Best Dog Whistle: My Top 5 Picks

Training your dog to respond to you is one of the most important things you can do. Training them to respond to a whistle is one of the smartest! Using a whistle can control your dog from a distance, when the wind is strong, or when they might get too excited. The best dog whistle reviews can help you choose the best one for you.

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Training With A Dog Whistle

We’d all like to think that one blow on the whistle will get our dogs to come running. Sadly, if they’re not trained at least in verbal commands, it doesn’t work that way. Whistles work like normal commands, so first you need to pick out standard whistle commands, like “stay,” “here,” or “change direction.”

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Use a different amount of blows on the whistle or a trill. It doesn’t really matter what you end up doing, but just stay consistent so as not to confuse your dog. To start, have your dog heel first. Walk a little before you give the sit command and blow the whistle. Praise your dog and repeat: verbal command, then whistle. Start doing the verbal command less as your dog begins to understand, and then drop the verbal command altogether. Repeat this for multiple commands with different whistles for a whistle-trained dog.

Do Dog Whistles Work?

Of course they work! Well, usually with a trained dog of course. If your dog isn’t trained in verbal commands, they’ll have a hard time responding to a whistle. Regardless of training however, there are just some things that your dog whistle can and can’t do. For one thing, no whistle can completely stop your dog from barking. It can distract them, although that’s only temporary and may only annoy your dog.

What A Dog Whistle Will Not Do

  • The whistles we feature here are for training dogs. You can use them for giving commands and also, to get your dog's attention. Don't be mistaken - there is no whistle that will actually stop your dog from barking. What a whistle will do is distract your dog from barking for a temporary few minutes perhaps but be aware that it is only temporary.
  • Whistles also cannot repel a dog to keep them away from joggers and cannot stop dog fighting either.
  • Deaf dogs need more specific types depending on the amount of hearing loss. It depends on how much of the dog's hearing is gone (is it mild, mid level or high)? In this case, a vibration collar or hand signals may even work better.
  • Also don't expect a whistle to actually stop your dog from fighting. Again, a whistle is more of a temporary distraction but that also heavily relies on your dog's obedience and level of aggression.

Best Dog Whistle Reviews

 Amidst reviews, opinions, and advertisements, you’re probably drowning under what type you want. It’s not hard anymore when it comes to the best dog whistles though.

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Blowing a whistle every time you go to the park might not be annoying just for you, but also for everyone else there! Luckily then, there are silent dog whistles that just your dog can hear. I know they seem questionable to some thanks to their silence, but the Acme whistle is one of the best silent dog whistles.

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  • Instructions are included to help you use it
  • You can adjust the pitch with a pitch register
  • Dogs can hear the whistle from 400 yards away
  • It’s just about completely silent to humans (so you can use it on your neighbor’s dog!)


  • People have found that dogs do not respond farther than 500 yards away
  • Far distance silent mode doesn’t really work, and close range dogs may keep barking in response
  • People say that it’s a lot louder than advertised

Yogo Dog No Bark Whistle

Is the Yogo the best dog whistle to stop barking? We’ve already told you that you can’t actually stop barking completely, but there are whistles out there that can help you discipline your dog to quiet them. With an easily accessible whistle that’s lightweight and versatile, barking is no longer as big of a problem.

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  • Easy to train dogs with it, although it might vary depending on breed
  • It distracts dogs easily so you can redirect their attention
  • It’s small and fits easily into pockets or around your neck


  • It’s been reported that dogs actually bark more in response to it
  • It produces a high-pitched piercing sound for humans
  • This whistle does not work for stopping neighbors dogs from barking

UltraSonic Dog Whistle

If you’re looking for a training whistle, the UltraSonic is one of the best dog training whistles out there. It’s included in a nice training kit with a clicker, collar, guidebook, and lanyard for your whistle. It may not be an anti-bark whistle, but you can use it to teach your dog to stop barking with variable frequencies and a nice guide.

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  • The complete dog training kit is perfect for new owners and novices
  • The whistle is high quality and rust-proof
  • Trains dogs well without scaring them like yelling would do


  • The instruction book had text that's a little small to read

Sounder Pets Dog Whistle

Help train your dog with a whistle that admits that humans can hear it!

“Silent” dog whistles are never really silent, but you can guarantee your dog will hear this one. It’s used to fix behavior with changing frequencies, including a training guide to help you do your best work. It may or not be the best, but for training, it’s certainly desirable!


  • It can be attached to a keychain for easy access
  • Dogs respond every time the whistle is blown
  • It’s a great training product, and works great for barking dogs at home


  • Adjustment was difficult for some users, and ended up coming apart a few times
  • Dogs sometimes didn’t really seem too affected by the sound
  • Many people question how it’s different than a regular whistle

 Pet’s Mum Dog Whistle

Regardless of all the people who buy these whistles to get neighbors dogs to be quiet look for anti-bark whistles specifically. The Pet’s Mum whistle advertises as anti-bark through obedience, also including a clicker and an attachment so you won’t end up losing it. Thanks to the 3 free e-books included and adjustable frequencies, you’ll be a master in no time.

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  • The product is very high in quality despite its somewhat cheap appearance
  • The adjustments and frequencies fit well for different dogs
  • The whistle is included in a great training set


  • People say the included clicker works a lot better than the actual whistle
  • Some dogs have not responded at all to the whistle
  • The training book is just a “cheap PDF” with bad grammar


​Finding the best dog training whistle is perhaps just as difficult as finding the best dog training collar or the best litter box! There are so many products to choose from, although with these top 5 at your disposal, you won’t have a tough time anymore. Now the only problem is figuring out how to train! Also read my post on dog gps trackers

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