Best Large Litter Box For Cats 2020 Reviews

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

Having a large cat can mean struggling to find the right products for it. Most items are suited for small or medium-sized cats, making your large cat miss out on all the modern trends.

Finding a litter box, in particular, can be a hassle for large cat owners. The use of litter boxes is essential for hygiene, for both the cat’s and yours. Moreover, having the correct-sized litter box will allow for easy usage for your cat – in a comfortable and rewarding way to prevent conduct mishaps.

In addition, cleaning a litter box is also easier than having to clean accidents from the carpet or flooring.  So what is the largest cat litter box available? The following extra large cat litter boxes are specifically designed for robust cats because they deserve to be pampered, as well.

Best Cat Litter Box

Top 10 Best Litter Box For Large Cats

Petmate’s Booda Clean Step Litter Dome

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Looking for an extra large litter box for big cats? With superb customer rating, the Petmate’s Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box is a great addition to any home. The sleek step design catches litter from your cat’s paws and the dome adds extra privacy. A great extra large cat litter box! My top pick for extra large cat litter boxes.

This version includes a charcoal filter to minimize odors and is made in the USA. Additionally, this particular box measures 22 inches long, 17 inches wide and 18 inches tall, while the door opening is 10.4 inches by 9.6 inches. What’s more, a free sample of the Magic Blue Litter Box Filter is included in your purchase.

• 50 percent larger than an average litter box
• Carbon filter and liner included
• Built-in handle for easy carrying

• It is a bit difficult to accommodate the liner to the box
• More time consuming to clean than a standard litter box

PetFusion BetterBox LARGE Cat Litter Box

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This simple but efficient, vet-recommended PetFusion BetterBox Large Cat Litter Box has a non-stick coating, as well as a low entry point and high walls to contain litter and leaks. It is made from a highly-durable ABS plastic and includes a 12-month warranty.

The simplicity of cleaning is the real payoff for this product, thanks to its non-stick coating that actually works. Though not one of the biggest litter boxes in the list, the PetFusion litter box is 22.6 inches long, 18.1 inches wide and 8 inches tall, making it a decent-sized product for large cats.

• Reduces sticking up to 70 percent and is antimicrobial
• Open-top litter box promotes healthy usage according to vets
• Large dimensions and specifically designed to allow for easy scooping and cleaning

• Does not include cover, which some owners prefer

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

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This xxl cat litter box in particular offers a sweet feature – its removable top for easy cleaning. It’s great for large felines, as it has a large and deep pan and is easy to access for any sized cat. It is made from durable plastic and is very lightweight, making it easy to move around when needed. In addition, the fabricating material is also antimicrobial and non-sticking, for quick and simple cleaning.

The Petphabet box is available in many bright colors to fit any home décor, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your color scheme. Furthermore, the product’s dimensions allow for a roomy and rounded interior – it is 24.8 inches in length, 20 inches wide and 16.5 inches tall. In addition, the door opening is 8.2 inches by 7.8 inches.

• Transparent cover allows you to see when it is time to clean
• Very large, making it ideal for households with multiple cats or with one large cat
• Money-back guarantee
• Available in beautiful, bright colors

Favorite Jumbo Box Extra Large Litter Box

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This 25-inch cat litter box is a favorite amongst cat owners because it is highly stable, durable and light thanks to its fabricated material, which is a premium thick PP material. What’s more, it has a convenient access and a transparent lid for privacy and containment of litter.

This well-loved litter box is 25 inches in length, 19 inches wide and 16.5 inches tall. It is one of the biggest litter boxes on this list. Moreover, the entry is 8.5 by 8.5 inches, while the interior bottom is a whopping 18-inch in length by 12.5-inch-wide space.


2 Cats Sharing a litter box

• Easy to clean
• Removable transparent lid
• Capacious interior, perfect for large cats

• Only available in black and white color
• Does not include non-stick coating

Petmate Giant Litter Pan For Cat

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The Petmate Giant Litter Pan is made from eco-friendly plastic that contains micro ban, which is an antimicrobial. The litter box can hold more than thirty pounds of litter thanks to its large capacity. It is highly ideal for large cats, considering it is one of the biggest oversized litter boxes for cats on this list. In addition, it is a product made in the USA and has superb structural stability for added durability. This Petmate litter box is 34.7 inches long, 19.8 inches wide and 10 inches tall.

• Built-in caddy allows for quick storage of litter box accessories.
• Very large capacity for litter – more than 30 pounds
• Made from eco-friendly materials

• Can be heavy during cleaning if filled with litter
• Not available in a range of colors

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

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The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is easy to assemble with snaps and locks in. In addition, the hooded cover, which is also removable, allows for privacy and easy cleaning. Moreover, this litter box also includes replaceable carbon filters to prevent bad odors. It measures approximately 22 inches long, 17 inches wide and 18 inches tall, while the door opening is 10.4 inches by 9.6 inches, making it suitable for even large cats.

• Large dimensions for big cats
• Easy to assemble and clean
• Removable hooded cover

• Only available in a warm gray color
• Hood is not transparent

Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

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This is a versatile product that can be used as a nice, decorative cover for your cat’s litter box. It is specially designed for extra-large litter boxes and provides a lot of space and variety of organizing options.

You are able to place the entrance on either side of the Cat Washroom and use the divider to have all of your pet supplies in one place. Its modern design, emulating natural wood grains, makes it a nice addition to any room. The doors are magnetized and can be opened wide for easy access.


This Cat Washroom provides comfortable, private space for large cats with no problem. If you worry about your cat being alone in a dark space, relax, as enough light comes in through holes to make it a cozy hideaway.

• It is a decorative way to camouflage a messy litter box
• Made out of good quality, sturdy material
• Spacious enough to house any type of litter box and any cat size
• It is easy to maintain and gives you various organizing options

• If your cat accidentally misses the litter box, the wood will soak up urine very fast and the smell is usually hard to get rid of

LitterMaid Mega

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This product helps you keep your litter box clean and odorless without the mandatory daily scooping. It is a fully-automated, self-cleaning litter box that is specially designed for larger cats weighing over 15 pounds.

This self-cleaning litter box is equipped with motion sensors, which detects that your cat has left and starts a cleaning cycle after 10 minutes. If your cat re-enters the box in the meantime, the sensor is triggered and the cleaning cycle is restarted once the cat leaves. The automatic rake moves to scoop the waste and stores it into a receptacle, eliminating unpleasant smells.

Due to its size, this self-cleaning litter box is suitable for households with multiple cats and helps you keep up with their needs. Your cat will have enough room and will enjoy using this product, as the waste will be eliminated in a short time.

• Easy to assemble and use
• Enough room for your large cat
• Motion sensors activate the cleaning cycle every time your cat leaves the box
• Waste receptacle and carbon filter eliminate odors

• The material tends to build-up and rakes should be cleaned manually from time to time

PetSafe ScoopFree Extra Large

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This is another self-cleaning litter box that is spacious enough for your “fat cat” to feel comfortable in. It uses pretty much the same self-cleaning technology as the previously described product, relieving you from your scooping duties, with a little twist.

Namely, it leans on innovative crystal litter to absorb urine and dehydrate the solid waste. This way, the unpleasant smells are instantly removed. It also has a covered trap to capture the solid waste, so you don’t have to touch or smell it.

It is very easy to use – simply install the disposable litter tray and plug the device in. The sensors will detect your pet leaving and will activate the cleaning process after 20 minutes. After a couple of weeks, remove the tray, place the lid over it and simply throw it away.

• Self-cleaning litter box that stays clean for weeks
• Crystals are dust-free, absorbs the moisture and odor better than the traditional types of litter
• Quick and hygienic clean up

• Sensors may work with less efficiency after a while

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Extra Large

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This product automatically scoops after your pet and is large enough for a household with several cats of various sizes. It has high edges to prevent the litter being scattered around your home.

The cleaning cycle starts 15 minutes after your pet leaves the box – the waste unit moves across and rakes any waste that has been left. Afterwards, the waste is dropped and locked into the waste collection bin. Once the bag is full, simply remove the tray and throw the bag out.

This product is reliable, with sturdy metal gears to secure a smooth operation. It works with all kinds of cat litter, so your cat can continue using its favorite brand. In addition, the carbon filters and waste box trap odors and the cleaning process is quiet.

• Easy to assemble and use
• Works with every type of litter, so your cat doesn’t have to alter its habits
• Quiet performance

• The motor gears are placed only on one side, which may cause the rake to jam from time to time

Litter-Robot III Open Air

best automatic litter box

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The Litter Robot III Open Air is a state-of-the-art automated litter box, as it is shaped like a sphere and uses the latest technology to sift out and get rid of the waste.

The cleaning cycle begins automatically as your cat exits the box. The globe slowly rotates and the patented sifting system separates the waste from the rest of the litter. The waste is captured in the carbon-filtered compartment and the globe returns in the basic position. It forms a clean, even litter bed every time.

There are no special accessories required, as it uses regular clumping litter and simple kitchen bags. A blue light indicates that the waste drawer needs emptying and there is also an adjustable cycle timer, as well as an 8-hour sleep mode and a safety lock.


It has a large entryway and litter chamber, so it can accommodate cats weighing 5 pounds and more. It is also equipped with a self-adjusting cat sensor and can serve well for households with two cats.

• Durable and reliable product
• No additional accessories needed
• Comes with a money-back full sellers guarantee

• It is not suitable for more than two cats


Large domesticated cat breeds can reach up to 25 pounds in weight. To house this big, cuddly, gentle souls, you must have enough room and the right equipment. Choose from these extra large cat litter boxes without having to worry about the hygiene and mess anymore.

If you’re looking for more advanced solutions, we have a complete guide on automatic cat litter boxes here!


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