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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Catnip (or Nepeta Cataria) is a harmless and organic plant with a variety of uses, among them bringing pleasure and joy to cats, and in the plant world it’s closely related to the mint herb. It’s great for older cats who’ve lost their playfulness, it makes them frolic like kittens once more. And you can use it to mellow your cat when she’s feeling edgy or nervous.

What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

Whether it’s fresh or dried, it releases a chemical known as nepetalactone. And this chemical triggers the same behaviours that cats exhibit when exposed to certain feline pheromones. For example, when my cats smell it, they’ll start running around, rubbing their body on surfaces more, licking and purring and even drooling.

Luckily, these side effects don’t last forever as they’re usually followed by a cat nap which the cat uses to recover. After this they generally become more resilient to the smell and will not readily react in the same way to it.

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It’s also important to note that not all cats are susceptible to catnip, it’s estimated that up to 75% have the so-called “gene”. This has no correlation with your cat’s breed or color, and it also doesn’t work on kittens younger than six months, so you’ll need to wait until he’s fully grown before you try catnip on your kitten.

So you might have to try out different brands to find one that works for your cat, and at the right age.

Best Catnip In The World To Buy: Top 5 Reviews

Catnip by Cat Crack

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Cat Crack definitely lives up to its name with their offering of this 100% organic product. Its potency literally has my cats climbing up the walls acting like kittens again with all the energy they get.

Why Its So Popular:
– Really good quality, mainly due to the fact that Cat Crack harvest their own Nepeta Cataria during the peak of harvest time
– Can easily be sprinkled on your kitty’s favourite surfaces and toys
– This lasts for a really long time as it gets packed while still fresh
– It’s grown organically with no added chemicals
– The sellers are quite reasonable- they actually accept returns in the instance where your cat may not be responsive to the product

Keep In Mind:
– If your cat has a high tolerance already, then this may not work on them
– Be sure to use it while it’s fresh. It’s useless if it becomes stale

From the Field 6-Ounce Kitty Safe Stalkless Tub

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This is a great product to use when you want to restore an older cat’s joie de vivre. It’s quite potent and finely ground so you can take it with you when travelling to keep your cat relaxed and playful on the journey.

Why Its So Popular:
– It’s finely ground and easy to consume for cats whether through eating or sniffing it
– It’s great for keeping older cats active, as it makes them animated and energised
– It’s natural and organic
– It’s stemless so you get more for your buck
– It comes in a re sellable tub which keeps it fresh for longer

Keep In Mind:
– It’s very high quality, so less is more
– This may cause your cat to sneeze due to being finely ground and dusty

Pet Magasin Canadian-Grown Fine-Grind Catnip

Check price and more  details here

Organically farmed in Canada, this particular one has a fragrant minty odor that’ll attract your kitty’s attention, and it’s freshly packed as well which makes it extra potent.

Why Its So Popular:
– It’s highly effective- you only need to use a small amount to get desired results
– This is relaxing and will literally mellow your cat out
– Contains no preservatives or additives
– It comes packaged in a big bag so you get a lot of value for your money
– It’s comes finely ground so you don’t have to waste time removing sharp twigs and such

Keep In Mind:
– The powdery consistency can be a challenge for some cats to sniff and so will require you to rather sprinkle it on your cat’s favourite toy or surfaces to prevent sneezing as a result of having direct contact with the powder.

SmartyKat Organic Catnip

Check price and more  details here

This packs a punch, and it’s potently fragrant aroma will have your cats going wild in no time. But not to worry, the effects only last for about 30 minutes max like any other brand. After that initial burst of energy your cat will shift into a more relaxed state and perhaps even enjoy a well-deserved nap.

Why Its So Popular:
– It’s certified as 100% organic and natural
– The seller packs quite a LOT inside each jar which makes it last much longer than similar products
– Its potent peppermint aroma smells so amazing that even dogs love it. Great for stay at home moms or work-from home professional who want to give themselves a break from their pets.
– It comes packaged inside a convenient canister which makes for easy pouring and sprinkling
– It comes at an affordable price point which is a bonus

Keep In Mind:
– It’s not as finely ground so you might have to strain it yourself and pick out any twigs or sharp parts that may be harmful to your cat
– The packaging doesn’t make for easy long term storage. You might have to transfer it to a ziploc and freeze to keep it for longer

OurPets Premium North-American Grown

Check price and more  details here

I love the colourful packaging of this brand, it’s almost like a preview of the good times your cats will be enjoying after ingesting it.

Why Its So Popular:
– Causes playfulness and entertaining behaviour in cats
– It comes at a really good price considering the size and volume of the jar
– The packaging is fun and interesting
– It’s very relaxing for cats

Keep In Mind:
– Not as potent as the other stuff but it works
– Requires a lot of sifting to remove the stems and twigs to make it safe
– The manufacturer is sometimes inconsistent with packaging. Some times when you order it the bottle comes labelled as ‘Our Pets’ and at other times as ‘Cosmic’

What You Should Be Looking For

When it comes to picking the best catnip in the world, there’re some variables you need to consider. Your cat’s age, the potency of the catnip and the amount and variety.

For example, in the beginning it’s advisable to try out different kinds to figure out which one works best for your cat, taking into consideration that ongoing exposure to the active ingredient nepetalactone will make your cat more resistant towards its effect.

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Basically, it is an intoxicant to cats and just as more exposure to alcohol builds up tolerance in humans, so does more exposure build more tolerance in cats. So it’s best to start with the weakest product and build up to the more potent ones over time.

Your best bet is to use organic ones that are chemical free and super healthy. So be sure to check that ingredients list before you make that first purchase. And make sure that its finely ground to avoid prickly stems and harmful twigs.

Secondly, it’s advisable to get Nepeta Cataria packaged into small containers for those times when you’ll be travelling with your pet. A great product to try in this regard would be in the form of an oil spray which is a tin spray that you can conveniently carry around with you on your keyring.

Again, finely ground ones are also way more convenient when you’re travelling because it saves you from wasting time grounding it or worse, feeding your cat unground catnip that might hurt their teeth and gums.

More Tips To Know About Nepeta Cataria

  • Cats might go through a series of predictable behaviours that mimic that of being ‘high’ or ‘intoxicated’. They start out with super chilled behaviour rolling around, purring, and rubbing onto surfaces and just feeling and acting very satisfied with life. This is followed by more frenzied and energetic phase and finally, the crash. This is when your cat will most like take a nap and relax.
  • Inhaling the odor will enhance the product’s effect on your cat, especially if they were playing around with the catnip toy beforehand.
  • Fresh, organic ones work better than stale ones. The latter tends to have no effect at all on the cat, so be sure to double check the expiry date or buy fresh ones.
  • The most potent parts are the leave and buds, which is where the potent active ingredient nepetalactone is found. And just like with cooking herbs, the fresher the better.
  • Awesome fact – you can actually freeze dried ones in a Ziploc bag to keep it fresh and potent and this goes for toys as well.
  • If your cat has a favourite Nepeta Cataria toy that they like and you want to make it potent again all you have to do is roll it on some fresh catnip to stimulate its potency.
  • Large amounts can cause your cat to pass out for days on end, due to its tranquilizing effect. So small doses are recommended for manageable effects. Otherwise it’s completely safe for cats to take.
  • Did you know that you can actually grow it like any other kitchen herb? All you need is some good potting soil, sunshine and water. But make sure to keep it away from areas that they are accessible to, so your cats avoid overindulging in the herb.


Catnip is a wonderful treat for cats and a great way to show your kitty that you care for them. The best part is that it’s natural and organic and will give your cat a really good time.

I know from experience that it is one of the best ways to revive your cat’s energy and to really get them playing and enjoying themselves again. It might become addictive over time. But because it’s a natural product, you don’t have to worry about getting any nasty side effects. So it’s an all-round life experience enhancer for cats.

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