7 Best Dog Clippers Reviews: Solving Your Pup’s Hair Troubles

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2021)

Caring for and grooming your dog is much more important than merely looking neat. Did you know that keeping its fur short is actually crucial for some breeds? Clipping its fur can be a tricky task. But as they say, a good tool can make all the difference.

It definitely makes sense to do some research and arm yourself with the best dog clipper that can do the job effectively and safely.

Best Deshedding Tools

Best Dog Clippers Top Picks

Wahl Professional Animal

These powerful and quiet trimmers provide 7200 strokes per minute. It will work on fine or medium coats of fur. This product comes with a manual, an apron, and a DVD with complete instructions. It only weighs about a pound and comes with a two year limited warranty. It has premium quality steel blades for exceptional clipping.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Very affordable price
– Comes with an apron and DVD
– Operates at 7200 strokes per minute

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Keep In Mind:
– Only for fine and medium coats
– It is corded
– Some people have noticed that the blades can dull quickly


Oster Professional Detachable

This heavy duty set comes with two speed options, either 3000 or 4000 strokes per minute. This can be used on livestock, cats, and horses along with canines. The blades are easily detachable so that you can change them when needed. It comes with oil, brushes, and a cleaning brush.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Comes with a one year warranty
– Two speed settings
– Blades are easily detachable

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Keep In Mind:
– It is a little pricey
– It is corded
– Weighs almost two pounds


Professional Heavy Duty

This rechargeable set is great for thick coats of fur. It only takes three hours to charge and can be used for up to five hours before needing to be charged again. This set includes three easily adjustable blades, which eliminates the need for combs. The stainless steel and ceramic design of the blades and the imported motor make it operate quietly. It also comes with a cord that you can attach when it loses power.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Option to use either with or without a cord
– Only takes three hours to charge with five hours of use
– Easily adjustable blades

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– There is no warranty
– Need to clean the blades often when clipping thick coats


Wahl Grooming Pet-Pro

This affordable set has blades that won’t snag and sharpen their self. It includes a DVD that will give you thorough instructions on how to operate and care for your new clippers. Easily cuts through thick coats of fur. This set includes a lot of extras, such as oil, styling brush, mirror, and other items as well. This also comes with a five year limited warranty.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Comes with a five year limited warranty
– Available at an affordable price
– Good for all types of coats

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Corded
– Weighs two pounds
– You’ll need to change the combs often with thick coats


Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless

This is available in different colors and is very lightweight as well as compact. The small size and weight will make the process of clipping your dog’s fur easier. It only takes a little over an hour to charge and yields around 80 minutes of use. It is easy to clean and includes a five in one blade system. Works at 5500 strokes per minute, giving premium power during use.

Why It’s So Popular:
– This available in different colors
– Operates at 5500 strokes per minute
– Only takes 75 minutes to charge

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Only works for 80 minutes on one charge
– Not good for larger breeds or ones that have thick coats


Sminiker Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless

This affordable set has a special design that will help to prevent injuring your pet. The titanium blades stay sharp and won’t rust. Titanium blades are also more durable than other blades. It includes different sized guiding combs that will ensure your pet won’t be injured and keeps your cut smooth and even. This works at 50 decibels, keeping it quiet and it won’t scare your canine.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Affordable pricing
– It only takes about four hours to charge and lasts for up to six hours of use
– Comes with accessories

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– It doesn’t come with oil
– It can get hot fairly quick
– The instructions can be difficult to understand


Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade

These are very quiet when in use and are great for thick coats of fur. The ceramic blades stay cooler than some other blades and are easily detachable. The handle is break resistant. It is corded, and the cord is twelve feet long. It comes with four different sized combs and a storage case to keep it safe.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The cord is twelve feet long
– It is very durable
– It comes with a storage case

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– It is best used for medium type coats
– Only comes with a size ten blade

What To Look Out For:

Blade Speed

The first thing you will want to look out for is how many times the blades will rotate per minute. Variable speed ones are better for more advanced groomers and people who are used to clipping their pet’s fur. Variable speeds will help someone achieve a professional looking cut, every time. Single speed ones are great for people who are learning how to clip their pet’s coat. This single speed clipping power will help to keep the blades cooler.

Size and Weight

A lightweight and compact one will help you maneuver around your pup’s body easier. It can also be helpful if you need to clip multiple coats. Many of the models made today are smaller to help you cut its fur easier.

Cordless or Corded

While a cordless set can be easier to use, you will have to change the battery quite often. If you can find a rechargeable one, that might be a better option for you. If you choose to buy a corded set, you will want the cord to be long enough that you won’t struggle to reach all around your pet.

Blade Type

The type of blades that come with it is very important. Some brands will use blades that you can buy at almost any store. While other companies will choose to use blades that can only be bought through their manufacturer. The ones that need to be bought through a manufacturer tend to be a better quality, but they are also more expensive. So you will need to decide if you would like blades that are cheaper and easier to get or more expensive blades that might work better.


Oils and combs are very important and can keep your clipping process running smoothly. You should only use oils that are recommended for the one you pick. Oil will keep your blades running properly. A lot of brands will also include combs that can help you untangle your pet’s fur and keep it looking nice while you are clipping.

How To Use One?


If you get your pet as a puppy, you should begin to use it while it is still young so that it becomes used to the experience. Some canines will become startled or upset with the noise or process of clipping their hair.

Read the manual for the clippers a couple of times to make sure you understand the instructions properly.

Also, check every time you use them that the blades aren’t jammed at all. You will also want to make sure the blades aren’t becoming too hot while it is running. If they are too hot, they can harm your pet.


It is important to handle the blade properly. The blade should be held tip down and then hold it back at an angle. Your angle should be short if the blade is big. Make sure that the tip of the blade is against your canine’s skin. You should always start on your pet’s head.

You can work your way down to their butt and then do their legs. This will help to make the cut look clean and sharp. You may have to use scissors afterwards if the blade is long.

How To Groom Your Dog:

Be Prepared

Before you are even ready to use the clippers, you should give your dog a bath first. You should also brush their hair to make sure it isn’t tangled at all. Tangled hair can get caught in the blades and cause issues for you. You will then want to grab and prepare any tools and products you will need.


You will want to keep it about an inch from your pet’s skin while cutting its hair. This will help to prevent any accidents or discomfort during the clipping process. You will want to start on its head, typically behind their ears. Then, you can work your way down to their butt.

Finally, you can clip the hair on their legs. When you are clipping its hair, you will want to make sure that you don’t push down too hard or go too fast. Going too fast can cause horrible lines.

Keep your pet as still as possible when clipping their hair to avoid any accidents. Take breaks to brush their fur to make sure the cut is coming out evenly and properly.

Remember to turn it off frequently and feel the blades to make sure they aren’t becoming too hot. If you notice they are becoming hotter, you can spray them with coolant spray made specifically for clippers. When you are clipping near your canine’s ears, neck, and face, you will want to be careful and hold it properly.

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Taking your canine to a groomer to have their coat trimmed can become expensive. You can easily clip your own canine’s fur at home. You will need to find ones that work well for the type of fur your dog has. I hope that this list has helped you find the right clippers for you.

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