7 Best Dog Pool: Fun Way For Spot to Enjoy a Dip!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Getting a dog pool may have crossed your mind when you saw your buddy panting the heat away. This article will help you make up your mind about finally making that thought a reality. I can say that it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I hope this can convince you to take the plunge (pun intended) as well. From extra strong swimming pools, to plastic dog pools or bone shaped dog pools, there’s a lot to choose from on the market.

The Best Dog Cooling Mats Reviews


Best Dog Pools: My Recommendations

OneDog Bone Shaped Dog Pool

Check price and more details here

This is a cute bone shaped dog pool! This pool is made of a heavy duty material, similar to the ones they use to line truck beds. It’s also chew resistant, so your canine won’t be able to do much damage to it. It can hold up to 85 gallons of water which can be drained with ease due to the drain that’s protected by a brass cap. It measures 11x44x66 inches and is large enough to hold one full grown dog (or two, even).

Why It’s So Popular:
– Durable
– Chew and scratch resistant
– Can fit a large dog
– Easy to fill and drain

Keep In Mind:
– A bit pricey


Check price and more details here

This inflatable dog pool is available in three sizes: small, large, and extra large. The small pool has a depth of 8 inches, perfect f they are small. The large tub is 50 inches in diameter and is 12 inches deep while the extra large one is 60 inches in diameter and is also 12 inches deep. This product is made from PVC material which ensures its durability. It’s also easy to drain due to the built in drain, and it’s even foldable which makes it portable and it can also function as your dog’s bathing tub. A good extra strong dog swimming pool.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Portable
– Foldable
– Easy to set up, fill and drain
– Available in different sizes to best accommodate your dog’s size

Keep In Mind:
– Not as strong as others


Check price and more details here

This inflatable dog pool is collapsible and foldable. It’s available in five different sizes, from small to XX large. Made of environmentally friendly durable PVC material, with thicker material on the bottom, you should still trim your dog’s nails before letting them have a go. It can be easily set up, filled, and drained and doesn’t need to be inflated.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Durable if used properly
– Easy to clean and store
– Compact and sturdy

Keep In Mind:
– Can be torn by sharp items
– A bit pricey
– Sides may not stay up unless it’s filled


Check price and more details here

This is another collapsible dog pool, also made of eco-friendly PVC that ensures comfort while remaining durable. It’s available in two sizes, a large and extra large. The large is 47.3 inches in diameter and 11.8 inches deep while the extra large is 63 inches in diameter and is 11.10 inches deep. It is foldable and compact for easy storage, which makes it portable as well.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to fill and drain
– Portability ensures that it can be used anywhere
– Doesn’t rip easily
– Durable and sturdy

Keep In Mind:
– A bit pricey

Cool Splash

Check price and more details here

Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), this dog pool has also been made from tough PVC materials. It is designed to be easy to fill and drain, and it’s also collapsible. That means that you can simply fold it after you drain and clean it. It’s also portable and easy to pack.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Tough material
– Sturdy and durable PVC
– Large can fit three dogs
– Easy set up and clean up

Keep In Mind:
– Sides may not stay up unless it’s filled
– Has cardboard lining in sides

Benefits Of Buying One

Physical exercise and play time

Exercise is a necessary part of owning a dog, and letting your them splash around in the water can be a great alternative to other exercise and physical activities which require more involvement on your part. If you can’t join them for a game of fetch or you don’t have time in your schedule to take them out on a walk, just set up the pool and let your him have the time of its life!

Low-impact exercise

This advantage is especially useful for dogs who are injured or are old and have physical difficulties. Getting them a pool to swim and wade in provides them with the necessary exercise that their body needs, but at a low impact. That means that they won’t have to go through intense forms of physical exercise like running to get some much needed exercise. It will be easier and gentler on their bones, joints and body as compared to other kinds of physical exercise.

For taking it slow

If you’re planning on taking it out to the beach or to a large body of water at some point, introducing them to the idea of a body of water can be made easy by getting them one of these. This way, it can be acclimated to the idea of water and associate it with something that it can enjoy and have fun in. If your canine already has a pre-existing fear of water, then this can help them warm up to the idea of water and can help you get rid of their fear.

For hot days

It can get pretty hot during summer time. So if you’re having a hard time beating the heat, you can trust that your fur-covered pooch has it worse. Unlike humans, canines can’t sweat and their best bet to keeping cool is through hydration and being in water. Allowing your canine to take a dip and swim in one of these can help it cool down in the summer heat, keeping it hydrated and allowing it to be able to swim.

A worthy investment

They may not come at a cheap price, but if they’re durable, you’re definitely getting what you pay for. Plus, it lasts long, which means you can bring it back out during the next hot day and be assured that it always has an available means of keeping cool in hot weather. It’s a one time spending for something that will keep them happy and cool for many hot days to come.

Saves on cost and resources

Instead of constantly keeping the hose running, you fill up the pool once and you’re good for a day. A running hose is problematic in a lot of ways, like the fact that it uses up running water.

Plus, the coverage of a hose is not as great as one of these will ever be. Now, you save water and time. And your dog will be happily swimming the heat away in a pool that has better coverage and has water that will last longer.

A clean alternative

Instead of letting them wade in a pond or lake with dubious cleanliness, keep him safe and clean by giving him one of these products to swim in. Plus, you can be sure that the water and environment is safe and clean for your pet.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Frequency of Use

Are you looking to buy one? If so, you need to invest in a product that’s made of durable materials, so it can last a long time and continuous use. Look for an extra strong dog swimming pool. If you don’t live in a really warm climate and it’s only for the occasional hot day, then you can get away with by buying a less expensive pool. There are options made from PVC materials which are also foldable, so that means you can simply store them when not needed and just set them up when you’ll need it again.

Kind of Use

These dog pools can be for simple splashing around and wading in, but you might also be looking for one that’s big and large enough for your dog to swim in. Most products available for sale are the first kind, and while they are often available in sizes that can really accommodate larger dog breeds, it’s still difficult to find one that’s big and deep enough for a dog to swim in. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you might find that it’s easier to invest in a small in-ground pool for that very purpose.


You can find cheaper ones and you can find ones that are also expensive. The difference usually lies on the degree of quality that they offer. The better the quality and the more durable it is, the more expensive it will be. Then again, there are cheaper ones that remain durable and of good quality. Sometimes the expensive pricing is just because of aesthetic qualities that may be unique to a certain type. Be sure that what you’re spending for your canine is actually worth what you get.

Accessories Needed

For larger and deeper ones, you may have to invest in a ramp to allow your dog to safely get into it. You’ll find out if this is a necessity when you check the height and compare it to your dog’s. If it’s needed, make sure to include that in the budgeting. For dogs with mobility issues, it’s probably best to get a ramp either way.

Your Supervision

No matter how shallow it is, it’s never a good idea to leave them unsupervised in it. As you would already know they are like children, and you wouldn’t leave a kid in one alone, right? So if you’re not able to be around to at least keep an eye on her, then getting one may not be the best idea right now.

What to Look For

Quality and Signs of Damage

It’s always best to inspect it for any possible signs of damage once you get one. That way, you can be sure that it won’t put your dog at risk or end up being a waste of money in the long run. Common signs of damage include but are not limited to scratches, cracks, tears and holes that the water can leak from.

Of course, any outstanding signs of damage probably mean that it’s not made from durable material in the first place, but it might just be a factory defect for that one item.

If your thinking of buying a secondhand one (to save up on costs), make sure that it doesn’t look damaged either. Check to see if there are any molds, fungi, or algae present. Letting your dog swim in a dirty secondhand one is no better than letting your dog jump into the closest lake or pond that’s of dubious cleanliness.

Ease of Management

Some pools are easier to manage than others. Some can take a while to fill up or can take a lot of effort to set up and even drain, but there are those which can definitely make the maintenance easy for you. You should also look into how easy it is to clean, store, and transport in case you’re planning to bring it with you somewhere or put it away after the summer.


Thankfully, a lot of them are available in different sizes to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes. However, take care to always check the measurement and dimensions of a product before buying. Don’t rely on pictures as they can sometimes be misleading.

Also, check the measurement against your pet to be sure. Also ensure that it isn’t too deep for him, or too small for that matter. Getting a wrongly sized product can end up costing you more for return shipping and that’s something that you don’t want happening.

Other Feedbacks

Check online reviews, that way, you can see if there are any common complaints made by the others who have bought the item before you. If you see any shared negative reviews, then you’d best be wary of the item. Conversely, you can also see if there are a lot of positive reviews attesting to the qualities of the product that you’re planning to buy. Often, the inputs of others can help you make up your own mind when buying.


These are products that can help your pet beat the heat. Some of them are understandably pricey but like I said above, it’s better to spend on one that will last you and your dog a long while. Sure beats having to buy one pool after another because they’re constantly getting damaged! You’ll save up on more in the long run if you invest in a pricier but more durable product.

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