11 Best Disposable Litter Box For Travel 2023

Disposable Litter Box
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

Every cat owner knows how picky their feline companions can be when it comes to their places of “business” and how particular they can be about litter, and even the cat litter box to be honest. They can get really picky about the box all- just like setting the mood for romance for your significant other.

Disposable cat litter boxes however, are nowhere near as expensive as romantic dinners or getaways and are easier to change if needed. But, if traveling cross-country in an RV or motorhome with your adventurous kitty pal, then bringing your standard litter box from home might not be your best option, or one disposable cat litter box you fancy doing at all.

Or maybe your busy lifestyle leaves you very little time for cleaning and loving on your fur babies. Or you’re grossed out at the thought of scooping a cat litter box every week. A disposable litter box fits all kinds of material, needs and spaces, without breaking the bank. In this disposable cat litter boxes reviews guide, I’ll help you choose the best disposable cat litter box that will be helpful in your kitty’s life.

What’s the Best Disposable Litter Box 2023?

  1. Kitty Sift Disposable Sifting Litter Box
  2. LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box
  3. Cats Desire Disposable Litter Boxes
  4. Kitty Kan Products
  5. PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box
  6. Cat’s Pride KatKit Disposable Trays, Includes Litter
  7. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box
  8. Kitty’s Wonderbox
  9. Ace Innovations Ten Second Litter Boxes
  10. Easyology Disposable
  11. Felix and Fido Pre-Filled

11 Best Disposable Litter Box Reviews

Kitty Sift Disposable Sifting Litter Box

kitty sift


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Sifting litter boxes are one of the easiest ways to cleansed up old litter or based litter. While you might not need one at home, this disposable cat litter box is best for travelling time.

What You’ll Love:

  • Several options for various layers, and size
  • Option to include a kitty litter or any litter types
  • Works like regular sifting cat litter boxes
  • Box disposable cardboard materials

Eco friendly

This disposable cat litter box is made of cardboard, which has an eco-friendly feature. However, cats also really love how it feels. Kitty preferences aside, the materials are entirely degradable. You can feel good knowing that it won’t stay in a landfill forever.

Standard size

If you want to keep a hood on the litter box, that’s no problem. You can easily use this disposable litter box with most standard-sized disposable litter box covers.

Easy sift design

Sifting litter can be a lot quicker and easier than scooping it in the disposable cat litter boxes. The sifting design of this disposable cat litter box makes litter duty a breeze.

Take Note:

Pricier: While it’s uncomplicated, and a disposable cat litter box, it’s not exactly cheap. It’s one of the pricier disposable litter boxes on our list.

Bulky: It’s a little bulkier than others.


  • 100 Biodegradable recycled paper and material
  • Standard size
  • Made sifts for free and easy cleaning


  • A little pricey compared to other disposable cat litter boxes

LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box

LitterMaid P-70000


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This is the most durable disposable cat litter boxes we found. It’s a great value all around.

What You’ll Love:

  • 100 Biodegradable recycled paper and materials
  • Set of three boxes and no box odor
  • Big enough for large cats
  • Works for clumping and non-clumping litter types

Large size

These disposable litter box products were designed with big cats in mind. It’s size measures 17 by 12.6 by 7 inches tall and wide.


There are very few disposable litter box that can last as long as this. You can benefit from this disposable cat litter box for up to two whole weeks.

Deep walled design

Messy kitty and cat needs disposable cat litter boxes with deep walls, and this certainly provides them. The deep walls of this disposable cat litter box keep your kitty or cats comfortable and keep stray litter off your floor. This is one of the best features for these disposable cat litter boxes products.

Take Note Of:

Sticking litter: Based litter seems more prone to sticking to the sides and bottom of this disposable cat litter box.


  • Product good for large cats
  • Very affordable
  • More durable product features


  • Little control of cat litter odor in the box

Cats Desire Disposable Litter Boxes

cats desire


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These disposable cat litter box products are ideal for cats that like privacy, and their owners that want a helpful cat disposable litter box.

What You’ll Love:

  • Works for a bigger cat and multiple cats
  • Easy box folding to take on the go
  • Waterproof interior product
  • Comes with white and brown color box options
  • 10 pack set product

Comes in bulk

There are very few disposable litter boxes that come in packs larger than two or three. However, this includes 10 litter boxes.

Larger size

This litter box product is great for big cats, or even homes with multiple cats. There’s plenty of space for everyone.

Covered or uncovered

You can use each piece as its own litter box, or another piece as a cover. It’s ideal for cats that want privacy.

Take Note Of:

Stability :

When you use another piece for the cover, it isn’t as stable as the single piece. Still, the single boxes hold up well.


  • Multiple boxes ina package
  • Good for big cats/multiple cats
  • Use covered or uncovered


  • Not as stable when using cover

Kitty Kan Products

kitty kan


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This litter box keeps leaks and odors at bay. The liner is totally pet safe and FDA approved.

What You’ll Love:

  • High quality recycled cardboard
  • Odor and leak control
  • 4 air vents
  • Comes as a single box

Good ventilation

This litter box has four air vents, which is beyond what most disposable boxes have. Your kitty will get plenty of air.

Easy assembly

It might not have the easiest setup, but it’s still pretty simple. Assembly should only take about two minutes.

Odor control

This litter box does better than most when it comes to controlling the odor. The liner helps contain smells, and prevents messy leaks from getting outside the box.

Take Note Of:

Size: This litter box works well for a lot of cats. However, it might not be big enough for larger cats.


  • Contains odors well
  • Made from eco-friendly recycled paper and cardboard
  • 4 air vents for better ventilation


  • Not ideal for larger cats

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box


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If your top concern is quality, this disposable litter box delivers. It even comes with litter included with the litter box.

What You’ll Love:

  • Recycled cardboard materials
  • Includes litter
  • Has a privacy hood
  • Higher entrance hole
  • Includes disposable litter scoops

Litter included

If you’re finally getting your litter box set up, the last thing you want to bother with is getting litter too. This package includes litter to get you started.

Fast setup

This is one of the easiest disposable litter boxes to set up. A pull on the top holes and it’s expanded and ready for your cat to use.


This is a covered litter box, so it’s great for cats that like privacy. The elevated entrance hole gives them cover, and prevents litter getting on the floor.

Take Note Of:

Elevated entrance:

For some cats, the elevated entrance is great. However, smaller or older cats might struggle getting in.


  • Offers cats plenty of privacy
  • Very fast, easy setup
  • Keeps litter off floor


  • Entrance might be hard for small cats

Cat’s Pride KatKit Disposable Trays

cats pride

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These trays are very easy, and very affordable. They’re even made from recycled soda bottles, and include litter.

What You’ll Love:

  • Includes litter with the tray
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Litter included is high quality
  • Simple, easy setup
  • Fits large cats or multiple smaller cats

Larger size

This litter box easily fits a larger cat, or a couple smaller cats. The thin texture makes it easy to move around.

High quality litter

The litter that comes with the trays is surprisingly high quality. It does a great job of containing odors too.

Ease of use

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t get much easier than these trays. If you want a disposable litter box that is ready to go, these are it.

Take Note Of:

Low sides:

The only thing that might make a little more work for you is the low sides. Unfortunately, litter does tend to end up on the floor.


  • Ready to use
  • Comes with a really good litter
  • Big enough for a large cat


  • Low sides can make it messy

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

natures miracle


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Nature s Miracle disposable litter box has everything you need. It’s completely leak proof, eco friendly, sturdy, and even it eliminates odors too.

What You’ll Love:

  • Materials naturally eliminate odors
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Leak proof and waterproof
  • Long lasting (up to 4 weeks)

Odor control

Nature s Miracle disposable litter box actually has bakingsoda in the cardboard it’s made from. As a result, you get some of the best odor control around.

Long lasting

Of any disposable litter box, Nature s Miracle disposable box might last you the longest. You can use it (or rather your cat can) for up to a month.

Contains leaks

Even if you use Nature s Miracle disposable box for the whole four weeks, you won’t get any leaks or messes. Nature s Miracle disposable box is completely waterproof and leak proof.

Take Note Of:

Price: Nature s Miracle litter box is a litter pricier than other disposable ones. However, it does last for up to four weeks.


  • Baking soda keeps odors away
  • Lasts for up to a month
  • High quality, eco friendly materials


  • Somewhat pricier than others

Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box



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Kitty s Wonderbox disposable litter box for cat is affordable, but it’s still the top quality you want in a cat litter box. Kitty s Wonderbox comes with plenty of options for features too for your cat litter box.

What You’ll Love:

  • Comes a variety of sizes
  • Available as a single box or set of three
  • Sturdy, 100 biodegradable recycled paper, cardboard and materials
  • Contains odors with baking soda

Budget friendly

These Kitty s Wonderbox cat litter boxes are surprisingly affordable. They’re the best values if you’re on a budget for your disposable cat box.


You can get the regular size, or jumbo or extra small sizes depending on what your cat needs. Likewise, you can choose between a single box or a set of three.


This is a long-lasting litter box you can use for up to four weeks, and it can take some abuse too.

Take Note Of:


This is a great litter box for cat all around. However, some of the competition does outperform this disposable cat box.


  • Budget friendly
  • Long-lasting disposable box set
  • Plenty of options for material and features


  • Could be a sturdier box set

Ace Innovations Ten Second Travel Litter Box

ace innovations travel


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This litter box is great because they come in bulk. This disposable cat box is a great need for travel too.

What You’ll Love:

  • Made set of 10
  • Leakproof interior protection for cat
  • Works for travel need
  • Uncomplicated to set up and throw away

10 pack

This is a way to save yourself time. It comes as a set of ten for you and your cat convenience.


The interior is lined with leak-proof material to prevent liquids from escaping the cat box. That means you have less to worry about.

Ideal for travel

These are great for travel because they’re easy to set up and come with plenty to get you through your trip.

Take Note Of:

Litter: While it does work with any cat litter, it’s best if you use non clumping litter.


  • Comes with 10
  • Easy to use
  • Collapses for travel


  • Works best with made non-clumping litter

Easyology Large Disposable Cat Litter Boxes



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The key features of these disposable cat litter boxes are the extra high sides. It’s a great way to keep your floor neat.

What You’ll Love:

  • Made in a pack of 5 or 3
  • Made high sidewalls
  • Large size
  • Coated with bakingsoda
  • Lasts for 3-4 weeks

High walls

The high walls in this disposable litter box are great for messy cats that tend to kick up litter. They ensure more cat litter stays in the box, not on your floor or carpet.

Baking soda coating

These cat litter boxes have a coating, which means the odor is under control. Baking soda naturally eliminates the odor, and it’s perfectly safe for your cats.

Large size

These boxes are larger than most disposable ones, so you can use them if you have a big cat or multiple cats. Their size measure 5 ½ inches tall, and 17 ½ by 15 ½ inches long and wide.

Take Note Of:

Uncovered: While the high sides do help prevent litter from getting out of the box at any time, there’s no option to use a cover.


  • Made high side walls
  • Comes in a multipack
  • Naturally reduces odor


  • No large cover option

Felix and Fido Pre-filled Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

felix and fido

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These are easy, disposable, and prefilled for your convenience.

What You’ll Love:

  • Made recycled paper materials
  • Prefilled with litter
  • Set of 5
  • Biodegradable

Ready to use

These are prefilled, so they’re ready to use any time you open them. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Eco friendly

They’re made of 100% recycled paper, and they’re biodegradable so you can feel good using them.

Good for kittens

Because these are smaller and shorter, they’re great for kittens learning to use a litter box.

Take Note Of:

Size: The size of this disposable cat litter box is great for kittens, but might be too small for adult cats.


  • Made deal for kitty and cat
  • Prefilled with litter
  • Made very eco friendly


  • Not suited for large adult cats

What’s a Disposable Litter Box?

These disposable cat litter boxes are typically made of biodegradable materials like recycled paper and cardboard and are suited for short-term use rather than long-term like standard plastic cat litter boxes.

They can be cleaned as needed, but are typically use and dispose of in the trash or recycling if you use recyclable litter like recycled paper. Many high-end disposable cat litter boxes have baking soda mixed into the composition to help control odor from ammonia in the cat’s urine- keeping things smelling fresh for as long as possible.

These disposable cat litter boxes are safe to use with any litter medium, and even as a liner for your standard litter box to help reduce extra cleaning and make cleansed up easier in your standard litter boxes.

Some brands of disposable litter box come with biodegradable recycled paper litters already. All you do is peel away the seal, it’s ready to use in seconds and is very helpful.

More Interesting Guides:

Benefits of using Disposable litter boxes

There’s not much that surpasses cleaning up feces in the gross spectrum- at least when you’re a small pet owner that is- and it can be unsafe for your health to come in contact with an unclean cat litter box, especially if you suffer from medical conditions or are pregnant.

Disposable litter boxes are fast to be cleansed. Just simply throw the disposable box away in the trash after 7 days (or however long it's rated for) and replace it with a new disposable pan and litter types. This disposable box don’t require frequent sanitizing with hot soapy water or chemicals same with plastic ones.

These litter boxes are landfill-friendly and eco-friendly. They’ll decompose in a relatively quick amount of time and can even be recycled if used with recyclable litters like recycled paper or pine pellets.

They’re great for traveling or as temporary set up for potty training kittens, used with older or messy cats,and can be used or for foster kittens and special needs cats that are separated from the rest of your home.

  • Made from Biodegradable Materials: Because of the recycled materials used to make these litter boxes, they’re environmentally friendly and will decompose, or can be recycled again.
  • Baking Soda layer for odor blocking : It is known for its ability to trap ammonia and eat it up, keeping away the horrid odor and keeping things fresh for longer. The disposable box can have a film of baking soda over it, or mixed into the cardboard composition, helping to eliminate those unpleasant odor.
  • Perfect for traveling or relocating: Whether introducing a new baby into the family, or moving, these are great for temporary purposes. They’re found at most large retail stores, which means no lugging around that plastic litter box back and forth and taking up luggage space.
  • Usable with most litter products: Durable enough to withstand the weight of clay litters, new one can be used with all types of litters including paper and pine pellets. Just make sure not to overfill it same with your regular litter box.
  • Can be used as a litter box liner: This can be used as a liner as well instead of the typical plastic bag liners that tend to get ripped up when your two cats or kitty uses the litter box. It won’t shred up when they go to hide their dirty deeds, and will remain strong through daily use.
  • Waterproof/ Leak-proof: Due to the composition (compressed cardboard/ paper and baking soda) it will not leak when your cat urinates in the litter, and won’t get soggy from wet litter that would weaken it and cause it to fall apart. This feature can also help extend the life of the litter, by wicking away moisture and drying it out faster.
  • Better Alternative to keep things Sanitary: Since the whole thing gets tossed, you don’t have to worry about nasty bacteria building up in the litter box and contaminating the new litter, and exposing your kitty to unhealthy residue. This also means you won’t have to disinfect or wash it monthly same with your regular litter box to keep it cleansed and sanitary.
  • Backup Litter Box: If you have a few lovely kitties then these are great as extra litter boxes so everyone has one when they need it and there’s no fighting or traffic jams for the main box.


FAQs: Disposable Litter Box

Disposable Litter Box Life Expectancy

Litter box life expectancy

Some disposable litter boxes will last with a single cat for around 3 weeks with routine scooping- every other day or two has worked for my feline fellow, who is enjoying life as a bachelor. As with any litter box, cleaning frequency and size will depend on how many cats, and how large they are.

The more cats there are, the more frequent the cleaning and adding of litter, along with a shorter lifespan for the box, as it gets used more frequently throughout the day. Where it would last 3 weeks with a cat, it may only last 1.5 weeks with two or three if there’s only a box between them all.

In reviews, each brand and variety have different lifespans, so be sure to read the instructions and compare each one according to reviews to find that new box that will fit your needs best.

Cat to Litter Box Ratio

Ideally, each cat should have their own litter box to avoid unwanted territorial behaviors, odor problems and traffic jams for the potty if everyone is on the same clock with their piping. It’s the same with having 1 bathroom for a family of 5- 3 of which being teenage girls. A bathroom just does not work, especially if it’s a small one. There will be fights and a lot of mess to clean up, not to mention gray hairs coming in sooner than you’d want.

The ideal ratio is 1:1, 1 litter box per cat. It will never hurt to have an extra litter box though, just in case one of the others is not to kitty’s preferences at that time. Having an extra will also extend the lifespan of the litter boxes and prevent any one box from building up too much stink and feces. An extra litter box will also allow you to clean one while there’s still a box available in case someone has to go while you're cleaning.

Variety of Disposable Litter Boxes

Same with traditional litter boxes, disposable ones also come in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, depending on how many cats you have, and the size of cat. There’s open top, covered, small, large, and extra large size options for disposable litter boxes. And let’s not forget the self-cleaning models

Many disposable litter boxes will come in packs, and some will even come prefilled with recyclable litter types. Heck, you can even get them with exterior designs and patterns and shapes! As mentioned before, each brand will also have different lifespans based on material composition and manufacturing processes used.

Open Top Boxes verses Enclosed Litter boxes

Deciding on where you plan to put your based litter box can help you choose between open or enclosed. If the area you plan to place the litter box is already enclosed, same wit under a bathroom vanity or a special box designed to hide litter boxes, then going with an enclosed box is not the best choice since the litter box will already be in an enclosed space.

If your litter box will be in a corner of the bathroom, or any other room, then a covered litter box will help hide the contents, and give kitty privacy. You can blend it in with your home design with some spray paint or hide it behind some potted plants for extra privacy.

This also depends on your cats preferences. Some want being in enclosed and dark spaces, while others want being able to keep an eye on what's happening around them.

Open top litter boxes also tend to be easier to move and put into place, depending on where you put it that is, and are easier to access to clean and maintain. Plus they tend to be easier for your cats to get in and out of, since they don’t have to duck and watch their heads when going in or out.

Covered, or closed litter boxes, are best at hiding the litter and everything else within the container from view, making it easier on the eyes and keeps litter from being flung out onto your clean floors, but they can tend to hold in odor which most cats are not fond of.

What Size Disposable Litter box should I use?

This can be tricky, but typically you will go by your cat's size. If you have a big maine coon or Savannah mix, then a small litter box just won’t make the cut for these guys. They will need a large litter box in order to feel comfortable and find just the right spot to bury their “treasures” for you to clean up later.

If you’ve just gotten a new feline companion, and don’t yet know their habits and personality, then a disposable litter box is an excellent tool to help them settle in, and for you to figure them out better before buying a standard plastic litter box or covered one.

Location, Location, Location!

The litter box will need to be able to breathe and have ample airflow so as to keep pockets of stink and ammonia from building up and making your kitty sick and deterring them from using their litter box completely. This means having it in a location that’s accessible for the cats where they feel secure and private, and yourself to clean, but plenty of airflows to keep the air fresh and circulating properly.

You want to avoid areas that are enclosed with no way for fresh air to circulate and allow your cats to have different access points to it. It’s okay to have only one entry and exit point, but having two is always better.

Another thing to keep in mind when placing your cats litter box is their comfort. If they don’t want to be in the bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room, then not placing the litter box there is a good start. You can always move it around after a while if your feline doesn’t want that spot.

Ms. Kitty can also tell you where she prefers to have her litter box by her behavior. If she decides to do her business somewhere else in your home, instead of her box, then move the litter box to that area. When the messes stop, then you know you’ve got it in the right spot and have a happy kitty again.

DIY Disposable Litter Boxes

Same with many things, you can make a disposable litter box yourself if you have an emergency situation and have a few empty Amazon boxes laying around. You can fold in the flaps or cut them off and line it with a trash bag to add a layer of protection against moisture.

This is a great way to make a quick temporary-based litter box, for a sudden rescue, or just doing routine disinfecting and cleaning of your plastic one so Fluffy isn’t left without a place to go potty while you clean his litter box.

If you’re a handy person, then you can create your own disposable litter boxes with cardboard, tape, and some plastic sheeting or any other recyclable materials you have on hand.

Disposable Litter Pan versus Disposable Litter Box

What is the technical difference between a litter pan and a litter box? So technically, a litter pan is a removable pan or tray from a case that is the litter box. The litter box is technically a covered litter pan, or a box that hides the litter pan from view.

Think of your oven and a cookie sheet. The oven holds the cookie sheet and encloses it, while the cookie sheet can be put in or taken out of the oven when done. The same is for a litter box and litter pan essentially.

For traveling in a RV or motorhome cross country, a disposable litter box and litter pans are great tools. The box will hide the litter pan and can be assembled and disassembled as needed and reused later or tossed if damaged and worn out.

A disposable litter pan can be inserted and removed as needed from a travel litter box or added to your plastic ones at home to minimize how often you have to scrub the box down. Just don’t put it in a self cleaning litter box; they don’t get along and can cause some costly repairs or replacements.

What are Disposable Litter boxes made of?

Disposable litter box consist of

Most are made of recycled paper and cardboard and are typically chemical free. Some will have added baking soda, though, which helps cut down ammonia and other odors to keep the air fresh longer.

The added in baking soda not only helps with controlling the odor of the cat litter box but also helps keep the litter dryer and absorb moisture from the litter and drying quickly. It is one of the best ways to naturally and safely control harsh odors and ammonia buildup in litter boxes. It is also non-toxic to cats, and won’t cause any ill effects on them even when they use the cat litter box a lot of times.

How to decide if disposable litter boxes are right for you

Depending on your needs and how long you plan to use a disposable litter box and for what, there are many options to choose from. Making a list and planning out your use for the disposable litter boxes can help you decide if it’s something you feel comfortable trying or if you need to find another cat litter box alternative for your needs.

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