Best Non Tracking Cat Litter That Doesn’t Track 2023

Non Tracking Cat Litter
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

Many cat owners are concerned about cat litter getting tracked and scattered all over the floor of their homes and want ways to prevent this from being a constant issue. It is inevitable that cat owners will have to spend a lot of time trying to keep their floors tidy, especially if they have multiple cats within their home. Non-tracking cat litter is one of the best solutions available for this type of problem.

Keep in mind that cat litter is not 100% non-trackable, but non-tracking litter is designed to give you a much easier time with cleaning, helps decrease your worry about suffering from dust allergens, and can be considerably more affordable and environmentally than most regular name brand types of litter. 

The best non-tracking litter can be made of less natural ingredients such as clay or litter crystals, and more natural ingredients like walnut or pine.

There is no way to completely keep the cat litter off of your cat’s paws, but non-tracking litter will help make your job much easier. To make the process of learning and searching easier for you, read on to discover which features you should consider paying attention to when searching for non-tracking litter.

I tried some of the best non-tracking litter products available on the market, and here are the ones that were truly effective.

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Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter – Best Non Clumping!



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Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable option that your cat is sure to enjoy. It is made of recycled paper, making it more eco-friendly and exceptionally flushable. There is a variety available for every cat in both scented and unscented varieties to help your cat feel comfortable using their litter box.

This product has a 99.7% dust-free rating to help provide your home with a substantially dust-free environment. You and your cat will certainly breathe much easier while this litter is being used, and you can spend less time worrying about your house being unclean and surrounded by allergens.

I found that paper pellets absorb three times as much moisture than traditional cat litter. You will not have to worry about harmful chemicals harming your cat.

The rate of absorption this cat litter is capable of contributes to the level of odor control it will have. The non-toxic, low tracking formula that is used in the making of this cat litter is recommended by many U.S. vets and can be used as an excellent training litter for kittens.


  • No harmful chemicals to harm your cat
  • Made in paper pellet form to be soft on your cat’s paws
  • Long-lasting and low tracking cat litter
  • Low tracking pellets that doesn’t stick to cat’s feet


  • Not recommended for multi-cat homes

Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter

fresh paws


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What’s the best litter that doesn’t stick to paws? The Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter works amazingly for multi-cat homes and for cats who prefer to use litter with larger particles. The clumping clay of this litter will help you have an easier time scooping up your cat’s messy litter. The fact that it is also formulated to be dust-free will also help with the cleanliness factor by making cleaning easier and preventing allergens from being spread around your house.

The low-tracking properties of the cat litter will help prevent the cat litter from getting stuck on your cat’s paws and ending up all over the floor. The Fresh Step litter has the ability to form tight clumps when your cat urinates, which is advantageous for multi-cat homes since it helps keep each cat’s mess separated from each other.

Even with multiple cats, the activated charcoal within this cat litter will give you a 10 day odor control guarantee with its natural odor absorption properties. Every time your cats use the litter box, the fragrance activated by your cat’s paws releases odor control in controlled amounts so it will not be too strong.


  • Clumps quickly; low tracking cat litter
  • Provides a guaranteed 10-day odor control
  • Non-tracking and low-dust formula
  • Amazing for multi-cat homes


  • This cat litter is not biodegradable

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Non Tracking Litter

naturally fresh walnut

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Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Non Tracking Litter is created with 100% natural products that also has an amazing level of odor control that will keep your house smelling fresh and clean. It does an excellent job of suppressing the ammonia smell in cat urine, even if you live in a multi-cat household. This cat litter is also entirely hypo-allergenic and dust-free, which will help you and your cat breathe easier in a safer environment.

The cat litter does not stick to your cat’s paw, which prevents it from being spread all over the floor and allows your cat to be more comfortable using its litter box. One bag of this non-tracking litter is equal to about three bags of regular clay litter because of how strongly this litter is capable of absorbing urine.

I love how this cat litter is super absorbent. It was capable of forming really strong clumps that will make it easier to clean your cat’s messes while also removing the strong odors permeating around its cat litter box. The 100% natural ingredients within this cat litter ensures that this litter is absolutely environmentally friendly.


  • Very low chance of tracking
  • Easy to clean and low tracking cat litter
  • Does not stick to your cat’s paws


  • Bag may be heavy


Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Cat Litter

purina tidy cats

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Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Cat Litter is an excellent litter product to use specifically for multi-cat homes. Regardless of how many cats your household has, this litter will do an effective job of keeping your house looking and smelling as clean and fresh as possible.

It is available in different sizes: 20 pounds, 30 pounds, and even gives you the option of choosing four 10 pound bags. This litter is capable of locking in odor in order to provide you with around-the-clock odor control, allowing you and your cats to live in a happier and healthier environment.

With a high level of odor control combined with an equally high level of absorbent properties, you may even be able to wait up to 2 or 3 days before cleaning and changing your cat’s litter box. The litter works quickly and efficiently to absorb your cat’s urine and urine smell as soon as they start urinating, and additionally begins to dry up the waste so it will not get stuck on the interior of the litter box.

Even if you have a lot of cats in your home, this litter will effectively prevent tracking around the floor and other areas of your house. They will feel soft to the touch for your cats paws and the residue will not get stuck to their paw or fur. This will save you a lot more time and energy from having to worry about cleaning your cat’s messes.


  • Low tracking properties
  • Provides complete odor control 
  • Super absorbent


  • Might not be the best product to use for cats with respiratory issues


Fresh News Post Consumer Paper Pellet Cat Litter

fresh news


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The Fresh News Paper Pellet Cat Litter is an eco-friendly, dust free cat litter that will be effective in preventing you and your cat from suffering with dust allergies. This cat litter will not leave any dust residue behind and the natural paper pellets will retain their form after use in order to keep cat litter from tracking all over your floors. It is made of 100% recycled paper, making it non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable, and flushable.

Additionally, the baking soda in this cat litter will work to eradicate the bad urine smell from the litter box area in order to help you and your cat be more comfortable in your environment. This level of odor control will work wonders if this litter is put inside of a plastic litter box, or any other type of litter box made of non-absorbent materials.

I found that this cat litter was effective enough to reduce cleaning and changing time to once a week. Everything may be discarded into a garbage bag with no problem since it will not cause any harm to the environment.


  • Completely non tracking
  • 99.99% dust free
  • Pellets are soft on your cat’s paws
  • Flushable


  • This type of litter is non-clumping


Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

feline pine original


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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is made up of wood granules that prevent litter tracking and helps you maintain an excellent level of cleanliness within your home. This litter is also made with no toxic chemicals that can harm you or your cat or cause either of you to have allergic reactions. You will be able to experience peace of mind knowing that you and your cat will not be affected by harmful chemicals and other additives.

The pine formula does a wonderful job of absorbing the ammonia scent from your cat’s urine, which will help keep the smell from spreading out around your house and prevent you and your cat from becoming uncomfortable with the stench. In addition to its excellent odor control, you can feel much better about using this litter knowing that the pine material base is not composed of the different types of artificial ingredients most regular types of litter uses. There are also no clay-based ingredients inside of this litter, which makes this litter non-clumping.


  • Non tracking
  • Dust-free
  • No toxic chemicals or additives
  • Amazing odor control


  • This version of this product does not clump, although there is a clumping version of this product available
  • Pine granules can be difficult for your cat to become accustomed to


Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

dr elsey


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Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Litter has one of the highest-rated levels of clumping action amongst product reviewers and cat owners and will work wonderfully for multi-cat households. This litter will quickly and efficiently absorb your cat’s urine as they go and create solid clumps while also preserving its shape.

This combined with its effective moisture absorbing abilities will help keep the odor controlled and trapped within the litter. The clumped up litter will be much easier for you to clean, as long as you maintain a consistent cleaning schedule.

In addition to its clumping, absorbing, and odor controlling abilities, it is also 99.9% dust free, which will help to protect you and your cat from suffering with possible dust allergens. Even if some bags have more dust inside of them than others, they still have substantially less dust than many other types of big brand named litter products on the market. You will not have to worry about any strong and horrible smells from the dust, feces, or urine if you clean your cat’s litter box regularly.


  • Highly affordable litter product
  • Extremely effective clumping action
  • Has less dust than most other litter products


  • Litter may have a problem with caking up due to its strong ability to absorb moisture


Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter

simply pine natural

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Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter is made of a majority of non-toxic natural ingredients such as pine, spruce, and fir that contributes to its odor controlling and moisture absorbing abilities, and effectively prevents litter from getting tracked all over your house on your cat’s paws. The litter pellets from this litter product are entirely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. With these natural ingredients, you will not have to be concerned about you or your cat suffering from any harmful chemicals or additives.

You will also not have to be concerned about suffering from dust allergens. The clumping properties of your litter will trap the odor inside of the litter and will help you have an easier time of cleaning your cat’s litter box without having to scrape furiously at the interior.

The pine pellets will absorb moisture, suppress the overwhelming smells within your cat’s urine, it will not stick to your cat’s paws, and it will easily keep the litter track free. They will also turn your cat’s urine into sawdust to increase the simplicity of cleaning exponentially. The main thing you will have to really have to worry about is your cat’s solid waste.


  • Completely non-toxic
  • Absorbs moisture quickly, effectively, and naturally
  • Excellent odor control thanks to the pine pellets
  • Biodegradable


  • PROP 65 warning


Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Best For Kittens

naturally fresh pink


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The Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is a walnut based, unscented, quick-clumping kitty litter that is used for training kittens to use litter boxes. This litter product is entirely biodegradable and made with all-natural ingredients that will keep your kittens safe.

The main ingredient of this litter includes walnut shells, which also makes it environmentally friendly to use. There will be no need to worry about harsh chemicals or additives affecting your kitten with this litter whatsoever.

This litter is mostly dust free and will not stick to your kitten’s paws, so you will not have to worry about being affected by allergens or litter being tracked within your home. The combination of natural ingredients within the litter will help attract your kitten to the litter box and help it learn how to use it as it grows up.

The walnuts that make up the main base ingredient are renewable each year, which helps to assure you that the litter is fresh and free of any kind of ingredients that could potentially cause damage to your kitten. Since it has been determined that most cats would prefer litter that does not have a scent, your kitten will likely be more comfortable with using the litter box.

The quick clumping properties within this litter help contribute to the level of odor control it is capable of. It will do a much better job of controlling odors than most other types of litter, including clay, pine, or wheat. The clumping ability of the litter combined with the fact that it is unscented will guarantee that you will not have to worry about overpowering odors in your home.


  • Biodegradable
  • The walnut shells that are included in this litter are non-GMO and sustainably grown
  • Non-toxic
  • The herbs help to attract your kitten to the litter box


  • Has the possibility of producing dirty color tracking


Selecting a non-tracking cat litter

Does Not Stick on Your Cat’s Paws

will not stick to cat paws

Litter getting stuck to the bottom of your cat’s paws can always become a big yet common issue with many types of litter, and it is just as unenjoyable for them as it is for their owners. You certainly would not like the feeling of something getting stuck to your feet while you were trying to use the bathroom, so you could only imagine how cats feel when litter gets trapped on their paws.

Not only would this cause your cat to be uncomfortable, but it would also cause a mess on your floor due to litter being tracked everywhere while they try to get it off.

To avoid this issue, find a litter that is guaranteed to not stick onto your cat’s paws. Your cats will be more comfortable using the bathroom, and you will avoid having to deal with litter related messes more often.

Litter Robot’s Best Litter

Clumping vs. Non-Clumping

Clumping litter has a higher chance of being tracked within your house. But it will still be easier to clean up than non-clumping litter when it does get tracked. Non-clumping litter has less of a chance of getting stuck to everything it touches, but it has less odor control capabilities than clumping litter does.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should weigh the options you will have with them and take the time to think about which kind you would rather use for your cat’s litter box.

Odor Control

Tips for odor control

Odor control is a highly important factor when it comes to choosing which non tracking cat litters to purchase. Just like you, your cat definitely does not enjoy the smell of an overpoweringly smelly litter box, and they have a significantly more sensitive sense of smell than humans do.

Litter that absorbs naturally and quickly will do an amazing job of controlling odors within your cat’s litter box and will help you, and your cat have a better time with the smell of the litter box. Make sure that the ingredients within the litter are free of harsh and harmful chemicals and additives but are still effective in concealing bad odors.

Luuup cat box

Better With Cleanliness

You will want to find some cat litter that will give you an easier time cleaning and maintaining the house. The more absorbent the litter is, the less messy it will end up being for you and your cat. Other factors to pay attention to are how dust-free the litter is and how easy it is to clean when it clumps up.

Litter with dust in it can cause allergic reactions within you or your cat, so you may want to find one that is as close to dust-free as you can find to keep you both from suffering and having to clean up dust-related messes.

Environmentally Friendly

If you want to search for more environmentally friendly options for your preferred brand of cat litter, you may want to search for litter that is made of natural and biodegradable materials (Best Paper Pellet Cat Litter 2022). Not only will it be more eco-friendly to use, but it may also make your cat more comfortable using its litter box.

These are also best for odors. They smell much better than regular types of litter.

When you buy environmentally friendly litter for your cat, you will not have to worry about them being filled with chemicals that will negatively affect you or your cat. Natural ingredients may also sometimes be useful in training kittens who are just starting to learn how to use the litter box.

Types of Cat Litter

Types of Cat Litter

There are many different types of cat litter to choose from that come with their own sets of pros and cons and are made with different kinds of materials. The main categories of cat litter are flushable (see Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands Septic Safe), hard clumping, odor control, easy scooped, ultra clumping, and 2x absorption.

No matter which category of cat litter you choose to use, you will want to make sure that your cats will be able to adjust properly to the changes in their litter. You will also want to be sure that they have the previously mentioned features so that they will be effective and comfortable to use for your cats.


Whether your non-tracking cat litter is biodegradable or not, you will find that your cleaning job with your cat’s litter box will be much easier than it would have been before. With this guide, you should be able to have an easier time navigating through your options. Some of the litter products mentioned within this guide are some of the most high-quality, effective, and affordable products available to you, and hopefully, your cat will enjoy it as much as you do.


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