Best Dog Crates That Are Trendy & Sturdy

I remember always wondering why my grandmother put her dogs in crates when I was a kid, but I know now that they’re actually really great for dogs. They help dogs feel connected and safe while keeping them out of trouble, which was exactly what I needed for Harley.

Different Types In The Market

My Top Recommendations

This heavy duty dog crate will withstand even the strongest, most active and most creative of dogs! It's a little pricier but definitely worth it in the long run. This is the most sturdy and durable one you can get.

This is a little cheaper than the first choice but for the price, it's pretty good as well. It's sturdy plus its design makes it easily suitable for indoors as well.

When you look for the type you want, there are a couple options you can choose from. Really it depends on the attitude of your dog and what you plan on using it for. If you have a puppy, a large dog, need it for relaxation, or for car travel, you have to consider what will work best.

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Wire crates are a little better when your dog is the excitable type. They want to see what’s going on around them and interact with you! These are also great in hot climates with how much ventilation there is. On top of that, they store great if they’re collapsible and save you some space.

Solid Plastic

If your dog gets anxious, putting them in a solid one will allow them to relax without feeling overwhelmed. This helps a lot if you’re a frequent flyer and want to keep them safe, but also because most airlines require this type of crate.

Soft-sided Fabric

Fabric crates work well for anxious dogs too, since they keep pups relaxed in a quiet space. The calmer your pooch is, the better, just so that it doesn’t capsize accidentally! If you can’t carry something heavy either, this lightweight design will be perfect for you too.

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What To Look Out For

The reason for buying a crate determines what type you should go for. You can pick one for training, keep an aggressive pet under control, or stop your buddy from getting into trouble.

Size and temperament are important factors though, since you can’t put a large dog in a small one, and calmer dogs won’t try and bite their way to freedom. Before buying then, take a look at the overall size of your dog and their usual attitude to determine how sturdy it needs to be. Master escape artists will need something serious, but puppies or smaller dogs have a little more leeway. It all depends on how your dog adjusts and why you need the crate.

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Top Dog Crates: The 7 I Love!

Pet Nation Port-A-Crate - Best Soft Design

This lightweight crate is perfect as an indoor and outdoor pet home with the tightly weaved mesh paneling and strong steel frame. It won’t break and it’ll breathe easy, making it one of the best soft designs. Large pets fit in perfectly, but it’s so simple for you to fold up too when you don’t need it!

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  • Great for travel and comfort
  • It’s very lightweight and easy to pack
  • Puppies are very comfortable here, and multiple little guys can fit in at once


  • The zipper on the side has a tendency to break off easily
  • Rambunctious dogs have a tendency to break out of this

Casual Home

Crates don’t have to look boring, especially when you have beautiful wooden designs like this! When it’s not in use, it’s so nice that you can use it like a piece of furniture, and when your dog is inside, they’ll have a cozy, cool spot to relax without prying eyes.

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  • It goes together easily and all the screws fit correctly
  • It works great for lots of users as something similar to a side table
  • The quality and size  is perfect for lots of buyers


  • Rough chewing dogs don’t do well with this type
  • Dogs break out easily if they’re motivated enough


Here’s the perfect one for those escape artists out there. Your pet won’t be able to get out of here, but they won’t want to with how comfortable it is. Don’t worry about the weight either, since those wheels help you move it around without too much trouble.

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  • It’s a very durable product, despite escaping dogs
  • Easy to clean, durable, and perfect for larger dogs
  • It keeps dogs secure and fits together easily


  • Dogs have learned how to open the latches and escape
  • When shipped, people have gotten it with bent bars

Merry Pet Configurable 2-in-1

Here we have yet another beautiful design that’ll look like a permanent part of your home in no time! It’s easy to assemble with a removable tray for messes. You can even convert it into a grate if you find that you don’t need it anymore!

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  • It only takes a couple minutes to put together
  • The quality is high and it is heavy and sturdy
  • It can turn into a gate as well; great versatility


  • It’s better for small dogs in some cases, and may lack live-in room


This is great for larger dogs and keeps them in there with dual latches. It folds easily for travel and can come in multiple sizes, so if you’re looking for one of the best ones for car travel, look here!

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  • There’s lots of head clearance for larger dogs and smaller dogs
  • Considering the price, this is one of the best for your dog on the market
  • It works well for cats as well as dogs


  • Some users might want more integrity and have to add zip ties
  • The tray seems to be slightly small for the size of the actual body
  • Dogs have found ways to open it if it’s not against the wall

Smithbuilt Heavy Duty - Strongest Design!

Here’s another heavy duty crate that’ll keep your dog safe and make your life easier. The materials are high quality so motivated dogs can’t chew themselves out, and then entire thing is completely rust-resistant. With easy access doors, it’s even easier for you to clean out.

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  • It’s easy to set up without many problems
  • The coating on the bars is really great and chew-resistant
  • Luggage locks work well in conjunction with your crate


  • Some dogs have somehow found ways to knock the frame out!
  • The latches could be better designed and stronger

Pet Gear Steel - Best For Car Travel

This insulated crate is one of the best for puppies that are still getting used to training. It’s soft and still comfortable while being strong enough to withstand your little friend’s escape efforts. The rounded corners will protect your pet and you can fold it up in no time too!

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  • There are four doors for access
  • Transports easily and efficiently
  • It isn’t cloth, so dogs can’t just chew their way out


  • The handles are a little thin
  • The back side is a little hard to figure out
  • Smarter dogs have figured out how to get out from the plastic hooks


Dog crates are great places for your dog to rest and relax, travel, or even go into for time out. The right crate will keep your dog connected to the outside while giving them a private space to calm down. You can use them for multiple things too, so it doesn’t only have to be for your dog when you pick one up!

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