The Top 7 Dog Car Hammocks To Buy In 2017

There are many reasons why an owner would decide to buy a canine hammock. It’s a kind-of inexpensive item that can help protect your car and keep your pet safe so, why not? Especially if your pet sheds a lot of fur or tends to get car sick, you might see the advantages of buying this product.

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I decided to write this article to serve as a guideline for your shopping, and I’ll also compile the top most popular ones on the market for this year.

What Is It?

You are probably imagining a sort of sling which attaches to something a bit more stable. If that’s the case, you are indeed right, as that’s how it actually works!

Unless your canine is using a hammock for lounging around the house in a mini-holiday mood, then you will probably use it inside your vehicle. The aim of it is to cover the whole back seat, so that no mess could actually stain your vehicle.

So how does it actually work? Well, the sling part has to attach to the headrests of the front seats, or alternatively you can attach them to the hooks/headrests above the rear seat. If that’s not convenient for you, use the padded backing that keeps them propped against that seat.

Benefits and Why You Should Use One?

1. It protects against messes

It is probably no surprise that owners think this should be the main reason for buying one, and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. For example, if you usually take your canine for long walks on fields or forests and don’t want to constantly be cleaning the inside of your vehicle, this is a product you might just want to consider.

When faced with such a situation, a lot of owners feel a bit stuck. Possibly the most common solution is laying a bunch of towels on the back seat, but that doesn’t usually provide much of a solution. Not only is it a huge hassle, but there is a lot of noise which always makes you look around and see what’s going on. Say “no more!” to stressful and loud experiences,“no more!” to washing 3 towels after each walk!

2. Makes car journeys more comfortable for your pup

Picture this: your backseat window is rolled down, your canine’s head and tongue, obviously, are out as well. Wouldn’t you agree that that’s what a comfortable journey would look like to your pet?
However, if your pet has to deal with dirty towels, bags which make a lot of noise, he might be a bit stressed out. So that’s another reason why you might buy one.

3. It creates a familiar space for your pet

Okay, this might sound a bit crazy to some owners, but I enjoy making my canine feel like they have their own space. In the same way as with a canine bed, a hammock can create that feeling of “their space”. Like that, your pet might not rush into your vehicle until they see their hammock being placed, and will recognise to get in due to scent. What may also help is chucking in a favorite toy or blanket, just for added comfort.

4. It’s Injury Free

Another important reason for which I love them is the safety they provide. Many of you might forget that it is quite common to have to use the emergency brake, to have to make a sudden U-turn, etc., and with that you might run the risk of your canine falling to the floor. However, because it covers a wide area (the whole back seat), you might actually avoid risking a serious injury, making your vehicle a safer place, and giving YOU peace of mind.

Seat Cover vs. Hammock?

In comparison to a seat cover, it puts a layer of protective fabric in between you and your back seats. This means that if your pup is dirty, wet or muddy, you will get that full protection you need, whereas with a seat cover you won’t get that full coverage.


Check price and details here

Made of waterproof material and 3 heavy duty layers, this non-slip design provides protection from dirt, hairs, and any other situation.

Why Its So Popular:
– Universal (fits most vehicles)
– Side flaps make it easier to get out
– Non-slip quilted design

Keep In Mind:
– Material can be easily scratched or broken


Check price and details here

Featuring an extremely durable polyester material, this is also made with anti-skid mesh, meaning you faithful companion won’t slip or slide.

Why Its So Popular:
– Extra-large size make it perfect for SUVs
– Headrest belt design can be used if headrest not available

Keep In Mind:
– Might not be suitable for smaller-sized vehicles

Orvis Deluxe

Check price and details here

Designed with microfiber seats, this product will catch dirt or sand before it reaches the floor of your vehicle.

Why Its So Popular:
– Water-resistant
– Microfiber seats
– Large or XL sizes

Keep In Mind:
– Height-adjustable headrests are required for installation


Check price and details here

This USA-based company aims to keep your pet happy and comfortable, all while protecting your car!

Why Its So Popular:
– Waterproof
– Lifetime warranty
– Easy installation

Keep In Mind:
– Material can be easily scratched

Floppy Ears

Check price and details here

Featuring the ability to protect the entire backseat, this self-proclaimed luxury product is great for large and energetic canines.

Why Its So Popular:
– Covers the entire back seat
– Microfiber on one side and thick fleece on the other side
– Waterproof design

Keep In Mind:
– Harder to clean material

Plush Paws

Check price and details here

Covering a wide area, this is great for both smaller and bigger breeds, being easy to clean or hoover out.

Why Its So Popular:
– Hammock/seat cover convertible
– Waterproof
– Lifetime warranty
– Triple layered and thick

Keep In Mind:
– A bit difficult to put on by yourself


To sum up, there are many reasons for which you may choose a canine hammock. Providing extra padding in which your pet can snuggle into, in addition to the sense of security (from not moving up and down, right and left), these might not change your world, but they might improve on the overall quality of your pup’s experience.

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