Best Dog-Proof Cat Litter Boxes: Keep Your Canine Away From Cat Poo

Best Dog Proof Cat Litter Box
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

As a dog and cat owner, there’s nothing that melts my pet parent heart more than seeing them both get along. While Harvey and Lilo are great together, I do find that sometimes, Harvey tries to get into Lilo’s cat box. It’s gross! Well, thankfully, there are so many dog-proof litter boxes on the market.

Here are the ones that made it to my list of litter boxes to keep dogs away from poop; these are actually worth trying! Keep reading to find out which among these more than 5 best dog-proof cat litter boxes suits your situation well.

Best Dog-Proof Cat Litter Boxes that Keep Dogs Away From Cat Poop

1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

catit hooded


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The Catit Jumbo Hooded is a large 22″x 17″x 18″ dog-proof litter box product with a hooded design and a flap-door entrance. While many hooded cat litter boxes are intended for smaller pets, the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter Box is actually large enough for the largest of cats as it is made to accommodate more than one at once. The hooded design provides an enclosed area so your cat can have some privacy from your curious pup. Since cats usually try to cover up their droppings, their litter usually ends up kicked around everywhere, which can make a mess. The walls actually provide more than privacy, they also act as a barrier so there will be no complications in litter tracking, saving you from cleaning up spilled litter.

When dogs mess around in cat litter boxes type, it is most often because their noses lead them there. While the hooded litter box design and flap door already provide protection from nosy pups, the best dog-proof measure the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box product has to offer is that all the odor stays locked within the box.

The flap door will keep your pup out and the smells in. But do not worry that the litter box will be too stinky for your cat. It is designed with a ventilation hole at the top and optionally comes with carbon filters for any cats who tend to leave droppings with stronger odors. To top it all off, the hood is actually removable to make clean-ups a breeze so that your dog will have no odors to guide him.

2. Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

petmate top entry


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The Petmate Top-Entry Litter Box could look more like a storage bin than a litter box, but don’t let the simple design fool you; it works against nosy dogs because it is a dog-proof litter box. This litter pan takes advantage of the fact that dogs aren’t as graceful as cats are, and the top entry design prevents pups from getting in.

Though this design does not work for dogs, do not worry that your cat will struggle to get in since the top entry litter is easy for any cat of any size to get to and wide enough for them to get through. The inside of this dog-proof cat litter box is roomy enough for any cat, so your cat will have space and privacy to do their business.

The storage bin or box design ensures that all litter of your cat will be kept inside the box as litter tracking, and the grated holes at the top allow any leftover litter on your feline’s paws to fall back into the box, which minimizes your clean up because it is easy cleaning.

On the topic of clean-up, the top section of the litter pan comes off and with the newly-modified flat base of the litter pan, scooping litter up your cats droppings takes no time at all. Since the entire litter pan is one part, with only the top cover being removable, there will be no leaks, spills, or messes at all. Overall, the storage box style is simple but highly effective at preventing messes, keeping odors masked, and keeping any nosy dogs away.


3. PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

petsafe scoopfree


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While the box above is the best dog-proof litter box, it works with the most simple design. PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box works for the exact opposite reason. This litter box is truly a futuristique concept that takes  a lot of the hassle out of cleaning the litter box of your cat. All you have to do is pour the litter into the tray, and that is all the work necessary since the PetSafe ScoopFree Kitty Litter Box can run on its own and do self-cleaning for weeks, making it perfect for pet lovers who do not love to clean up their cat litter boxes. All you have to do after a few weeks is toss away the tray of droppings. That’s it, it’s that easy.

This may sound too good to be true, but the concept and technology are quite simple. The PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box operates off of sensors that are automatically triggered 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. The crystal litter that is meant to pair with this best dog-proof litter removes all smells, doesn’t clump together or stick to your cat paws.

Overall, this box is dog-proof cat litter in a few different ways. First off, the crystal litter removes all smells, which will essentially remove all interest for your pup. Second, the automatic clean cycle will leave nothing for your pup to be interested in. This is because all evidence of your cat droppings will be gone before your pup will have time to notice it was there in the first place.

And lastly, dogs seem to be scared of the sounds that this self-cleaning and easy-to-clean box makes. After just one run, most pups seem to steer clear of the box altogether.


4. Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench

merry pet


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While the Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench isn’t exactly a cat litter box itself, it is probably one of the most popular best dog proof litter box products on this list. The Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench is actually a cat litter box cover, a place for you to store your cat box away from your pup and the eyes of anyone who enters your home. This bench is actually functional as a bench, and with the optional partisan wall, it can actually function as a storage space as well.

The total inner storage space is quite large, with the whole bench measuring in at 21.26 x 37.4 x 22.64 inches, it is definitely huge enough to fit almost any litter box you currently own.

The Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench is the best dog proof cat litter piece of furniture that you can proudly display in any corner of your home. With this in mind, it comes in 4 color options; walnut, gray, white, and black, so that you can match it to your room’s decor. The entrance for your cat measures 7 by 8 inches, making it the perfect size for most cats to slide into. Since the Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench has a closed style, it keeps scents inside and allows your cat some privacy, which work together to ward off the interest of almost all pups.


5. Designer Pet Products Dog Proof Litter Box

designer pet

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The Designer Pet Products Dog Proof Litter Box is a solid and attractive piece of furniture, that can be used to hide your litter box, pan, or disposable tray from nosy dogs. Though litter boxes need to be accessible for your cat, they often are not the most attractive items and certainly not something you would want to put on display. The Designer Pet Products Dog Proof Litter Box is a creative solution that will allow your litter box to be on display without actually being out in the open, which will make it easily accessible for your cat but hidden from your pup.

The enclosed design will keep any odors from your cat droppings sealed inside the cabinet, which will keep your home smelling fresh. This will also prevent your dog from finding the litter box and prevent your cats and dogs from fighting, though even if your pup did find it, they’d have a hard time entering the 7.5 by 8 inch entrance. The hinged door will allow you to easily access the litter for cleaning, without providing any opportunity for sneaking, curious dogs to “clean” it all up first.

Since the Designer Pet Products Dog Proof Litter Box encloses the litter box within the cabinet, there is no need for a fancy litter box. You can use a large litter tray or pan instead, which tends to be extremely inexpensive, high-quality, and easy to clean.


6. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box


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Top entrance cat litter boxes may be the simplest, yet the most foolproof solution for curious dogs. The IRIS Top Entry Litter Box comes in two sizes; medium and large. This way, you can get a dog proof litter box truly meant for your cat. The large entrance on top of this IRIS Top Entry Litter Box is perfect for your cat to jump in and out of with ease while still being out of reach for dogs because both cats and dogs love to jump in a comfortable place.

I love the circular walls as they make this litter box quite attractive. This will be perfectly complimented by your cats head cutely peeking out of the hole at the top door flap (making for many cute moments and photos.) The walls also ensure your cat privacy and work to keep all litter contained within the litter box.

The grooves along the top of the box, next to the entrance, actually brush your cats paws as they exit, which will help keep loose litter that tends to stick to your cats paws off your floors and litter tracking. The top section of the IRIS Cat Litter Box keeps the dog out of the litter, but is easily removable for any human, which makes cleaning easy and mess-free.

To make cleaning even easier, the IRIS Litter Box actually comes with a scoop that not only matches the color of the litter box, but also can be conveniently hung within the litter box itself. This is a perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have a good spot for their cats scoop or whose number of cats scoop is always going missing.

7. Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

booda dome

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The Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box definitely stands out from the other products on this list, with its strange igloo-like shape. But that doesn’t mean it is any less effective. The little ramp formed into stairs is not only an excellent alternative to the “top-entrance” litter boxes, for older cats, but it also makes it pretty adorable to watch your cat enter its litter box. The small entrance is really only large enough for a cat. However, when combined with the inclining ramp that is suited to a cats slinky body, this litter box completely prevent dogs to access the litter and avoid your dogs from eating your cat’s waste poo.

The Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box’s top fits snuggly over the base, which prevents any potential leaks while still being extremely easy to remove for easy scooping and cleaning. The walled style will keep curious dogs out, smells contained within, and cat waste, cat’s poop, and urine, from being kicked all over the floor.

Overall, this litter box is designed for all cats and only cats. The odd shape allows for more room than most litter boxes, and the entire litter box is actually 50% larger than an average litter box. This, combined with the ramp, which makes this litter box accessible to even older cats, makes the Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box an excellent option for cats of all sizes.

Buying Guide: Best Dog-Proof Litter Boxes Designed to Keep Your Dog Out of the Litter

Before you take the plunge and buy a new litter box, you should ensure it’s the best fit for your household and your pets. Here’s what you should think about:

Single or Multiple Cats

If you’re a single cat household, your biggest concern is whether the litter box fits your cat. In many cases, unless you have a pretty big cat, you can go with a standard sized litter box. However, if you have multiple cats, you will need something bigger. Look for litter boxes designed to keep dogs out for either multiple cats or larger cats.

Some cats shy away from using the litter box when another one has recently used it. If you have a finicky cat that does the same, you might want to consider getting multiple dog proof litter boxes.

Entrance Design and Placement

This one can be a little tricky, especially because you have to find a good medium between your cat and dog. First, consider the size of your dog and your cat. If you have a small cat, elevated entries or top entry litter boxes might be difficult for them to enter. However, top entry boxes are great strategies for keeping dogs out of the cat litter (and it keeps more litter off the floor).

Side entry cat litter boxes are easier for may be too small or senior cats to enter, as well as kittens. However, extremely curious dogs might also find the side entry easier to mess with the litter.

If your dog is persistent, look for litter boxes that don’t have side entry and have a flap or cover in the entrance to keep dogs away. Just make your cat get into the non-side entry without any problems.

Litter Box Size

The size of a cat’s litter box is one of the most critical factors in whether or not your cat can comfortably use it. As a general rule, your litter box should be as long as your cat is from nose to the tip of their tail when you measure out one long side, and one wide side. However, this rule is better used when you have a single cat, rather than multiple ones. Of course, the bigger the cat s litter box you can get and have a lot of space for, the better.

Ease of Use

The best dog proof litter boxes are easy for your cat to use, while also being difficult for your dog to get into. While you do want to make sure your cat can get in and your dog can’t, you also need to be able to clean it. Keeping it messy will only draw your dog to it even more quickly. The easiest way to keep your litter box clean? Make sure it’s less of a chore for you. Make sure you’re able to reach the cat litter for the scoop, and that it’s a quick task.

If you won’t be able to find time to clean the litter box as frequently as you want, you might not have to. While it’s a bigger investment, you can also get an automatic, self-cleaning litter box to take the brunt of the work for you.

Budget and Value

Nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg on a cat s litter box, and you don’t have to. However, finding the right cat s litter solution just might be worth spending a few extra bucks. Before you start your search, consider the price range you’re willing to spend. Then, think about what features and extras are most important to you.

For example, if your ultimate concern is keeping your dog out of the cat s litter, you can get an inexpensive high-quality cat litter box product. However, you might sacrifice in a couple of areas, like appearance, ease of use, or even odor control. Spending more doesn’t always mean you get more, however. If you’re willing to spend on a pricier dog proof litter box furniture, make sure you check out the maintenance it requires, as well as any warranties or guarantees from the manufacturer.

Litter box for maine coon cat

What Else You Should Know About Strategies for Keeping Dog-Proof Litter Box

It’s in their nature

Try not to get too frustrated with your dog, checking out strong (even stinky) smells is in their nature. Keeping a clean litter box is a great way so you can reduce their draw to it a bit. Of course, dogs also go for what they can reach, so always put it above their reach.

You have other tools, too

A good dog proof litter box product will do wonders if you’re struggling with keeping your pup out of the litter. However, you can use some other tips and know how to use tools to make it even harder for them to get into. As we mentioned, you can put it above their reach. Don’t worry; unless you have a small or senior cat, your kitty should still be able to jump up and reach it. You can also block off areas, with furniture or a gate, to keep your dogs out of the cat litter area entirely. Keep your dog away from cat poop and prevent them from doing the worst – eating cat poop.

Size also matters for dogs

If you have a smaller dog, normal dog proofing measures might not work. If it gives your feline a comfortable door entrance and can get in, so can your dog. However, very stubborn, large dogs might be able to knock a litter box around more too. Keep not only your dog’s size but also their demeanor in mind to avoid a knocked over it or a dog sneaking into the box.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, after comparing all, the Petmate Top Entry Litter Box is my winner. I love the hinged top and find it really effective at stopping dogs from entering it and mucking around with cat poo! What’s even better, the built-in scoop hook makes removing my kitty waste so easy.

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