11 of the Most Loyal Dogs That We’d All Love

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Although a dog is man’s best friend, there are actually some breeds out there that have proven to be the most loyal. If a loving, faithful canine is what you’re looking for, you might want to narrow your search down to these specific breeds. We’ll also share some stories about some of these faithful breeds.

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11 Most Devoted, Faithful Canines

St. Bernard

St. Bernards are known to be large canines that drool a lot, but did you know that they are also very faithful? Even with their large size, St. Bernards are some of the friendliest and most gentle canines out there. They were bred in the Swiss Alps to be rescue caninesvto save people stuck in avalanches. Their thick fur was able to keep the people they rescued nice and warm while being saved. This personality trait has been passed down for generations, making them very devoted, even if bought just as a family pet.

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Story of Hercules, the St. Bernard – Hercules was a very quiet and calm puppy when he was first brought home. About six hours after he was adopted, Hercules had busted his way out of the screen door and bit a man trying to break into his new home. The burglar ran off, not even having a chance to enter the house.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers were originally bred in Scotland has hunting canines.They are very easy going, happy and patient. They are a common breed to be used as service and therapy canines. Golden Retrievers are also a very common choice for a family pet.

Story of Toby the Golden Retriever – Toby saved his owner from choking on an apple. His owner was grateful that he jumped onto his owner’s chest repeatedly with enough force to dislodge the stuck apple. Smart and faithful, we say!

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Although Boxers are a very adorable breed, they were bred in Germany to assist hunters with larger animals to hunt. They have very powerful jaws, which could hold down boars until the owner came to retrieve the animal. Boxers are known to be very faithful, energetic and high maintenance. They make a good family pet, they are typically wary of unknown people and will alert you if a stranger is near. They love to be outdoors, so they could also make a good running partner.

Story of Roxy the Boxer – Roxy and her owner somehow managed to fall off of a two hundred foot cliff. Sadly, her owner died due to the fall, Roxy stayed by her owner’s side for eight days until they were discovered. Even after they were discovered, it took quite a few attempts to get Roxy to leave her owner.


Kuvaz originated from Hungary and they were mainly used to guard livestock on farms. They are large in size and known to be very intelligent. They like their independence but they are also goofy and personable pets.

Story of Pilot the Kuvaz – Pilot is a Kuvaz that acts as a caregiver for his owner who had an accident. His owner is unable to lift anything weighing more than five pounds and has dizzy spells from time to time. When his owner becomes dizzy, he will allow her to lean on him; he also will carry laundry baskets up and down the stairs for her.


Beagles are well known for their barks and being hunting canines. They also have a great sense of smell and are great companions. They can be traced back to ancient Greece, although more commonly known for being bred in Great Britain. They are happy, gentle and kind; but they are faithful to their owners and will protect them.

Story of Belle the Beagle – When Belle’s owner had a diabetic episode, Belle used her teeth to dial 911 for her owner to receive the help she needed.

Rough Collie

The most well known Collie is Lassie of course! Rough Collies are used as herding canines and originally come from Scotland. They are very smart, faithful to their owners and good with other animals as well as children. Lassie definitely was a good portrayal of a Rough Collie.

Sassy is a therapy canine that has an amazing sense of smell. Just using this sense, she can tell if someone is going to have a seizure. A loving family is looking to adopted Sassy to assist with their son who has a severe case of epilepsy.

German Shepherd

It’s obvious that this breed is from Germany, but did you know that they go back all the way to the eighteen hundreds? They are very commonly used as police and military canines, which is good because they are so loyal. They are very active and form a strong and lasting bond with their owners. But they do require a lot of training.

Story of Moti the German Shepherd – When Moti’s house was broken into by a man with a gun, Moti jumped into action, trying to protect his family. Moti was shot by the intruder, and then the intruder left the house. No worries, Moti had a full recovery! But Moti’s quick action saved the rest of his family.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are great family pets. They are very intelligent, great with kids, faithful, filled with energy, and form a strong bond with their owners. They are also very good hunting companions as well.

Story of Patty the Labrador Retriever – After their boat capsized into freezing waters, Patty saved her owner, She swam a great distance in a strong current to dry land with her owner holding onto her tail the whole time.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is the smallest breed of Terrier and comes from England. They have hypoallergenic fur, which makes them great for people that allergic to canines. They are commonly used in canine shoes, but they make a great family pet as well. They love to be near their owners, and are very cautious around strangers. They would make a good little guard canine since they will bark if an unknown person is around.

A Yorkshire Terrier named Smokey was the first known therapy canine. He was used to help a Navy officer that was injured during World War II; and then taken around to help the moods of other injured soldiers.


Although they are more commonly known as wiener dogs because of their long body, they are great companions. Originating from Germany, they were used for hunting small animals. Their large paws and short legs are perfect for digging. They are very playful and protective of their owners.

A Dachshund named Jojo noticed that the wall behind the little girl’s wall was getting hot because of an outlet. Jojo got her owner’s attention and potentially saved the whole family from a house fire.


Coming from England over two centuries ago, they were bred to become bird hunters. They are very sensitive and usually very easy to train. Brittanys are very gentle and easy going as well. They make a wonderful addition to any family.

Cooper’s owners were awakened one night by his barking. When they decided to look out the window, they noticed that both of their cars were on fire in their driveway and were close to catching a nearby tree on fire. If the fire had spread, Cooper’s owners are sure that their house would have caught on fire as well.


When choosing a new furry member of your edition, you want to choose a very loyal dog. You want a dog that will keep your from harm and also love you as much as you love them. These breeds are definitely some you should consider adopting into your family!

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