The Best Litter Box Furniture (2023 Updates)

Cat and hidden litter box
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

When it comes to your cat, you want to do the best you can to help them become comfortable in your home. This will definitely include helping them feel comfortable using their litter boxes as best as you can, even if it compromises the aesthetic appeal of the room you put them in.

However, what if there was a way you could have a litter box without having it sitting out in the open unattractively? The answer to this question is simple: search for some of the best high quality cat litter box furniture that act as litter box enclosures.

Luckily, the best cat litter box furniture exists to keep your cat’s hidden litter box out of sight. At the same time, it can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the rest of your furniture without clashing with your interior design. Yes, it’s possible!

You might not think of putting a cat litter box in furniture as a solution to your problems, but it is actually a quite effective method of concealing the litter box. We’ve tested a bunch on the market and here are the ones worth your money!

Our Top Cat Litter Box Furniture

Top of the Crop: Merry Pet Washroom Pet House

merry pet


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The Merry Pet Washroom Pet House is a high quality cat litter box furniture product that will provide your cat with an excellent, aesthetically pleasing enclosure for privacy. It also has odor blocking and litter tracking prevention features. We loved how it acts as a camouflage for the litter box but it can also be used to hold a cat bed, giving your cat the capability of having a space to curl up and sleep. Both of these features will make purchasing this enclosure one of the best and easy choices for you and your pet.

With this litter box furniture, the odor and any mess from the litter boxes will stay within the pet house. It comes in three different colors: white, walnut, and espresso. Any of these three colors could be designed to match the rest of the furniture in your living room or any area of your home to the best of its ability.

We love how this pet house is made out of natural wood grains with a magnetic door that keeps your cat’s litter box hidden from view inside. It does require assembly, but it will turn out to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your room.

The easy-to-follow assembly instructions and all the materials are included within the package you purchase the product in, and it will only take around 15 minutes to assemble. However, it does not come with the tools that are required for assembly or a litter box to place inside of it.

Once we assembled the cat litter box furniture, we could use it as both a nightstand and a pet house best suited for cats and small dogs. The door will open wide to help you have enough room for easy cleaning, and also gives you the ability to replace litter boxes and cat beds. It is capable of fitting a large litter box pan.

If you want a pet house that can blend in smoothly with the rest of your furniture and acts as a functional nightstand with a multi-tiered shelf space, this may be the right one for you.


  • 15 minute assembly time
  • Stainless steel towel bar for organization options
  • Multi-tiered shelf space
  • Odor and litter tracking prevention features
  • Blends in with your furniture to the best of its ability
  • Keeps the mess inside of the litter box enclosure


  • Materials can be improved
  • May not fit some litter box sizes, especially extra large litter box sizes

unipaws Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench

unipaws bench

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The unipaws Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench is a litter box furniture brand that will provide your cat with the privacy it needs. It also gives you with some of the best home decor additions and features, as well as protection from the odors in your cat’s hidden litter box.

We love how it has double functions as an aesthetically pleasing nightstand or end table. Plus, it has functional use as a hiding place for your cat’s litter box or bed. Overall, this storage bench will prove to be an excellent design choice.

The wide top design on this storage bench is one of the most interesting features on this furniture. It will allow you to place decorations or essential items on top of it such as plants, lamps, personal items, etc. You could definitely use the top of the furniture to suit your interior design while drawing attention away from the litter boxes inside.

Worried that your things might fall off the top? The apron design is built into the top to effectively prevent your items from falling over.

We loved how the magnetic touch design features on the door allowed us to easily open the door. It gave us enough space to clean the inside of the storage bench easily. One of the most interesting features is the interchangeable panel that can be installed on either side of the cat washroom. This allowed us to push it to one side of the wall while our cat entered through the other side.

It will also prevent litter tracking outside of the litter box furniture and helps to provide an excellent amount of odor control. The panel can be removed to give enough space to place for an extra large litter pan, or two small size litter pans for multiple cats.

You would not notice there would be a hidden litter box inside of this product unless you took a look through the entry hole made for your cat. There is enough space on the inside to fit bigger litter boxes and for your cat to be able to move around properly. There is also a separate area that will provide another hole for your cat to use. This will help decrease the amount of litter tracking out of the cat house, located between the litter box and the main entrance.

This, among other amazing features, will be useful if you want to have an easier time cleaning your cat’s litter. The relatively easy assembly process is also a bonus!


  • Features a durable design from the solid wood, MDF, and metal hinges that goes into its construction
  • Can fit most litter box sizes, or possibly even two small litter boxes
  • Easy to use and clean your cat’s litter
  • Quick and easy assembly with instructions included
  • Features an interchangeable panel


  • This product is only available in white

New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo

new age pet ecoflex


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The New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo is a modern and stylish piece of cat litter box furniture that will effectively camouflage your cat’s litter box appearance and odor. In our opinon, it works best as an end table. It is made out of odor-resistance ecoFlex and waterproof materials that will never soak up moisture. We also loved its features like the front panel door with an elevated cat entrance.

In addition to having moisture resistant features, the materials of this end table are also resistant to cracking, splitting, and warping. Any mess that happens as a result from your cat urinating outside of its litter box can be cleaned simply by wiping the mess away. This end table is easy to clean and has side vents inside of it that will provide the proper level of ventilation to keep odors to a minimum.

The cord protector at the back of the end table will allow you to hide any annoying cords that are located behind the furniture. It comes in four different colors that will blend in nicely with any other piece of furniture: grey, russet brown, espresso black, and antique white.

We loved how the fold down door at the front gave us enough easy access to clean the inside of the box quickly and easily. The door also features strong magnets that will hold the door tight and protect it from accidentally dislodging.

Other highlights of this litter box furniture include having the ability to fit most standard and self-cleaning litter boxes and comes in standard and jumbo sizes. Use this litter box furniture as a play or sleeping area for your cat, as well as a regular storage space or end table. The floating top panel of this product can be used as living room furniture.


  • Features waterproof materials that will not soak up moisture from pet accidents
  • Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Multi-functional and stylish features
  • Some of the best odor-resistant features
  • Simple tool-free assembly with assembly instructions included
  • Floating top panel can be used as furniture


  • Might not be the best products for larger cats

Petsfit Assemble Odorless Night Stand

petsfit odorless

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The Petsfit Odorless Night Stand works as both a functional end table and litter box enclosure. We thought there was plenty of space at the top of this piece of litter box furniture to place decorations or belongings, and an ample amount of space on the interior to keep your cat’s standard sized litter box.

However, we did think it was just a little too compact to hold extra large litter boxes meant for bigger cats or self-cleaning litter boxes. But it should still get the job done. It is available in an espresso shaded color, which will help it blend in perfectly with the other pieces of furniture inside of the room.

This nightstand is waterproof, easy to clean, and long-lasting. The high-quality materials of this furniture is highly durable and will be able to withstand multiple uses from your cat. You can use the interior as a place to put your cat’s bed, giving them a nice and secluded resting space either on the inside or on the top of the nightstand.

If you are using this nightstand as a litter box enclosure, then this will be perfect to use for the more shy cats to help them become more comfortable using the litter box.

We find this quick and easy to assemble. It has a latch closure that will keep the litter box secure on the inside and will also keep your cat from opening it up and spilling litter on your floor. The compact design of the nightstand will help it fit perfectly and blend into a small apartment space.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It’s quite easy to clean
  • Latch closure


  • Too compact for larger litter boxes

Internet’s Best Decorative Cat House & Side Table Litter Box

decorative internet


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The Internet’s Best Decorative Cat House doubles as a cat litter box enclosure and as a side table. It is available in white and espresso colors, which will likely blend in with the rest of the surrounding furniture. The decorative pet door at the entrance of this cat house will allow your cat easy access when they want to use the bathroom.

The hinged door that includes the pet door will prevent the door from coming loose and potentially harming your cat. Plus, the magnet features on the door will let the door close securely and completely. This litter box furniture will do an effective job of keeping your cat’s litter box out of obvious sight while keeping the strong odors from the litter box contained with nine different holes that provide ventilation.

We love how the dark and quiet space that this cat house provides helps our cat feel comfortable enough to use the litter box. It also gives enough space to move around easily inside even with the door closed. If you want to, place a pet bed inside so your cat has a comfortable and secluded area to rest in.

The wide top area of this pet house will allow you to place all kinds of decorations and belongings on top. Place plants, lamps, and decorations on the top of the furniture to match your decor. This piece of furniture is constructed with an espresso finish, which should be able to help you achieve the complimentary accent you want for your home.

We use it as a side table or as a nightstand while it doubles up as a cat litter box enclosure or a pet bed area. It will provide an extra sensation of luxury that anyone may desire to have from their furniture.


  • Multi-functional cat house
  • Features a hinged door with a cat hole
  • Excellent ventilation features
  • Odor protection features
  • Quiet and spacious enough to help your cat be comfortable using it


  • Cat door may be too low
  • The hinge features of the door are a little filmsy

The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box

refined feline


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The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box is a durable and discreet reversible cat litter box enclosure cabinet with a top storage drawer and reversible walls. It will match well with the rest of your home decor. It looks like a regular cabinet or end table and is made with solid wood with an espresso or mahogany finish. This helps to add on to the overall traditional appearance of this litter box furniture as a whole.

We find that there’s enough space within this refined litter box furniture for our cat to move around and get comfortable using their litter box. It looks just like a regular rectangular cabinet or end table, and it will also provide you with extra storage area features. The top storage drawer will also be especially useful for storage purposes.

This piece of furniture is big enough to accommodate the size of most self-cleaning litter boxes and even has a space inside where you can run a power cord out of the back of the unit. Even better, located at the back of this end table furniture are the dual carbon filters that help to keep odors trapped inside of the cat litter box furniture. They neutralize odors to keep your home smelling fresh. The interchangeable side walls will give your cat the ability to enter from whichever side they prefer to use. Simply position the side they do not use against the wall.

The high quality packaging and construction materials will ensure that you have a cat litter box furniture that is worth the investment. The internal plastic lining inside of this unit makes it much easier for you to clean. This furniture is easy to assemble and even has a storage drawer behind the cabinet doors, which is easy to pull out whenever you need to use it.


  • Features a top storage drawer
  • Reversible walls
  • Internal plastic liner that allows easy cleaning
  • Both sturdy and functional


  • Universal carbon filter is not included with the purchase of this product

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure – Dog-Proof Litter Box Furniture

designer catbox furniture


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The Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure is constructed with a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) body with a stain-resistant furniture finish and a solid wood veneer. This cat litter box furniture has plenty of amazing features, such as an interior panel. It also has an easy opening from the top that helps to keep the litter contained within the area of the enclosure, preventing litter tracking outside of the litter box enclosure on your cat’s paws.

We find that the top opening makes this cat litter box furniture much easier to clean than most front opening enclosures. The top functions like a door and stays open to give us access to clean the inside, and it will keep the majority of the litter and the litter box odor inside of the enclosure. The interior panel will keep the litter from escaping onto the floor, and it is removable in case you want to place a larger litter box on the inside.

The entrance hole can be assembled on either side of the cat litter box enclosure to make a discreet opening for your cat to use. It is possible that no one would even know that you have a cat litter box inside of the litter box enclosure unless you told or showed them yourself.

The way that this cat litter box enclosure is built will allow only cats to get inside to use the space for themselves. Children or any other type of pet you have in the house will not be able to interfere with the interior, which helps keep your cat comfortable using its own litter box space. This product is also available in a Jumbo Designer Catbox size that will accommodate larger cats or multiple cat households.

You will be able to hold bigger litter boxes inside of them and your cat will have an ample amount of space while they are using their litter box. The standard Designer Catbox comes in white, black, and espresso veneer colors while the Jumbo Designer Catbox comes in black and white.


  • Easier to clean than front opening enclosures
  • Prevents children or dogs from getting into the litter box pan
  • Features an opening top for easy cleaning
  • The interior panel and staggered entrance prevents litter from escaping
  • Easy to assemble litter box furniture


  • This piece of litter box furniture might not be suitable for some average sized cats

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

good stuff company


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The Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box furniture is one of the best fun and creative ways of hiding your cat’s litter in an inconspicuous place. This cat litter box enclosure comes with dust filter features and it resembles the appearance of a real clay pot and plant with decorative moss. It provides the perfect disguise features for a large litter box inside, giving larger cats an ample amount of space and privacy.

It is also big enough to work for multiple cat households. This cat litter box furniture looks like a regular fun decoration that blends into the rest of the decor in the room. For us, it made a fine addition for smaller apartments. Your pet will likely enjoy sitting inside of this particular piece of litter box furniture.

No one will really expect a cat litter box to be hidden inside of a decorative plant, so this piece of furniture will be the last place people expect a litter box. That is, until they see a cat actually walk inside of it.

It has a vented system which prevents dust and odors from spreading within your home. Made of polypropylene, it’s very durable and sturdy even after multiple uses. You can also use it as a pet bed if you line the base and place bedding inside of it instead of cat litter.

This hidden cat litter box enclosure comes included with the plant and moss. So all you will have to do is fill it up with litter and place it in the corner of a room for your cat to use at their own convenience. It measures up to 42 inches high with the plant included, so it will be tall enough to pass as an actual decoration.

If you want to spruce up your small apartment space while also having a functional litter box furniture piece, this is an excellent investment. One thing to be wary of with this litter box furniture, however, is that children and any other pet you keep in your house may become curious around it. Even your own cat could think it’s an actual plant and try to knock the cat litter box over by accident.


  • Creative method of disguising your cat’s litter box
  • Designed to work for larger cats and multi-cat households
  • Made of durable materials
  • Has a vented system for dust and odor prevention features in your cat litter


  • Your cat or any other pet may become too curious with the design features litter box furniture and they might try to play with the plant

Meow Town Concord Litter Box Cabinet Furniture

meow town

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The Meow Town Concord Litter Box Cabinet Furniture is a stylish and discreet litter box furniture cabinet made with a medium-density engineered-wood frame. It even features a water-resistant paint finish. Made with an attractive mahogany finish, it has a double-sided utility door and a ground-level entrance on the side for your cat to come and go as they please. This litter box can become a practical home accessory that you can also use as a functional form of storage.

We love how the cabinet is designed to blend in with the rest of the furniture in your room and effectively conceals your cat’s litter box from visible view. The double-sided utility doors are made with antique brass-finish knobs and the features of the magnetic closing doors can be easily opened and removed. This makes for easy cleaning of the litter box.

We can say that it is highly durable and we love the spacious interior for our cat to use and move around in comfortably.

There is also plenty of space on the top of the counter to place decorations and personal belongings, as well as a cabinet in the interior for extra storage options. The top of the dresser can hold more than 20 pounds and can possibly be used as a television stand.

Who knows, your cat may also want some space on the top to curl up and sleep. The two paneled doors open up completely to reveal the litter box for easy cleaning, and closes magnetically to conceal them once again.

You could fill the inside cabinet with items meant for your cat, such as cat toys or the litter box scooper. Aside from using this cabinet as a litter box enclosure, it is also versatile enough to be used as an area for your cat’s bed or just for a regular storage space for your own needs. You can place the cabinet against the wall to allow your cat to have easy access to the inside of the litter box enclosure.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in espresso and mahogany finishes
  • Excellent storage method
  • Ability to decorate the top


  • Some parts of the cabinet can be improved


Who Should Buy Cat Litter Box Furniture?

We all know that cats are such private creatures. They all love their own privacy, area and space for themselves. This is where cat litter box furniture comes in handy. The enclosure provided by cat litter box furniture products can be their little private and quiet rest space where they can go to nestle up in comfort.

What’s the difference between cat litter box furniture and the normal, traditional litter box then?

Litter box enclosures are generally bigger and definitely give a lot more space for cats to move around. You can also store your cat litter accessories. Plus, they have special functions and features to prevent odors and leakage.

Travel Cat Litter Box

Another important point is that litter boxes are mostly unattractive! Many cat owners struggle with where to place their litter boxes. After all, no one wants the litter boxes to stand out in an obvious manner. Again, this is where litter box furniture comes in.

Some of the best litter box furniture products will give you an easy cleaning benefit, while still allowing your cat to have easy access to their litter box enclosure. Instead of going through great pains to hide your cat litter box out in the open, use cat litter box furniture will help to hide it. It’ll fit in with your home interior design nicely while allowing your cat to hide and use their litter box in private.

When you get a new piece of litter box furniture for your cat to use, you may want to keep the door to the inside so that your cat can get accustomed to where their litter box is in order to help get them from getting spooked. Close the door once you are certain your cat is completely comfortable. If you are using the litter box furniture as a space for your pet to sleep, you will want to keep the door open for them at all times so they can lie down whenever they want. Unless your cat just decides to sleep on the top of the litter box furniture, the inside of it should be an excellent place to rest.


Furniture for litter box offer a wide variety of beneficial features. These litter box enclosures give your cat easy access to their litter box while also providing them with the privacy. Most litter box furniture will allow you to fit a large size litter box inside, or even sometimes two smaller litter boxes for multiple cats.

Some even come with some of the best special features that you could put to use for your own benefit. You can use some cat litter box furniture products as an extra means of storage. Even if you end up not using the cat litter box furniture to hide your cat’s litter box, you can still place a pet bed inside to let them rest.

Pet house features will be some of the best options you could choose for any pet you have since this will provide a whole new function. Although sometimes, your pet may opt to sleep on top of it instead.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best important features of litter box enclosures and some of the best furniture litter box products available.

How to pick the best cat litter box furniture?

  • Ease of Assembly

One of the best features of furniture products will be how simple it will be to build. Your cat litter box furniture will arrive at your house in need of being assembled once you get it inside. Some pieces may be more difficult to assemble than others, but you will generally want to have an overall easy time of assembling it properly.

The door on the furniture should seal properly to keep the litter box inside, along with the cat litter that will likely spread on the inside of the cat litter box enclosure.

Some of the best cat litter box furniture products are relatively easy to assemble. But you may need some tools and pieces that are not included inside of the package in order to properly finish the job. Keep your tools handy in case you need them, follow the instructions, and have someone to help make the assembly process easier if you need to.

  • Size

The size of the litter box enclosure is one of the most important features when you are looking for something to hold your cat’s litter box. Are you using a standard litter box for one average sized cat? Or do you have a larger cat or multiple cats that will require a larger litter box?

Do you have an older cat or a cat with disabilities that will make you need to account for the size as well? You want the enclosure to have enough space and essential features to accommodate for the size of your cat and the size of their litter box equally.

Your cat should have enough space on the inside to be able to move around freely so they can be comfortable using their litter box, and an operational door to get the litter box in and out when you need to.

Additionally, you want to account for the size of the area you want to place the enclosure in. You may want to search for a more compact enclosure if you live in a small apartment. But any size should be fine for an average bedroom if you calculate the space inside of the room correctly.

  • Type of Furniture

The type of enclosure furniture you want to have should probably be one of the first things you think about. Some of the most common options are cat washroom options, end tables, and cabinets that you can use for storage.

With those pieces of furniture, you could place items at the top for decoration or accessibility purposes, or on the inside if they have extra storage drawers. End tables will typically be a good option for blending in with other pieces of furniture.

However, there are some litter box enclosure options that look more decorative such as flower pots or ottomans. No matter what type of furniture you want, make sure that it has enough space to hold the litter box and for your cat to be able to move around. The extra means of storage that you will have after the assembly process is finished will prove to be an extra benefit.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation features are essential for any piece of litter box furniture to have. You want to make sure that the litter box furniture has a proper ventilation system. Proper air circulation will allow you to maintain a safe and healthy environment while preventing horrible odors from escaping into other areas of your house.

If your cat’s enclosure has proper ventilation, then both you and your cat will be much more comfortable being around it. Keep your room clean and healthy with proper ventilation in order to keep your convenient storage space without being repulsed every time you approach it.

  • Materials

The materials are also important. You want to have furniture that is made of durable materials to protect it against common damage such as scratching, chipping, or cat urine. The furniture you choose can be both durable and aesthetically pleasing, and you should not really have to compromise one or the other.

Many pieces of cat litter box furniture are made of wood. Some types of wood do not absorb moisture which will make accidental messes much easier to clean up. Pay attention to the types of paint used so you can be certain that your furniture does not contain any toxic chemicals that can harm you or your cat.

  • Provides Easy Cleaning Access

An accessible and easy to clean piece of furniture are definitely essential features for both you and your cat. You can either clean from the front or the top of the furniture, and you should have enough space to move the litter box in and out easily so that you can replace the litter.

Cleaning the cat litter box from the top of the furniture will allow you to clean it quicker and have an easier time dealing with the bad odor and the dust during the cleaning process. It is also inevitable that your cat will cause a few accidents on the outside.

You will want to be able to clean out the inside quickly and easily when that happens so that the mess does not stick. Generally, the easiest type of cat litter box furniture to clean is the type with double-sided utility doors. With that type of furniture, you can just sift the litter without having to remove it from the interior.

Just in case, you can even place a litter mat for cats under it.


Many types of litter box enclosures are designed to be convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and functional for both you and your cat. Your cat will have an easier time using their litter box in private and you will have an extra piece of attractive furniture that you can use for storage which effectively hides the litter box.

The furniture that is typically used as litter box enclosures are designed to be more modern and blend in with the rest of your decor. Start from any of these picks on our list and you’ll have a great quality one in your home!

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