Make sure it has a wide enough base so that it does not easily topple over when your pet jumps on it.
  • Is it spacious enough for your kitty? Can it climb up and down without falling down or slipping? Can the furniture handle the weight?
  • Can it be disassembled and assembled again? If you are considering moving within the next year or two this is something you should keep in mind.

Materials Used

Usually, the best cat trees are made from pressed wood and then covered with some faux fur to make it more appealing and more comfortable. You can certainly find more expensive ones that are made of higher quality solid wood – however, do be prepared to fork out more money for that.

If you definitely want a sturdy, durable, long lasting cat tree, then you might want to splurge on a higher quality one.

For the average model, do note that plywood is usually sturdier and more durable than pressed wood so that’s something you might want to check before you buy.

Sisal rope is usually used to cover the posts of these condos. Cats love ropes (as you know!) so this is why sisal rope is used – to easily attract your pet. Sisal rope is great for scratching and can last well for this type of activity.​

Do pay attention to the weight capacity. You will find cat trees that can take a range of weight from 8 pounds to 200 pounds or more, depending on its construction. Obviously, one that is more sturdy and solid will be more comfortable and comforting.

Shaky ones are a big no no! If your cat is particularly nervous, you might want to look into a floor to ceiling one instead of a free standing cat tree that will not tip as easily and can offer significantly more stability.​

Why Get One?

I once came back to my home to find my cat had completely torn down the curtains by mistake and had frayed the back of the couch. With the ramps, hiding places, and rest areas, they provide your cat with security and stimulation.

Cats naturally love to climb and jump, although they can’t do that very well indoors. All the ramps will give them the stimulation they need. On top of that, they’ll be able to sleep in a secluded, comfortable place for more security.

Common Pieces to Look Out For (Added to How to Select)

You’ll want to pick out your condo or tree based on the usual activity level of your pet. As I’ve said before, older cats might not like models with too much climbing, but there are still activities that’ll keep them stimulated. Knowing your kitty is an important part of knowing what activities they’ll enjoy!


We’ve all probably seen our pets sit in boxes, in bags, and tunnel through other things. Tunnels in the condo help them hide, crawl, or sleep inside if they’d like.

Scratching Post

Let’s face it: the main reason you’re probably looking for one is to prevent your cat from scratching up all of your furniture. Make sure the scratching post is high quality so that your cat will naturally start using it. They’ll be able to sharpen their claws without breaking anything that you love.

Hanging Toys

These are great for all cats. Older ones can play with them if they’re still interested and younger ones can get some of their energy out. Granted, models with these are better for younger kitties. Older cats get a little bored with them.

Perches or Platforms

Cats love to be up high. Mine loves to sit atop the counter, so I’m sure he’d love a high perch. That’s why most have lots of perches and platforms but keep your own pet in mind when you buy one. Older cats won’t like platforms that they need to climb too high to get to.


One of the most common reasons to get a condo is to help your pet feel more secure. There are condos with little bedroom areas that are secluded, so kitties who like privacy to sleep feel right at home.

More About Choosing: What Size?

The size of your living space really impacts the size of whatever cat tree you buy. There are several things you need to consider.

How Many Cats?

If you have one, there’s no need to get the fanciest, largest one out there. You can if you want to, but your furry friend won’t need all that space. Having multiple kittens requires more space however. When in doubt, just match the size to the amount of cats so everyone has enough space to play and relax.

Where Will it Go?

Your pet probably won’t like it if you just throw the  tree into a random corner of a room where no one ever goes. Cats like being around people, so consider putting the tree in the family room where lots of people are always around. This will increase the likelihood that your kitty will actually use it. In front of a window is a great place too! Your kitty would love to relax on top of it while they bask in the sun and watch what’s going on outside.

Is the Price Right?

Even if we want to give our pet everything it needs, sadly, we can’t afford to spend too much on them all the time. Condos range from $50 to hundreds of dollars. Figure out your budget so you can search for condos or tree in that range. Honestly, there are lots to choose from.

How to Introduce the New Tower

Some cats are pretty skittish when it comes to new objects around the house. They may not adjust right away, so if that happens to your furry friend, you just need to be patient. Some kitties need time to get used to it, but you can help the process along by tempting them a little.

Put their favorite toy atop so they aren’t afraid, or even put the post somewhere that they’re comfortable. Even putting it near a place they usually scratch will help them adjust more easily. caHow to Get Them to Scratch

So you bought the best cat tree hoping that your cat will scratch at it and leave your stuff alone. The next day, you find that it is still tearing apart your furniture! Part of getting them used to the post is observing them.

Take note of where they usually scratch, when they scratch, and where the best place for it would be. Don’t ever force your cat to use it though. Instead try to demonstrate it to them, and redirect them if they’re scratching on your furniture. Play with your cat by the cat tree or the best cat furniture too so they’ll be more comfortable. Cover up damaged furniture so they won’t be tempted.

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