The Indoor Doggy Pottys To Try! I Review The Most Effective Ones


Obviously most cats have litter boxes, but I never knew that there was a way for Harley to go inside too! Sometimes life just gets too busy and I need to still make sure my dog goes out, so I looked for a good one for use inside. With one of these, my pet can go and I won’t need to worry.


I felt really out of my depth when I started researching more. They’re so unique and new that I never thought there could be so many types of them!

Is the Price Right?

Cost is important. If I’m buying something like a fresh grass potty or pad, it can get a little costly. Cheaper ones may be messier though. What you buy depends on what you want and how much you can spend.

My Pup Needs to Like it!

Some pups are a little picky! If you’ve got a picky guy or girl, you might have to put more training into getting them used to your potty. That may involve trying multiple types to determine which is better.


I know, I’m also sad that there’s none that completely self-cleans. It’s unfortunate, but you will need to manage clean up. Liquids are pretty easy, although smell can be a problem if you leave solids out.


The small logistics are important too. If cleaning supplies will cost more over time, it may not be worth it. Too much cleaning time will only be a pain too. Consider size as well; if it’s too big for your space, it’ll take a lot just to move things around!


These aren’t just for extra long work hours, but also if you travel or if you leave your pet with a friend for a few days. They’re meant to make life easier, so if you live in an apartment with only a balcony, it’s really cold or hot outside, or your poor thing had bladder issues, these can relieve your problems.

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The natural grass may also help your pet get acclimated to the outdoors, like if you’ve gotten a new puppy or if it is ill. An actual pup potty is very durable, and less likely for your pet to mess with. It’ll absorb lots of urine and is even weather resistant if you happen to put it outside. On top of that, it looks attractive enough for you to leave it out without cringing every time you see it!

Top Interior Dog Pottys To Try!

PetSafe Pet Loo

PetSafe makes sure that if you need to housebreak your pet, you have the right product to do so. Urine is drained away from the surface when they go, and clean up is easy, so you don’t need to worry about little paw prints everywhere! Disposable pads only make the process easier.


  • The design is superior than a lot of other potties with its drain
  • Even with two pets, it can be around four days before you need to clean it
  • The plastic foundation is very strong and can support a lot of weight


  • If it’s too full, the pup might jump off and splash the pee
  • The grass is not  that realistic

Prevue Tinkle Turf

With pads sized specifically for your pooch, Prevue is simple, lightweight, and easy to clean. They’re all realistic, and control odor at the same time when your pet needs to go. The bottom will even protect your flooring so your worrying days are over.


  • The tray is large enough to accommodate even larger breeds
  • It’s a more economical option compared to more expensive products
  • Rarely any pee leaks outside the tray


  • Some pets need time getting used to the tray
  • The plastic tray is flimsy and may break

Piddle Place

Piddle Place is pretty sophisticated with its enclosed chamber and drain valve system that will isolate solid waste to keep things odor free. The compact design is perfect for any sort of travel, and older pets will find it easy to go. It’s simple for you to move too with handles included.


  • Someone only cleaned it twice in a month because of how well it worked
  • There are no fake grass blades, although whether your pet likes that is their preference
  • The design is made well and the frame is sturdy


  • There might be modifications needed to stop pets from pulling the pad off
  • Pups can chew up the plastic part


These mats can be made as big as your pet  needs with a three layer system that will ensure no liquid ends up on your floor! The drawer helps cleanup go easy. All you have to do is rinse with soapy water. With any luck, your pup will love the synthetic grass too.


  • It works well even for more than one pet
  • Pups are known to get used to this product quickly
  • Old pets are able to use the product quickly as long as they’re smaller


  • If the tray had deeper sides, it would be a lot easier for people to carry it
  • The large size is too small for larger breeds


Petmaker creates these just for puppies! This three layer system is great for patios and outdoor use, and will let the liquid to drain properly so you can clean things up. Puppies have some problems being house trained initially, but hopefully this should help.


  • It’s sturdier than more expensive pads out there
  • As many as four pups can fit up on this pad
  • The price is exceptional, and may cancel out any problems you have


  • The parts inside slide apart very easily when your pet uses it
  • The design for cleaning is a bit of a problem for some people


The deluxe, three piece Petzoom system is non-toxic and easy to clean at the same time. It’s great for puppies that need help housebreaking and the liquid can be disposed of just by using the tray. If all you have is a patio for your pet, it’ll work great!


  • The removable tray is easy to empty and drains well
  • Your pup can keep using it for a while before you replace grass
  • It comes in three pieces to help clean up go faster


  • The tray is the only real difference, so people question the price
  • It’s better for smaller breeds; not good for larger ones


I have to admit that this is a pretty nice looking pad. It’s sleek and doesn’t look too much like a random patch of grass in your apartment! The solid base supports the dog’s weight while setting things up so that their paws stay dry and they can sit comfortably. You can even clean easily with a grate for waste and trays for liquid.


  • Can be used for big pups too
  • Cleaning up is easy
  • Can handle a lot of urine


  • It may take a while for some pets to acclimate to it
  • Some people have noted that they can’t find replacement grates in case they break them


I spent a while looking for the best dog potty after I hurt my foot and couldn’t go on long walks with my pooch. It took me a while, but I narrowed down the top choices out there. Also check out my post on why these poop scoopers are so popular!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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