Best Dry Food & Wet Food for Kittens

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2022)

When Lilo was a kitten, I was very worried about what to feed her. Admittedly, I had never had a kitten before back then – I did have an older family tabby cat, but no actual experience with kittens! In this post, I’m sharing my research and experience regarding the best wet food for kittens in the market, so read on if you need to find something healthy, delicious, and decent for your little one!

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Best Dry Food For Kittens

No, some people don’t recommend feeding your kitten dry food at all. As with so many things though, there are always differing opinions. Obviously, dry kitten food is a lot easier and more convenient. If you want to try getting your kitten on dry food, here are some popular and healthy options.

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Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula

Choose the food that’s best for your kitten. With real chicken as the first ingredient and 100% nutrition, Purina makes food that your kitten will be clamoring for. Having no fillers is just an added bonus that’ll make sure your cat’s getting the right food.

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  • The kibble is small and not very hard, so it’s easy to eat
  • It has DHA, which is required for early kitten development
  • It’s incredibly good for the price point



  • Some people say litter box odor gets much worse on this food
  • Some kittens don’t seem to like the taste

Blue Buffalo Kitten Formula

Kittens have special needs for their food so they can grow up big and strong. Healthy eating is part of healthy living, so Blue Buffalo uses ingredients specifically chosen just for your cat. Food made in the USA makes sure you feed your cat like family.

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  • Stools completely firm up thanks to this food
  • Despite the smell of the litter box, cats seem to enjoy the food
  • Diarrhea is no longer a problem with Blue Buffalo



  • Litter box odor is much worse on this food, some people think

Purina Kitten Chow

Purina makes great dry food that’s completely nutritionally balanced and formulated for years of proper growth. Essential nutrients and delicious ingredients aren’t hard to find when Purina is one of your options.

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  • Keeps cats healthy, strong, and with bright coats and eyes
  • Great for sensitive cats
  • The food is perfect for older cats too who have a hard time chewing



  • The price has increased recently
  • It contains corn, which some owners don’t like

Royal Canin Feline Kitten Food

Royal Canin uses the best ingredients to support digestive health, with a combination of nutrients and antioxidants to support the natural defense system of your kitten. With a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, I know my guy will be healthy for years.

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  • Kittens are healthier and less likely to lose their hair or shed randomly
  • Stools don’t have the poor odor other brands have
  • Kittens love the taste and the price is reasonable



  • Not all kittens do well on it; some have gotten sick
  • The predominant ingredients in the food are fillers and by-products
  • Kittens love the food, but it makes some sick

Best Wet Food For Kittens

Wet food is usually the preferred option of many kitten owners. It’s easy to chew and digest and provides the proper amount of water and nutrients for a healthy buddy. So what brand should you choose?

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Fancy Feast Kitten Food

Choose between whitefish or turkey when picking out your fancy feast cans. 100% completely balanced foods are best and especially great for kittens since they’re made with real milk. The smooth pate will make sure your kitten gobbles it all down.

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  • The smell of the food isn’t off-putting or too strong
  • Kittens and even adult cats are able to maintain a healthy weight with this
  • Contains zero carbohydrates



  • The cans are a little small
  • Some owners say their kitten goes to the toilet more

Purina PRO Plan Kitten

There are a number of flavors your cat can have when you choose Purina. Their food is specially formulated for kittens and made with real ingredients. Help nourish their immune system with omega fatty acids that’ll give them a healthy skin and coat too.

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  • Amazing cat food for cats with FLUTD
  • Urinary issues are solved with this food
  • The increased amount of liquids are very healthy for cats



  • There are more carbohydrates than some owners prefer
  • The formula seems to have changed recently (unconfirmed though)

Wellness Complete Natural For Kittens

Some days it feels like my cat eats better than me! He probably does thanks to Wellness Complete’s pate made with real chicken and added taurine for the heart and eyes. This grain-free food made right in the USA makes use of the best ingredients without all those nasty additives.

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  • Digestion is strengthened and vomiting decreases
  • Hairballs have decreased for some owners on this food
  • Fur has been “ridiculously softer” and weight is managed well



  • Consistency between cans can be a problem sometimes

Nutritional Needs of Your Kitten

Kittens are different from fully grown cats. Until around 8 weeks old, your cat needs their mother for food. After that, it’s up to you. By 8 weeks, almost all of their diet should be solid food, which needs to have high quality proteins to fuel their growth.

Kittens need two to three times the energy to keep growing, so 30% of their diet should be protein. Unlike with older cats, it’s best to put out food at all times of the day so they can eat however much they want. It’s not until 6 months that you need to transition to three small meals. Make sure to choose the best food to give your kitten the nutrition they need, and possibly even consider mixing wet and dry food for the best health.

What to Look out For

It’s nearly impossible to find a food which satisfies all of your needs, but you don’t need to spend hours in the grocery store debating cans and bags of food. When it comes to food, there are some things that’ll tell you right away if it’s good or not.


Some sort of meat or poultry should be the first ingredient on the food you pick up. If it’s fit for human consumption and organic, that’s even better.

No Grains

Grain-free food is really important. Lots of people buy grain free on account of digestive issues in their pets, but cats especially should eat grain free. No rice, barley, or grains should be in there. While they’re good for humans, cats don’t have digestive systems designed for grains.

No Additives

There shouldn’t be any by-products, corn, soy, or other fillers in your cat food. Those don’t provide any nutritional value for your cat. If you’re lucky, your food will be GMO-free too, but in the end, that depends on your preferences.

Avoid Fish

No fish-based foods? Cats love them, but a lot of fish in these foods isn’t cleaned right and can contain bones and guts that shouldn’t be there. Too much fish can also cause kidney issues, so if you do use fish, use it sparingly.


 I’ve narrowed down the best dry food for kittens and the best wet food for kittens. Hope you manage to find one that your kitten will like!

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