7 Most Popular Dog Toothbrush: Reviews

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2020)

Clean teeth are for a bright smile, so help your dog show off those pearly whites by giving them a reason to! Reading reviews actually helped me pick the best type for Harley, although it’s not as easy as it looks so I decided to share my findings today. If you’ve never brushed your dog’s teeth, you might be in for a rude awakening, but these at least can ease your worries.


My # 1 Pick

Boshel Dog Tooth Brush

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Best Dog Toothbrush Reviews

It’s important to look into everything when it comes to picking out the best one. After figuring out about the other health issues that can come from just the teeth, you shouldn’t take any chances. Pick out the best toothbrush not just for you, but for your pet too.

Next Level Pet Dog Toothbrush Kit

Double-headed ones work great, especially for larger dogs. There are three brushes here to help promote healthy gums and clean teeth, and with a good grip, you won’t have any trouble brushing. The Next Level brand will keep your pup healthy and happy, especially with free toothpaste recipes!

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  • Great quality bristles that work, but aren’t too rough on your dog’s mouth
  • Includes a recipe for natural toothpaste
  • Clear directions are included to help you use it
  • Two finger brushes are included in the larger set


  • Some people wish there were veterinary endorsed products to go with the kit

ProDental Finger Brush

Finger brushes are great for small dogs. Small dog brushes are a little difficult to come by, but packs of up to 50 make it so you’ll never have to look again! These disposable dog finger designs are fresh every time you use them with a flexible design that’ll fit right over your finger.

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  • Instructions are simply written with walk-through steps for new brushes
  • Soft and flexible brushes fit all types of fingers equally well
  • They can be used a couple of times before they’re tossed
  • Dogs love the poultry flavoured toothpaste


  • It’s slightly tough for people to get their fingers in a small dog’s mouths
  • A standard brush is preferred by larger dog owners to get to the back of the mouth
  • The bristles are larger than pictured

ClearQuest Finger Brush Canisters

Finger brushes work great for small dogs, but they’re perfect for your big guy too. If your dog isn’t comfortable with the usual designs, ClearQuest is perfect for you. These dog finger designs are disposable with a flexible design to help you reach everywhere, so even the toughest food stands no chance.

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  • They can also be used to clean the hair around your dog’s eyes!
  • The number of brushes are perfect for the price
  • The reusable quality allows you to use on multiple pets


  • They do not work very well for smaller dogs or cats
  • The bristles aren’t very long and can’t get into the tough places

Duke’s Pet Products 2 Piece Toothbrush Set

Two for the price of one? With two heads each? It’s easy enough to jump on this chance for a deal, but these are great for larger dogs too. They have a reach of 8.5 inches with a small and large head. There are even instructions to help you use these brushes if you’re a little new!

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  • Both the small and large ends are perfect to get in the back and front
  • The price per brush is very good
  • Cleans the whole tooth in just one swipe
  • Stand up to dishwasher wear and tear


  • The bristles were not as soft as it was claimed
  • The grip can be a little uncomfortable

Boshel Dog Brush

We’ve talked about double headed ones, but triple-headed is the best next thing. The Boshel has three heads for three times the cleaning action while speeding up brushing at the same time. The handle’s even easy to hold. It’s so easy and effective that it’s recommended by professional groomers for larger dogs!

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  • It’s comfortable to use for owners and dogs
  • The three heads make the entire teeth-cleaning process quick
  • The brush is very high quality


  • The brush itself is sturdy with no give and the bristles are stiff
  • It’s great for getting molars and larger teeth in the back, but not so great for canines and front teeth
  • It only works for larger dogs

ProDental Dog Toothbrush

These cute little double headed ones are great for all types of dogs. They might be a little big for your little guy, but the heads are so small that even they shouldn’t have any trouble. Thanks to the disposable packs, they’ll always be fresh no matter when you need to start brushing!

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  • The brushes are on either side of the arm to make applying toothpaste easy
  • Great for small and large dogs with different sized ends
  • They’re cheap and in a large value pack- perfect for the price


  • They don’t last long
  • The bristles are a bit rough and require tough brushing

Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush

If you have a cat too, you can actually buy these for both your dog and cat! Pretty easy, huh? The dual heads work great for any pet of any size with a narrow handle that’ll reach even to the back of the mouth with ease. One pack is good for one year with soft bristles to that’ll clean while being gentle. There are even colours so you can assign one to each pet!

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  • They’re small enough for little dogs and great for getting in between teeth
  • The set of 6 in different colors is perfect for multiple pets
  • The brushes are flexible and have a little bit of give


  • The bristles are strong, so you need to be gentle with brushing
  • The sizes were a little bigger than expected for dogs
  • They do not fit well for people’s hands either, so the grip may be difficult

Different Types of Dog Toothbrushes

There are different types? But aren’t these just for dogs? Yeah, I asked that question too, but it’s true. If your dog doesn’t love a normal one, then go for a finger design. These are rubber with small nubs that you just put over your finger and rub over their teeth. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Finger brushes are especially useful for small breeds with close teeth and can even get in between teeth. There are also double-ended ones for dogs with bristles on both ends. The smaller head is perfect for the small teeth in front, and the larger head cleans up the teeth in the back.

The Proper Way To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

We are all aware that dogs just pretty much bite whatever their mouths get into. A good set of teeth, fresh breath, and gum-disease-free life is very important not just for us but also for our pet dogs, too. Here are some guidelines on how to properly brush your dog’s teeth.

Having the right tool is always important so find the right one for your dog. The kind that we use not the same as the one for dogs (obviously).

They are similar in a way but brushes for dogs are smaller and much more appropriate for the set of teeth they have.

Of course, after grabbing your toothbrush, you will be needing toothpaste. Most experts say that it is not good to use human toothpaste for your pets because some of the chemicals present in them are dangerous for the health of your dog.

You can buy at the local store, online store or even in supermarkets. If you are a traditional home buddy and you just want to stick with the natural ingredients, you can use baking soda and water as toothpaste.

When brushing your dog’s teeth, use circular motions. It is important that we thoroughly clean the outer part of the dog’s teeth because it is the dirtiest and most exposed part to bacteria.

If your dog is stressing over this whole process (because the texture and flavor of the toothpaste might be foreign to them or is making them uncomfortable), keep it cool. Just give them treats after the session or pat their heads or rub their stomachs when you are done cleaning their mouths.

You can also try giving them bones because bones are like teethers. They are designed to be chewed on and they help strengthen your pet’s teeth.

Just like every routine, the start might be a bit unusual for your pet. As time goes by, they will definitely get used to it.

You may also want to try to do this whole process after giving your dog heavy, physical activities.

What To Look Out For in a Dog Toothbrush:

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your dog’s health, even if you’re looking at just the health of their teeth!

Dental hygiene is one of the most overlooked areas of you’re a pet’s care, which doesn’t make sense considering the impact it can have on other health issues. In the end, you can’t just brush, you have to brush well!

1. Type

It’s necessary to remember that dog toothbrushes are made specifically for dogs for a reason.  Sure, you can use human brushes and it may indeed get the job done. But they aren’t really meant for your dog. They won’t be long enough to get all the way back there and aren’t angled properly to reach. The size of the brush head isn’t even the same for dogs with their larger teeth!

2. Best for Your Dog

To really clean your dog’s teeth, you need to be sure that it works for your specific dog. Some dogs don’t like brushes and others prefer it. Some can’t stand the finger brush. Small dogs need smaller ones so they don’t choke or gag.

It all depends on your specific dog and what works best for their needs.

3. Preventing Disease

Dental disease isn’t just for humans; dogs have issues with it too! Periodontal disease is extraordinarily common for dogs, and the best way to prevent it is to just brush your dog’s teeth.

You can even prevent other bodily issues that can arise from plaque and tartar buildup. Just by keeping your dog’s mouth healthy, you help their heart, liver, and kidneys. Not to mention that your dog will be living a better quality of life!


Dental hygiene is so much more important than it may seem. They’re just teeth, but teeth are important not only for the mouth, but for the rest of the body too. Give your dog a reason to actually smile by cleaning up their teeth for them!

Don’t wallow in the difficulty of tooth brushing any longer, or at least get a toothbrush to make it easier for everyone.

If you are looking for more information, we also have a guide on charcoal for dogs and catnip for dogs here.

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