Best Frisbee For Dogs: Review

You are your dog’s hero. That’s just about as plain and simple as it can get. So why not add some fun for your pet? Well, canines are usually happy with simple gifts. Like a bone, or a waterlogged stick, or something even better; a Frisbee. 

Some Tips Before You Start

Well, before you go around looking to get the top option out there, it would be handy to have some tips at your disposal. While it’s a well known fact that most canines love frisbees, you still have to pay attention to the size and the weight of your pet. For example, larger breeds can strain their hind legs due to continuous landing while catching it. Let’s have a look at some of the other tips that could go a long way.

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Teach your canine basic commands

Teaching your pet basic commands like “fetch”, “come”, “give” is extremely important if you want your pet to enjoy the game as you’d imagined. And helping them with a treat ensures they understand what is expected of them

Be Aware of Injury

Like I said earlier, understanding what breed your canine is becomes critical in most cases when trying to give them a workout. Larger breeds may strain their hips upon landing, or smaller breeds may not be able to jump to a particular height.

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Age of Your Pet

It’s a natural tendency of any living creature, be it humans or canines to slow down as you age. Therefore, it would do a world of good if you can approximate how much your pet can exert based on his age. We all need rest after a tiring session, don’t we?

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My Top Recommended Canine Frisbees

Flippy Flopper

The Flippy Flopper is a pack of 10 flying 9” discs that’s irresistible to your pet and durable for you. The disc is made up of nylon with the perfect balance to soar in the wind. The soft edges make this product perfectly safe too.


  • The discs float in water
  • The discs are cheap as compared to other variants available
  • The material is soft which makes it safe (soft nylon & rubber)


  • If you have a chewer of a pet, watch out! He/She might chew it up!

KONG Flyer

The Kong Flyer is a soft rubber disc that’s safest for your pet. Its soft rubber lends the right balance to the flight and won’t hurt your canine's teeth which means he can keep catching it all day


  • The disc is very cheap as compared to the ones available in pet stores
  • The balance is good
  • The discs are durable
  • Safe on your canine's teeth & gums


  • Strong chewers can wreck it
  • Some people mention that the size is not what they expected

Floppy Disc

Available in sizes of 7, 9, and 12 inches, the Floppy Disc is a super investment for different canine sizes too. Durable fabric and the rubber tubing provide the much added durability and safety that doesn’t hurt your pet. It is easy to clean too.


  • Quality of the discs is very good and provide value for the money spent
  • The discs are very soft
  • The discs are sturdy and safe for dogs of all sizes


  • Sometimes the discs don’t fly properly after prolonged use
  • Delivery was late

West Paw

The West Paw design Zogoflex disc is one of the cheapest and safest variants in this list. It is available in 2 sizes of 6.5 and 8.5 inches and are guaranteed by the Manufacturer to be safe against canine damage. The discs are recyclable and can be cleaned easily


  • The discs are FDA compliant
  • The discs come with a guarantee
  • It can’t be chewed making it safe for chewers as well


  • It doesn’t float as well as claimed
  • The disc is not durable

KONG Rubber Flyer

The Kong Rubber Flyer is a soft rubber disc that’s soft and flexible. Made with durable natural rubber, the disc is safe for teeth and gums. The rubber is non-toxic


  • Great for aggressive canines that destroy other brands
  • The discs are non toxic
  • The discs are durable


  • One of the discs is a little flimsy

Hyperflite Jawz

Featuring state-of-the-art aerodynamics, hi-tech polymers and patented gripping surfaces, Hyperflite Jawz discs are built for the modern canine athlete. The Jawz disc (8.75-inch diameter/145 grams) is the world’s toughest competition-approved canine flying disc. While you are considering this product it would also make sense to have a look at the Hyperflite Jawz Glow in the Dark version too that can be used in low light as well.


  • The discs are tough
  • The quality of the product is good
  • The discs are sturdy and fly well


  • The toughness can injure the pet sometimes
  • The delivery was late


Slightly larger than the usual discs out there, the Starmark performs well with respect to flight and toughness. Made from patented material that is extremely durable, it is safe for your pet's teeth and gums. It floats in water and is easy to clean as well


  • The discs fly well and are durable
  • The quality of the product is good
  • The discs are very cheap


  • The instruction label lettering was a little small


There is no better sight in the world than see your dog having fun with probably one of the simplest toys after a bone. I hope I have made your choice easier through some of the options in this list.

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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