7 Flea Collars To Buy For Your Cat: These Are The Ones That Work!


I used to think that the only way I could help my cat with fleas was by giving them medication. As it turns out, there’s a simpler way: collars. I’d heard of them, but do they work? 

Why Use One?

If you’re like me, you were probably a little suspicious of them too. I wondered how a simple product like that could protect my cat from those nasty diseases in fleas, and how this would prevent a possibly fatal condition. As it turns out though, the right quality flea collars give lots of valuable advantages while being safe at the same time.

Usually they’re simple to handle, meaning that they’re solid and there’s no mess involved - just like your usual collar! They’re of course still adjustable around your cat’s neck too. These will offer safe and effective protection against ticks and fleas while working for long bouts of time. With a good one then, I don’t even have to worry about monthly dosages of medication. Finally, there are no chemicals involved. My cat will get the protection he needs without chemicals on his skin or in his system.

Are Flea Collars Effective For Cats? How Does It Work? 

You might be a little suspicious like me. After all, what’s the point of buying a good one if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to? If you buy a good collar though, there are three main options that will help you get the job done properly.

High Frequency

These types send out ultra-sonic waves that, for lack of a better word, “scare” the fleas away. It sounds fancy and many of them receive positive reviews, but some owners just can’t get them to work. If you use them for a while though, they seem to do their job.

Gas Based

I will admit that I had no idea there were gas based ones. They create a toxin that will repel the fleas from your cat and kill them on contact. They only work in a limited area around your cat’s neck, but fleas can’t smell it, so any exposure will kill them.

Absorption Based

These contain the same types of insecticide, but this time, it’s absorbed into a cat’s skin to kill those fleas. As soon as fleas get into your pet, it should do its work as the poison kills them. Many owners wonder if this is in fact safe however.

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What to Take Note of

If you are looking for a good option, there are a few warnings you should keep in mind before you purchase. Collars like these are important for the safety of your cat, so it’ll defeat the purpose if they accidentally harm your friend!

Look at the Chemicals

When you treat cats, there shouldn’t be a chemical called “permethrin” in the collar. This is a synthetic material that is very dangerous, but is in fact still included in some products, so be sure to take a look.

Don’t Mix Products

We’re all out to save money, although we shouldn’t do it by using a dog one on a cat. Dog ones have more chemicals than cat ones, and they might be too much for your small pet. Even if you are using a cat one, do be sure you have one relative to the cat’s size if it’s a kitten.

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Pick a Stretchy One

This might seem a little obvious to cat owners, yet it’s still important. Cats have a tendency to get into absolutely everything, and if their collar is too tight and they get stuck, they can possibly choke. Elastic ones are preferred by many owners for exactly that reason.

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Do a Final Check

Of course makes sure that it is snug enough that your cat can’t slip out of it with too much ease. If they can bite it because it’s too loose, that can be very dangerous for them if they actually ingest the chemicals. Before using the collar too, take a look for flea dirt just in case.

Top Kitty Flea Collars: My Picks

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Bayer Seresto

Bayer makes a good one that works for as long as eight months! If you don’t use it for a while, the collar doesn’t expire either. It’s a non-greasy, odorless solution that is veterinarian recommended to help your cat.


  • Research was included with the product, so you can read through the trials done first
  • Fleas went away at a 99% rate, according to a reviewer


  • There are some cases of hair loss and dermatitis
  • Some cats might be allergic

Only Natural

Only Natural calls their product “easy defense,” and with good reason too. This collar uses safe and nontoxic ingredients like cinnamon and citronella oil to give your cat a safe alternative from chemicals. This vet-approved product keeps you worry-free for three months.


  • It works well, and for a long time like it’s supposed to
  • It’s one of the only all-natural options out there
  • It can protect against mosquitoes too in warm environments


  • There's a strong odor that not everyone likes
  • It lasts a while, but possibly not as long as other brands


Ultrasonic collars are a great new technology to control ticks with no chemicals, odor, fuss, or mess. This will fit exactly to your cat’s neck while remaining waterproof and easy to use. The warranty is a great perk too.


  • Seems to work quickly and efficiently
  • No adverse effects have been reported with short-term usage
  • Humans should not hear the wave emitted to kill fleas at a range of up to four feet


  • It may only work within the house, and effects are possibly mitigated outside
  • You may need to do a little more combing of your pet to be sure it’s working

Hartz Ultraguard

These work for a while, with Hartz working for a solid seven months. The ingredients here should kill fleas even if it gets wet, and works to kill any existing eggs too. If you’re worried about your kitten, Hartz makes just the right one.


  • Cats are flea-free in less than a week
  • These are not really stinky like other brands
  • They work for both indoor and outdoor cats, and even have a reflector strip if they’re outside at night


  • Some cats might be allergic
  • People consistently complained about the ingredients in it

Adams Plus

Adams makes different sized  onesfor both dogs and cats that work for up to eight months. With one like this, you shouldn’t have to worry for a while. Fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and even flea larvae shouldn’t stand a chance anymore.


  • After only a few days of using it, there has been in noticeable positive change in cats
  • The product works great for the price
  • This brand works for both dogs and cats


  • There is a discernible smell
  • Some people have complained about the change in the design
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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