7 Best Dog Doors: Must-Read Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

It’s always tricky trying to keep Harley in a different room/area especially when I have to feed young children, complete household chores, ensure he doesn’t go to the room which has just been cleaned etc. Installing the best dog door will make your life a lot easier while also keeping your dog safe. This review of the most popular dog doors will help you find out which are the most popular and effective ones you can get.

 7 Best Dog Doors in 2018

Petsafe Passport Pet Door
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Industry leaders in the US for manufacturing of pet behaviour, containment, and lifestyle products, the PetSafe Passport Pet Door is a good option that combines technology with safety. Armed with timer modes to restrict access to specific times of the day, the PetSafe brand also comes with Passport Keys (sold separately) that fit into the collar of the pet allowing them to move in and out whenever they want.

– Delivery was quick
– Comes with a timer mode
– The gaskets are efficiently weather sealing
– Use the LCD screen or 5 button navigation to program it easily

Keep In Mind:
– Passport keys sometimes fail to trigger the unlock mode
– The doors can be a little loud

Plexidor Performance Pet Door

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The best one in this list probably, the PlexiDor Performance Pet Door is just what the doctor ordered. A simple hassle free design, efficient weather seal plexiglass panels, 5 year limited residential warranty, and a size big enough for pets of all sizes to pass through, this is an out and out winner. Slightly expensive but definitely worth it.

– The saloon style doors are easy for the pets to open, noiseless, and sturdy
– Easy to clean
– Almost no air leakage once locked

Keep In Mind:
– Installation takes longer than usual

Ideal Pet Screen Door

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The Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door is a very basic screen door for your pet. With a flexible vinyl flap and easy installation, it is an ideal starting point to look at for your pets to get used to.

– Easy for the pet to move in and move out
– Installation can be done without a contractor on your own
– Cheap budget option at the lower end of the range

Keep In Mind:
– The screen guard is not part of standard product. It is sold separately

Patio Pacific Endura

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The Patio Pacific Endura is an all weather wall mounted flap door that works well for pets of all sizes. Available in 4 sizes, this pet door is built for outstanding energy efficiency and maximum wind resistance from moderate to extreme climates.

Add to that, easy installation and a security locking cover when not in use, and you’ve got something special with a 10 year warranty on the aluminium frame and 15 years on the flap.

– Quick and easy installation
– Solid framing, metal tunnel and a quality lock-door
– Easy for the pets to move in and out

Keep In Mind:
– Delivery of components was done separately

Patio Pacific Thermo Panel

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The Patio Pacific Thermo Panel is a sliding glass door panel equipped with an all weather version. This can resist wind resistance from moderate to the most extreme climates

– Delivery was quick and product was as described

– Screws have to purchased separately and are not easily available with retailers

Petsafe Freedom Patio

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The PetSafe Freedom Patio is as portable as a door can get. Made for apartments and condos, it comes with a durable aluminium frame including weather stripping and sliding close-in panel. Add to that, tinted flap with magnetic closure and pile weather stripping for a weather-resistant seal.

– Quality door with a security lock
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Easy to understand instructions

Keep In Mind:
– In case of exchange/return, the buyer has to bear the cost for shipping
– Sometimes, the wind can open the flap in cold weather and has to be pushed back into position

Petsafe Extreme Weather Door

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The PetSafe Extreme Weather Door is the one of the most energy efficient weather doors you can come across in this list. It offers durable and multiple flaps that give your pet the ability to move out or come in with ease. A snap-on closing panel is included as well in case you wanted to restrict access and can be easily installed on both doors and walls.

– Very energy efficient due to multiple flaps.
– Easy to install
– The delivery was quick

Benefits of Getting A Top Rated Dog Door

There’s a long list of benefits that comes along with getting a dog door fitted in your house. The most important and satisfying benefit however is to see your dog as close to the natural surroundings as possible, uninterrupted by human intervention. For those of you who haven’t yet thought of the benefits, I’ve listed a few for you.

1. Your dog can go in and out any time he wants

Wouldn’t you love it if your dog is as independent that you’d imagined? A dog owner’s dream, isn’t it? Well, that’s what a dog door does for you. Once your dog is accustomed to it, it relieves you of the chore of taking him out for his morning rituals.

What it also does is that it allows you to concentrate on other important things, especially if you are running a tight ship. So you can totally forget about caring for every little thing that you have to attend to, and live your life worry free.

2. Less of a mess

One of the challenges for your dog or any other pet that live in homes which don’t have dog doors is that most of the owners usually take their dogs out for a walk during specific times of the day. This is something they get used to and many a times they have to hold the urge to pee until they can get out.

As a result, over a period of time there are chances that they develop bladder infections and UTIs.

So installing a good dog door will rid them of these issues as well as prevent certain accidents. This is especially true for those living in cold weather.

Hence it would do good to look out for the best door for cold weather that address this problem specifically.

3. Manage and control over your pet’s access to the house

In addition to the above benefits, you can also have complete control over your pet’s access to the house. There are several options out there to choose from. Installing electronic dog doors will help you in a major way as you don’t have to bear the headache of being at home all the time.

Some of the smart ones come with a time controlled feature. You can look for the best electronic dog doors if that’s what you want.

Types of Dog Doors

It’s hard enough to pick a dog door when there are so many things you’ve got to consider. You even have to think about the actual type you want depending on where you’re planning on putting it.

Flap Doors

Most commonly, you’ll find flap doors. These are mounted in a door or wall, and are usually the least expensive type. The main issue people have is that if you’re planning on stopping your dog from going outside, like if you’re implementing a slight punishment, it’s hard to stop them with flap doors.

You’d have to physically put something in front of the door. Flap doors also lack energy efficiency. Expect to lose a little heating or air conditioning.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are pretty popular too since they work with a chip in your dog’s collar. An ultrasound transmitter or magnet can even signal the door to unlock. Unlike flap doors, these doors can be locked to prevent movement in and out. They’re also energy efficient since they only open when your dog is near.

Sliding Door Inserts

How do you install a dog door on a sliding door? Warmer climates are known to have glass doors, so pick up a special dog door insert.

They’ll just fit at the end of the patio door with the dog door at the bottom. You can even have a professional install a sliding glass dog door, although the cost is a little high.

What To Consider – Dog Door Review

Okay so you’ve decided to get a dog door installed for your pet. But do you know where to start? First things first, do you know what kind of door are you looking for?

Are you looking for an electronic dog door, or a dog door installed in walls, or probably a dog door for cold weather if you stay in a region that’s snowing for most part of the year?

I can help you with it as I have spent quite some time figuring this out for my own dog. So read on.

Where to install?

This should be one of your primary decisions. When I decided to install the dog door after my bit of research, I did it on the side that opened to the lawn so it was easier for my dog to step out and step in. So you could either opt for the sliding glass door, or the screen door, the storm door, etc.

You already know that you can install your door pretty much anywhere, including the sliding door, the screen door, or the glass door.

You can put them in walls too and possibly in some windows.

If you have a fenced in yard, you’ll want your dog to go there of course. Some of you may have an expensive door you don’t want ruined however, or one in a rented place.

In this case, grab a less expensive temporary door. Then you can just replace the door without losing resale value or aesthetics.​

Size of the Door

The size of the door depends on which breed of dog you have at your home. So smaller dogs like a pug would need a small sized door while larger dogs like a Doberman would need larger doors.

The general rule of thumb is to measure the width and height of your dog and add a couple of inches to that measurement so they can pass through easily.

Energy efficiency and Durability

The more energy efficient your dog doors are, the more you’ll save on your heating and cooling bills. Hence, it would be rewarding to pay attention to the material used for your dog door, especially if you have a chewer or a scratcher.

Self installation or Outsourcing

Most dog doors come with detailed instructions that let you install them on your own. However, sometimes the installation can go horribly wrong.

In such a scenario, don’t rule out the possibility of getting a service from the handyman or the contractor.


The final and one of the most important factors to consider is the budget you have for a dog door. The price for a dog door can start anywhere for as low as $30 and can go up to $600 for the high-tech automatic variants available in the market.

Getting The Right Measurements

You already know that you’ll need a larger door for a larger dog and a smaller door for a smaller one. Generally, you can measure your dog and add a few inches to find the right sized door.

But how can you do this precisely to be sure you’re not shipping doors back as fast as you buy them?

It’s important to measure so that your dog can get in and out easily without getting scraped or injured. There are a few steps you can do if you want to make sure you’ve got the right size.

The Height

First off, don’t go from the ground to the top of their head. Dogs automatically duck their head when they go through, so measure just to the shoulder.

Of course you want your pup to walk through comfortably, but you don’t want a giant door taking up space either.

As long as it’s big enough, your dog will go through naturally after a while.

When considering the height from the ground to your door, make sure that it’s low enough that your dog doesn’t trip every time they go in and out.

The part they step over should never be taller than one third of your dog’s height. Having a door that’s too high off the ground will just make your dog less likely to use it.

The Width

Dog door sellers are considerate for novice installers. They usually sell their doors with preset measurements so you don’t have to do extra work. These measurements are pretty standard though, meaning that you should try your own measurements as well just to be sure.

Don’t measure the actual width of the dog, but the space they can go through easily.

You want your dog to have a door that’s both wide enough and tall enough to slip through easily.

Teach Your Dog

For the most part, you can choose a door that’s an inch or two wider than the widest part of your dog. Allow space for dogs with deep chests or more muscles of course.

While you may not want a giant door you don’t need, it’s always better to have one that’s just a little big rather than a little small.

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