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My poor boy has had some joint issues in the past few years, so I was constantly looking for good dog vitamins out there. There are lots of reasons why someone might need vitamins, but whatever your reason is, only the best will do. It's also very important to figure out what kinds of vitamins your dog need.

What are the important vitamins and minerals your dog needs?

Most people don’t even know what vitamins they need, so how should we know what our pets should have? I’ll admit I didn’t know, but there are some vitamins that definitely edge out the rest.

Vitamin A and E

These two vitamins help your dog burn fat efficiently, so if your dog is a little overweight, they’re perfect helpers. They even work as antioxidants that’ll slow down aging and improve skin and eye health.

Vitamin B-12

I’ve heard of B-12 before, but I never knew it could help in cell growth and development. It’s perfect for little puppies that need just a little extra nutrition to help them grow.

Vitamin D, Calcium, and Phosphorus

With these three vitamins working together, your dog will have strong bones and healthy teeth. For a growing puppy, they’ll start your dog out right, and will keep your adult dog healthy as well.


Just like for humans, iron helps your dog’s blood too. It works to improve the transport of oxygen in the blood so that everything works healthily. Raw diets are a huge help for iron if you’re not considering vitamins.


Heart health is improved with potassium, but dogs can get a lot of this potassium from carbohydrates as well. It’s a great way to keep your dog running strong as they age.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is like the super vitamin, both for humans and for dogs. It provides an improved immune system, faster healing, and increased immunity for illness too!

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Things to Look Out For

It takes a lot to figure out what’s best for your dog. We all want the best, but what exactly is the best?

Well first off, you should look at the available brands, and try to find clinical studies to back up their claims. Companies that specialize in certain areas will usually make superior supplements.

Look at the labels too! If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the best ingredients. Keeping that in mind, quality control checks are important as well.

Look for a lot number on that label and make sure the drugs are properly certified by an outside company. Don’t pick up something that’s too good to be true either. I know, it’s tempting, but if it’s promising to completely erase serious issues, it’s usually just advertising.

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Finally, stick with dog supplements. Human vitamins can actually be dangerous when given to dogs, so don’t just give them your old ones.

My Top Recommended Best Dog Vitamins


Nutri-Pet is perfect for hair growth, flee repellant, or appetite improvement. It even controls itchy, dry, flaky skin, and helps with digestion, arthritis, and fertility. This all natural dog supplement doesn’t even contain corn or wheat, so it’s perfectly healthy.


  • It’s completely based on nutrition and is formulated for most nutritional needs to be met
  • It works great to enhance your dog’s current diet
  • Ingredients like kelp, amino acids, flax seed and others help improve your dog’s health even further


  • Label information addressing dogs with sensitive stomachs would be appreciated
  • It may not be formulated well for puppies

Pet MD

If you have a senior dog, Pet MD is supposed to keep them going strong. Keep them healthy and active, and if they have trouble chewing, just mash the tablet up. These supplements are great for the skin and coat and perfect for protein too in your dog’s older age.


  • These are comparable to other products and perfect for the price
  • The bottle is so big, it’ll last one year per dog
  • One tablet is the daily dose of dogs or all sizes


  • Some dogs don't seem to like the taste

Ocu-GLO for Medium/Large Dogs

Eye health is important too! Ocu-GLO is specifically formulated for eye health with its grapeseed extract, lutein, and omega-3 fatty acids. With a product formulated by board certified doctors, this seemed like a good option to consider.


  • It works both as a vitamin and as a support for cataracts and other eye issues
  • It lasts for around three months total
  • Works well to slow down deterioration of vision


  • The capsule is a little large if your dog isn’t a pill swallower
  • It is a little pricey for some buyers

Pet Tabs

With a huge amount of vitamins in just one bottle, Pet Tabs claims to make chewable tablets that dogs just love! These work great for the skin and coat and are even made in the USA.


  • Dogs are excited to take them
  • For whatever reason, dogs who eat waste are known to stop
  • It’s recommended by breeders and is very nutritional


  • There's been a price increase
  • It does contain corn syrup and sugar

Nutramax - Best Senior Dog Vitamins

Large dogs specifically will benefit from Nutramax with its specific formula that works for joint health. Those big guys need some love too! Including MSM, a naturally occurring, organic, sulfur compound, this supplement has been formulated with over 10 years of research to work just for your pet. A lot of dog owners with senior dogs also recommend this.


  • Dogs began to have more energy and life
  • Some owners have called this product a “life-saver”
  • Older dogs seem just like they did when they were younger
  • Great for dogs over 60 pounds


  • Some dog owners feel that the pill is a little large
  • Some dogs simply don't like the flavor

Pointpet Glucosamine

Hip and joint pain is common when people get older, and it’s common with dogs too! These supplements increase the lubricants around the joints with high class, natural ingredients that are specifically meant to boost your dog’s performance in their old age.


  • These are very soft and perfect for dogs with dental issues
  • They’re small and they smell exactly like treats
  • The ingredients are very nutritious and have great health benefits


  • Some dogs might not like it and seem to get stomach pains
  • The pill is soft, but tends to break apart easily if you’re holding it

Particular Paws

Joint pain is a common issue, which is why so many companies advertise products to help. Particular Paws are meant to relieve this pain and improve mobility with Vitamins C and E. A supplement that claims to eliminate the need for medicine and halt possible surgeries is definitely something you should take a look at.


  • They really work to give dogs more energy when they’re adults
  • Dogs think they’re treats and come running when you shake them
  • This supplement tackles a lot of various issues no matter what the problem is


  • There have been issues getting dogs to eat these
  • The pill is hard and may be hard to chew for some dogs


Maybe it’s not about finding the best out of these seven, but more so about what’s best for your dog’s needs. If your dog has eye issues, problems with joints, or in need of a healthier coat, the best dog vitamins can help. Just take a look at what’s out there and watch your dog’s health improve!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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