The 7 Best Dog Gates For Your House: Large Dogs, Stairs, Wide Openings

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Have you ever left the house only to come back with your stuff everywhere and your dog staring up at you with those innocent puppy eyes? It’s happened to me too, and I never knew what to do! That’s why I sat down and took a look at dog gates that’ll keep Harley from ripping up the house while I’m gone.


Best Dog Gates: My 7 Recommendations

Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate with Small Door


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Let’s face it: smaller dogs can be a little easier to handle than larger ones. Or maybe your cat is allowed somewhere your dog isn’t. Either way, the Carlson model lets small pets go through and its chew-proof sturdy steel prevents larger ones from getting in. The easy release and extension make it perfect for you too.


  • It’s heavy duty and tall, so it keeps dogs out
  • Comes with an extension for wider doorways
  • It’s perfect for people with cats and dogs, with owners raving about it


  • The cat door may not keep all dogs out if your dog is excessively creative
  • The bottom can be pushed out with enough pressure

Cardinal Stairway Special Gate

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This safety gate is perfect for the top of the stairway and easy for adults to use. The one-hand operation and optional stop bracket makes it simple while providing safety. It’ll mount up quickly and adjusts for smaller and larger dogs.


  • It’s easy to use anywhere in your house, not just the stairs’
  • It can be installed at a slight angle if that’s necessary in your home
  • Very sturdy and lightweight, with no bottom piece to step over
  • The aluminium construction means it’s lighter than steel yet still as durable and strong


  • It’s a little expensive, with little difference between the indoor and outdoor model
  • Installation was somewhat confusing for some buyers

Majestic Pet Free Standing Gate

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The Majestic brand is certainly majestic with its beautiful wooden frame. It not only keeps your pet confined, but it looks great in your home too. The construction is solid, and those double-jointed hinges allow you to configure it any way you’d like no matter what your home is like.


  • Well-constructed, with great wood finish, strong hinges, and smooth movement
  • It can be attached to the wall if necessary
  • Rubber feet to prevent any scratching of the floor
  • Double jointed hinges mean you can shape it in a C or Z shape according to your preference


  • It is slightly expensive but for its durable construction and much nicer design, I felt it’s worth the price.

Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door

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This large gate is great for your large home! Instead of haphazardly putting different ones together, the Richell Deluxe gate fits larger openings and stands high to accommodate larger dogs. Those big dogs won’t be able to get through either, not with locks at both the top and the bottom.


  • It’s very simple to put together, and holds larger dogs well
  • It fits homes perfectly and can open in both directions
  • Extraordinarily versatile and can be used in different rooms


  • The easy opening locking mechanism can be opened by smarter dogs

Richell Wood Freestanding

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Richell certainly makes sturdy gates for your pet, so if they respect the gate, get a freestanding one. The side panels confine your pets with no installation needed. While larger dogs would suit the deluxe model better, this freestanding one is great for smaller guys and girls.


  • Dogs can’t get over them, but cats can jump around them with ease
  • Very wide, sturdy and stable
  • It’s easy to step over or move out of the way for humans


  • Some dogs can climb over it, so I would recommend for small dogs or dogs that are more docile in nature and wouldn’t try to push it over

North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard

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There are even portable ones out there too! North States makes a gate that you can move and configure in any shape you want. Just lock them together indoors or outdoors and do what you need without worrying about your pet making trouble!


  • Perfect for rearranging as your dog gets bigger
  • Portable, easy to set up and take down
  • It’s so large your dog can play happily without feeling too cooped up

Command Pet Custom Fit Gate

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Magnets work great for bags or your fridge, but they also keep your gate locked securely so you don’t need to worry. The two-way door works with only one hand, and multiple extensions can be added to make it longer. The adjustability is so great that Command Pet definitely made the top of the list!


  • It doesn’t have to be permanently mounted and can be set at an angle
  • Holds together well and closes strongly
  • Dogs trained with it will not push it over even when they’re larger


  • The opening and closing mechanism takes some getting used to
  • Folds somewhat awkwardly


When considering what gate you should buy, there are so many options that my head was spinning. The best ones don’t need to be the fanciest thing in the world, but smaller and larger ones keep your dog out of places they can get in trouble in.

Types Available In The Market

If you’re as new at dog gate selection as I was, you probably aren’t sure what exactly which type to pick. I didn’t even know there were different types! Before you pick a specific one, you need to pick which type you need the most.


These work great to cordon off your house so your dog can’t go in certain areas. Put them in between rooms, but avoid the top of the stairs since they can come loose when they’re pushed on. They’re easy to install, although bigger dogs may shake them loose.

2. Hardware-Mounted

With these, you can actually securely put in the wall. They are great for using on stairs, since they can’t be ripped off. Hardware-mounted ones can go into the wall or banister to prevent someone from falling down the stairs, or to stop your dog from going to a certain floor.

3. Freestanding

These are the ones I thought of immediately when gates came to mind. You just place them down to section off the house, although they won’t work if your dog doesn’t respect them. Some training is needed before you use these.

How To Choose One

It’s important that you have the right things in mind when you start shopping for your gate. There are so many options out there that you’ve got to look first at positive reviews.

If there aren’t a lot or there are more negative ones, there’s some problem that people feel the need to complain about.

It should also be easy to install and uninstall, in case you want to move it later on.

Many models therefore don’t need any tools to install, although that may be personal preference. If you’d like to use tools, go for it, but it might take a little more time.

Once you have it set up, it needs to be easy to operate and access so that you’re not tearing your hair out. Finally, cost is always important. If the one you buy is expensive but low quality, it’s definitely not worth it.

Best Places To Install:

Before buying, you have a lot factors to consider. Metal, heavy plastic and woods are the most popular kinds. Dogs would not be able to bite on the metal ones. Heavy plastic and woods are not the ones to buy for those who have dog pets that likes to bite on everything.

  • Is it strong enough? Is it tall enough to hold your dog?
  • You should look at the spaces of the bars too because some dogs might stick their heads out in between those spaces.

Apart from these pointers, choosing your location to install is really important too. The most common location is at the bottom of the stairways but there are some that are more fitting or even specially designed for other areas.

If you go with the majority and choose to put your dog gate at the bottom of the stairs, you should definitely buy one that is high and strong enough not to be easily pushed over by the dogs because the probability of dogs jumping over it is really high.

We all know how playful some dogs can get. So, high and strong are really important features for ones at the bottom of the stairs.

Now you may also want to keep your dogs from going inside or outside the house. You can choose to put the dog gate just outside your doors.

Pressure mounted ones will be really useful in this instance because your dog may be quite persistent in trying to go out.

Some households have an open plan living space and there may be times you need to set your dog aside because you have visitors or need to cook – that’s where you might want to install your dog gates. The best choice in this scenario should be hardware mounted ones.

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