7 Best Deshedding Tools for Your Dog

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

One of the challenging aspects of owning a dog is the dreaded hair shedding. After understanding this pattern and haggling with it a few times on my own, a friend suggested I buy a deshedding tool for my dog. A good deshedding tool can really help you in a variety of ways. Read on if you want to know my personal recommendations!

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Best Deshedding Tools For Dogs To Buy

Furminator Deshedding

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The FURminator(R) is a deshedding tool that is specifically designed for dogs from 51-90 lbs. and with coats longer than 2 inches. The is made up of stainless steel that reaches deep beneath your dog’s long topcoat to gently remove the undercoat and other loose hairs without cutting when used as directed.

The FURejector(R) button cleans and removes loose hair from it with ease. By reducing shedding up to 90%, the FURminator deShedding Tool enables you to share your home with your dog, without surrendering it to his hair.


  • Strips excess hair easily
  • Great price for a great product
  • Easy to use leaving less hair on the carpet


  • It irritates the skin if held too close to while combing

Granpaws Deshedding Tool


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With an unbreakable handle, value for money proposition, and a single size for all pets to save you from the hassle, the GranPaws deshedding tool is one that can be used on both short and long haired pets. The blade is made up of 100 mm stainless steel that is replaceable and protected with a slip in cover


  • Reduces shedding
  • Promotes healthier skin and shiny coat
  • Saves money at your vet


  • Clogs up with hair after a few strokes

Mars Original Coat King


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The Original MARS Coat King curry-comb consists of a fine wooden handle that is Bubinga, FSC certified, and rust free, made up of tempered high-grade steel blade. In this product the blades are completely changeable as the head! The special geometry of the blades guarantees a good penetration in to the fur. With proper use, you can effectively and neatly remove around 90% of the loose dead hair with it.


  • Product is as described by manufacturer and in excellent condition
  • Instruction guide shows how to use it on various breeds
  • Harmless to the pet


  • Delivery was late



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The DakPets deshedding tool is a delight for any pet owner. One of the most popular and reviewed in its category, the DakPets has a 4 inch stainless steel comb with a safe blade cover, an unbreakable handle, and is gentle on your pet’s skin too.


  • Handle is strong and durable
  • The comb does not cause skin irritation
  • Can be used as a standalone for grooming


  • Does not have a self cleaning blade

Magic Pro


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The Magic Pro Brush deshedding tool is guaranteed to reduce your dog shedding by 95%. Made up of stainless steel, this works both for double and single coats. Moreover, the blades are ergonomically designed and are not sharp.


  • Does not damage skin
  • Recommended by groomers and vets
  • No sharp blades


  • Delivery took a little longer

Chirpy Pets


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The Chirpy Pets Dog and Cats Brush removes up to 90% shedding fur from your cat or dog within minutes. The slicker brush is made up of 4 inch stainless steel which is not sharp and comes with a protective cover to make it last longer. Recommended by vets, it is also known to keep allergies at bay.


  • Reduces allergies caused by loose animal hair
  • Great value for money and helps save on professional grooming
  • 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty


  • Can leave bald spots on some cats
  • Doesn’t work as great on long haired animals

Reasons Why Your Dog Might Shed

It is a universal truth that all dogs shed. Even humans do but certainly not to the extent of our furry friends. So it’d benefit us to understand the various reasons why your dog might shed.

1. Change in Season

Most dogs usually shed when there’s a change in season. This is nothing alarming, and you’ll get used to it once it becomes a routine. However, do pay attention to excessive shedding and anything that lasts for more than a week.

2. Change in Nutrition Levels

A change in nutrition levels or stress levels can also spark shedding of hair which can prove critical if not addressed in time. It would be a good idea to supervise your dog as you see it getting adapted to newer diets or stress levels.

3. Change in Pet Food Brands

One of the most overlooked and ignored aspects of why shedding may happen is this. Most owners don’t realize that their dog is used to a particular quality of protein, carbohydrate and fat from a particular brand of pet food. Changes in brands often alter the percentage levels as well as the quality causing shedding.

4. Impact of natural surroundings

Age, pregnancy, lactation are one of the fewer issues that are focussed on from a dog’s perspective. Their bodies go through enormous hormonal changes as well and sometimes it results in shedding as a side effect of these changes.

Tips For Using a Deshedding Tool

Just like grooming is a big part of our life, it is a part of our pets’ lives too. Hence, having a good deshedding brush or deshedding comb for your dog will take you a long way in keeping it healthy. Bear in mind that you don’t have to use it frequently if your dog sheds a lot or if he sheds during summers or spring.

Most available out there have a rake, brush, and blade combo in order for you to be able to maintain the fur at optimal length. It is very important to de-tangle your dog’s hair before you use it to avoid any chances of hair breakage or pain.

If your dog’s not too hairy like mine then you’re better off using the tool not more than once or twice a week.

On the other hand, a hairier dog might require brushing every day.

While brushing your dog, ensure there aren’t any unusual bald spots on your dog. This is especially true of pregnant female dogs. Visit the vet regularly to avoid any last minute surprises as pregnant dogs are prone to infection.

The most important thing to remember here is that unlike humans, a dog’s skin and coat act like a thermostat that regulates temperature. Hence be vary of this. Also, it would be great if you can treat them for behaving well and pet them during the process.

It helps them relax and trust you more in subsequent sessions. One last tip. For easier de-tangling, you may use a conditioner before you brush the coat.

While your dog is as much a family member, caring for it still is a lot of work. I hope this list has been of help to you in choosing out the top deshedding tool for your pet.

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