7 of the Best Dog Toothpaste (2022) Review: Kissable & Vet Recommended!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2022)

Getting your dog to sit still while you brush their teeth is hard enough. Getting them to sit still while you brush with flavorless and less than hygienic toothpaste is nearly impossible! If you’re going to go through the trouble of keeping their teeth clean, you might as well use a good one.

Top 7 Dog Toothpaste Reviews

CET Poultry

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CET is one of the most highly recommended brands out there when it comes to dog toothpastes. It’s formulated for both dogs and cats with special antibacterial action to even inhibit plaque. Mouth odors will be no more, and without any foaming agents, it’s completely safe for your dog.


  • Prevents tartar build up even if you don’t brush
  • Dogs love the flavor and even start waiting for it!
  • Teeth are noticeably whiter and plaque just slides right off


  • The formula change appears not to be liked by some pets
  • Some people don’t like the smell

Petsmile Professional

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There’s toothpaste that requires no brushing? Yeah, I didn’t think that it was possible either. Petsmile has made it possible though with its safe and food-grade ingredients. The broil beef flavor will have your dogs running to you while the plaque inhibition prevents anymore dental problems.


  • Preventing and removing tartar build up
  • One of the very few without sorbitol
  • Bad breath completely disappears, and the gel can just be rubbed into the gums


  • Separates a bit and must be shaken up before use
  • Can be a little watery

Petrodex Enzymatic

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Comes with interesting flavors like poultry to make it easy for you to brush. Petrodex is a popular brand that may just be the most effective for bad breath as it aids in tartar and plaque removal.


  • Fresh breath, no tartar, and white teeth
  • It’s an easy and cheap way to keep the gums and teeth clean
  • Dogs love the flavor and are more than happy to get brushed


  • It can be a very sugary product that makes a mess
  • It’s not available in any other flavors, so your dog might get bored

TPet Dental Care Gel

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Tartar and plaque are the enemy of your toothbrush and toothpaste! Make sure to combat them with the TPet gel just for your tartar and plaque removal needs. Bad breath doesn’t stand a chance either as you massage it into their gums to give them fresh breath!

With TPet also sporting the title of best natural dog toothpaste, there’s no better option.


  • People love the pump bottle design to clean up teeth
  • The gel can be rubbed over the teeth and gums for easy removal with a toothbrush
  • A little bit of brushing each day with just a little gel works wonders



  • Some people see more improvement with their pets’ tartar issues but some don’t see much

Arm & Hammer Whitening

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Yes, Arm & Hammer makes toothpaste too. I didn’t know that either, but the same guys who clean up your home help clean up your canine’s teeth too! This will whiten up your pet’s teeth and give them the best possible smile. After only 2-3 brushes a week, your pet’s smile might even be brighter than yours.


  • Breath smells great after brushing and you won’t need to brush every day
  • The included toothbrush and finger brush work great
  • Canines seem to love the flavoring


  • It’s been reported to smell somewhat acidic or like urine
  • Does not work well if you don’t remember to use it consistently
  • It contains titanium dioxide, which are tiny bits of metal used for flavoring

Petrodex Veterinary Strength

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When it comes to tartar and plaque removal, Petrodex really is the best. Recommended by veterinarians, this cleans teeth and freshens breaths easily. The kit even contains three pieces for you to use, including a toothbrush, finger brush, and the toothpaste. It can’t get better than that!


  • It removed tartar wonderfully and really whitens and freshens teeth
  • The product works wondered for canines, and comes at a reasonable price


  • People dislike the finger brushes and wish more colors to differentiate between canines were included
  • There are discrepancies between flavors

Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene

When your teeth and mouth feel dirty and you wince at your own breath, it’s disgusting to put it simply. You’re cringing right now, aren’t you? Well, that’s how your dog feels when their teeth aren’t kept nice and clean too.

Dental hygiene is incredibly important, not just for comfort, but for health too. Brush often so that damage in the mouth won’t spread.

That includes loss of gum tissue, development of a hole, bone infection, and fractures in the jaw. Those tiny bacteria will grow astronomically in number if you don’t brush, and they can even enter the bloodstream.

The heart, kidneys, and liver can all be hurt from periodontal disease, which is why you need a good toothpaste specifically for dogs.

What Ingredients Are There?

Think about what goes into it, just like when you think about what’s going into their foods. If there’s tea tree oil or propylene glycol, ask your vet just to be sure. Be sure to stay away from any abrasive ones or anything made with artificial sweeteners or alcohol.

Can It Improve My Dog’s Health?

Yes it can! It’s a little surprising that the tiny teeth in your dog’s mouth can have such a significant health impact, but oral health is incredibly important.

Brush your dog’s teeth at least three to four times a week if you can to clean things up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I Just Use Human Toothpaste?

No! Human ones are not meant for dogs. Well, I guess technically it can be used, but if meant for humans, it isn’t meant to be swallowed, and you can bet that your dog will end up swallowing anything you put in their mouth.

How To Brush My Canine’s Teeth

Now that I’ve gone over all your options, you still need to know how to brush! The technique is actually very important if you want to get them all clean, so expect to take a little time.

Pick up your toothbrush or finger brush, but first, introduce your pet to the toothpaste. Let them lick it from your finger, and use your finger to massage it into their gums. Work up to the actual toothbrush and get them used to have the toothbrush and your fingers in their mouth.

Start with two or three teeth at one time until your dog gets comfortable, beginning with the back teeth and working your way up.

Brush them near the gum line just like you would brush your own teeth!

How Often Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Many people say you should brush your dog’s teeth every day. You might not have time to brush your dog’s teeth every day. That’s why, at the very least, you should try and aim for three to four times a week, or at least just once!

That’ll at least keep your dog from getting sick and will keep their teeth relatively clean. Even once a week is better than nothing.

To help you, we also have a full guide on different types of dog toothbrush.


It’s so difficult picking out the best for your pet! We want them to be healthy and happy, but part of that is getting into their mouths and brushing like there’s no tomorrow! When you go through the trouble of keeping your dog’s mouth clean, you’ve got to make sure you have the best. Pick out the best toothpaste and toothbrush and get started.

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