12 Best Pet Cameras: Surveillance Monitor, Interactive Treat Dispensers

best pet cameras reviews
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2023)

Not too long ago, you could only imagine what your pets were getting up to when they were left home alone. As pet parents, there’s been countless times where we’ve wanted to know how Harley managed to get stuck in the trash or eat our leftovers.

It was only after one of my friends clued me in on a particular home automation gadget that my prayers were finally answered: the pet surveillance camera. After hearing about this new tech, I knew I had to do some research on these surveillance, interactive pet monitors to help create a list of the best ones for video monitoring or connecting with dogs and cats.

CameraMy Rating Out of 5My Notes
Petzi Camera & Treat Dispenser4.2Audio is great and it dispenses treats. However, it's only one way audio
Pawbo Pet Camera3.8Features a laser game. 720p streaming, 2 way communication, social sharing.
Petchatz Videophone3.5Good in low light, calming scent feature, 2 way communication.
Petcube Pet Camera -
4.5Wide angle lens, laser game, HD video, 2 way audio but doesn't dispense treats

The 12 Best Pet Cameras (2023)

1. Petzi Cam and Treat Dispenser

Our Top Pick

We adore this Petzi camera as it has a pretty cool story. This Petzi treat cam was crowdfunded to huge success in the very beginning! Not only does this camera give you the ability to communicate with your pets, it also has a pet treats dispenser that you control. You can even take photos  to save for later.

Key features:

Cam/Monitor, dog camera treat dispenser, one-way audio

Why This Camera Is So Popular:

  • Communicate at any time from anywhere.
  • Allows you to give a treat. Purchase this camera with this wi-fi cam treat that is popular and compatible with this cam.
  • Capture photos for future use and share easily with social media.
  • Dispenses treats

Keep In Mind:

  • You can only use a certain size treat
  • The treat dispenser in this camera may not stand up to hyperactive, strong pets.
  • Audio is only one-way. Your pet can hear you, but you can’t hear them.

This camera would suit someone who may be trying to train their pets, as a treat can be dispensed when they stay away from the trash.

2. Pawbo Life Dog Monitor

With an impressive 720p live streaming and video recording capability, Pawbo dog monitor has an almost similar design as the previous brand but is packed with a lot more features. The best part? This camera’s wireless. Your dog will love the built in interactive laser dot chasing game and the multiple sound effects just make the experience all the more interesting and engaging.

Key Features:

  • Two-way communication
  • Live stream in 720p
  • Recording capabilities
  • Game and treat dispenser
  • An easy-to-use app that comes with the camera

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Allows for two-way communication
  • The video-recording capability is stunning! You can also set it to download into your cloud storage.
  • Built-in treat dispenser and laser game. Yes, it comes with a fun dot chasing game and even sound effects for some added excitement.
  • This camera allows easy sharing to social media (for photos)

Keep In Mind:

  • Can’t hold very many treats
  • Short power cord/ no on/off switch
  • Doesn’t allow you to zoom in

Suits those who have a little bit of technology experience, as there have been known incompatibilities with routers. This camera would also be good for children (supervised, of course) so they can play games together.

3. PetChatz Videophone Pet Camera


One of the most durable that I found is the award-winning Petchatz Videophone pet surveillance camera. Even though it is at a higher price point, it gives you exciting new options to choose from. I love this Petchatz Pet camera also because it’s great in low light and the audio call quality with your pets is wonderful too.

Key features:

  • Two-way communication feature in this cam
  • Can activate scents to keep your pet calm
  • Sound and Motion Detection

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Two-way video compatible with multiple devices
  • Treat and scent dispenser
  • Pet-Safe design

Keep In Mind:

  • Low-resolution cam
  • No option for infrared night vision mode

Suits someone whose pets have separation anxiety, as this camera includes calming scents. Motion/ sound detection would be helpful for an excitable pet too.

4. Petcube Camera

With an appealing design combined with customizable features, the Petcube pet camera has definitely earned its place amongst the top cameras. Armed with a wide angle lens feature, this camera also allows you to chat and listen 2-way. Easily share photos and videos and watch your dog enjoy the built in laser toy too!

Key features:

  • Two-way audio so you can talk to and hear
  • Wide angle lens
  • Built-in laser
  • Access to pet lovers community

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Its elegant, modern and trendy design definitely stands out! We love the sleek lines of this designer dog camera and how it complements any home decor. (This camera does resemble the design of Apple products, doesn’t it?)
  • A wide-angle lens which is great for viewing HD video
  • Two-way audio so you can hear your dog/cat and vice versa
  • Customizable access for different people

Keep In Mind:

  • No night vision
  • No treat dispenser

This dog camera would be well suited for those who prefer not to give their animals treats when they’re away. Also, with a wide angle lens, you get a better view than with similar cameras.

5. Piper NV Camera

This Piper NV camera was designed as a comprehensive home security camera system so you can be assured of its top notch quality. Easy to set up, you can even get text or email alerts and use it with a smart phone app that you can download. Great for monitoring your pets and watching what they get up to!

Key features:

  • Security camera system
  • 180 degree with audio night vision (high resolution).
  • Motion/sound detection
  • Light/humidity sensors
  • Siren
  • Text/email alerts

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Doubles as a smart security system (well, it was originally designed as a security system!)
  • High resolution 180 degree with impressive viewing quality
  • Text/email alerts straight to your phone
  • Allows for 2way audio
  • Allows you to record and playback later
  • Easy to use and install. It’s wireless too so no annoying wires or holes in your wall.

Keep In Mind:

  • No auto-reset feature
  • Sound quality is good but not as impressive as the viewing quality

This surveillance monitor dog camera would be great for someone who wanted to combine a pets cam with a security system. Also, the 180-degree cam would allow the worried owner to have a complete view of them.

6. Zmodo Pivot Camera

Another camera/security combo, this pet cam from Zmodo provides similar value as the Piper at a lower price point. I love the extra features of temperature and humidity readings plus it’s also a bluetooth speaker! The 1080p HD specs is definitely more than satisfactory and this camera even rotates in a full circle when recording short clips.

Key features:

  • Can pivot, rotating in a full circle to take a video
  • High Definition with wide angle lens
  • 360-degree motion alerts so motion can be detected even if it is outside your field of vision
  • Temperature and humidity readings
  • Acts as a Bluetooth speaker
  • This cam has easy setup! Do it in mere minutes.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • 1080p which gives great viewing quality
  • 360-degree motion detection
  • This camera even comes with built-in 16GB storage
  • It can pivot and rotate in a full circle. You can playback the pivot from your smart phone.
  • Two-way audio in this cam
  • Temperature/humidity sensors
  • Comes with night vision that allows you to see clearly in the dark up to a distance of 32 feet.

Keep In Mind:

  • Motion detection needs improvement
  • Some wifi compatibility issues

Great for someone whose dog or cat is sensitive to temperature and humidity, as these can be monitored. Someone who wants a clear picture should also use this, as this dog camera is a 1080p. We especially love the pivoting/rotation feature!

7. Arlo Smart Camera

This Arlo cam is a patented design and is only one I discovered that encompasses both indoor and outdoor needs. It has a unique wire-free design and comes with these really cool magnetic mounts that allow you to place/hide this camera anywhere you want easily.

Key features:

  • High Definition; night vision compatible
  • Email/app notifications
  • Motion activated
  • Weatherproof

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Indoor/outdoor design so you can choose to monitor the exteriors of your home as well.
  • HD night vision allows you to see quite clearly in the dark too.
  • Wire-free design so no tangled wire mess
  • Free cloud storage
  • Easy setup

Keep In Mind:

  • Some customers mention that the motion detector has a slight lag

This cam would be great for someone who has a doggy door; the weatherproof ones allow you to install them outdoors as well as inside.

8. Nexgadget Wireless Camera Security

This sleek Nexgadget camera includes a One Key WiFi Configuration so that you can access your camera in only 5 minutes! Nexgadget HD camera even includes a 2 way microphone, real time communication, and motion detection providing notifications right to your phone. Thankfully, it’s 720p HD with a full range of motion too.

Key Features

  •         Built-in responsive and advanced microphone
  •         Provides you with phone and email updates
  •         720p HD with 350 degrees horizontal view and 90 degrees vertical rotation range
  •         Advanced night vision
  •         Viewing distance of 8 meters with no glare

Why It’s So Popular

  •         Very easy to install and operate
  •         Can record and take pictures on your phone
  •         Microphone and speaker have good quality
  •         All you really need is a good wifi signal for it to work

Keep In Mind

  •         There is sometimes trouble to hear on the two-way audio
  •         Some dog owners have problems recording when the app is not on

The Next gadget dog camera is for anyone who needs to see their pet at all times, whether it’s night, during the day, or if it’s is hidden somewhere far away. This camera so easy to install that even those of you who usually have trouble will find it easy.

9. YI Wireless Security Surveillance Camera

Pick out this dome-shaped security camera for night vision, high definition, large rotation ranges, and a microphone that will allow you to communicate when you’re not around. The interface itself is easy to use, including an intuitive app, camera sharing, and many more features that help you get the most out of your dog camera.

Key Features

  •         720p HD camera with 345 degrees horizontal and 115-degree vertical range for 360 degrees of coverage
  •         Advanced night vision
  •         Responsive microphone for 2 way audio
  •         Real-time activity alerts
  •         YI Cloud usage to save all photos and footage

Why It’s So Popular

  •         Well built and works well
  •         Good range of night vision
  •         Great price for what you’re getting

Keep In Mind                                         

  •         The app is quite invasive (in terms of privacy)
  •         You can’t actually control the rotation or time
  •         Dog or cat owners have trouble setting it up

This camera is great for dog or cat owners who’d like to be able to pan tilt their camera all of the room without a problem. It works well and is of high quality, so if you can get it set up, you’ll have a strong camera even in the dark.

10. InCliick Camera

The InCliick dog camera has even better quality at 960p, working wirelessly and tirelessly to provide you and your pet with peace of mind. It’s not only ideal for home security with its range of movement, but ideal for your pet too. Listen to high quality audio, experience great night vision, and check your footage from anywhere.

Key Features

  •         960p HD quality with sharp optics and crisp voices
  •         Wireless
  •         Quick set up, including an app
  •         Allows you to define the position or set times

Why It’s So Popular

  •         Crystal clear picture, great sound quality
  •         Perfect price point for lots of buyers
  •         You’re able to speak into the camera right from your phone
  •         Pan and tilt work great

Keep In Mind

  •         The instructions may be a little hard to decipher
  •         No clear directions on how to use the app
  •         Audio may be delayed

Ultimately, the InCliick camera works perfectly for those of you working with a specific price point in mind. It’s not only great for saving money but for keeping an eye on your pet without a problem.

11. Logitech Pup Camera

Keep an eye on your pet with 1080p live streaming of your home. You can use it to detect motion and receive video all day, every day. It takes only 60 seconds to set up, is portable, and rechargeable too! It’s great that Logitech includes free cloud recording and storage, so your data is always safe.

Key Features

  •         1080p that detects motion
  •         Works all day without a problem
  •         Rechargeable  and quick to set up
  •         Includes storage of your data
  • Live video

Why It’s So Popular

  •         Excellent quality while being a compact size
  •         Fast and simple set up
  •         Wonderful motion detection
  •         No monthly fee for the storage

Keep In Mind

  •         Lacking in customer service
  •         You lose all your collected data when you reset it
  •         Must be physically on site for resets

The Logitech is great for dog or cat owners who want a small camera that still does all the work of larger comparable brands. It provides you with any storage you might need so that you can be assured that your pet is safe all day.

12. Vimtag Camera

Vimtag makes a great camera to keep an eye on your pet. This camrea allows you to tilt and pan the camera remotely while detecting motion too but be aware that you do need wifi. Remote access is really convenient. Thankfully though, it only takes 4 quick steps to set it up, is made to be high quality, and will cover every corner of your home.

Key Features

  •         Video quality of 1280x720p
  •         Works 320 degree by 120 degree
  •         Night vision up to 10 meters
  •         Allows you to capture images

Why It’s So Popular

  •         Setup only needs a hookup to the router
  •         Easy control via your phone or laptop
  •         People love the 360-degree rotation
  •         Can switch between multiple cameras simply
  •         High-quality colour, clarity, and night vision

Keep In Mind

  •         Lacking in some documentation of app features
  •          Does require an SD card to save recorded videos

Vimtag dog camera is really great for pet owners who want the option of using multiple cameras, need high quality, and want to pan it around with ease. Even the app works great for viewing, so you can watch your pet on the go.

Why You Should Get a Pet Camera?

There are a whole range of great benefits which come from having a pet surveillance / interactive camera!

Missing Your Pet

First of all, If you’re the sort of person who shares a really close bond with your pet, not being with them all the time can be a hard thing. Having that live or stored video of them in the house can really give you peace of mind that they are doing well throughout the day.

Making Them Feel Loved

Not to mention, if you want to really stay connected to them, an interactive camera will allow you to talk and play with them, even giving them little treats to boost their mood! This is great for people that travel a lot or works long hours, as it’s the perfect way to keep your furry friend feeling loved and happy.

Keep An Eye On Them

It’s also a great way to monitor the health and safety of your cats and dogs. If you ever come home to find a fresh wound or that your four-legged friend is limping, reviewing your camera footage may give you answers to how such an incident happened. Telling your vet what happened to you dog will be of great help when it comes to treating them. 

Another benefit that many people forget is that they still do act as normal surveillance cameras. There have been cases where burglars have broken into a home and it was a pet cam that allowed the police to catch them! 

What Features are Essential in a Pet Cam?

best pet cameras reviews

Once you’ve decided that you would like to get a camera for monitoring your animal(s), it’s important to know which features are vital to have. That way you can avoid buying one that doesn’t tick all the boxes for you. So to make sure it’s not lacking any necessary functionality, here are the key things to look for:

Wide Scope

It’s important to make sure that whatever brand you buy has a wide enough scope to actually cover the area in your house! The whole point of these pet cameras is to keep an eye on your pup or kitten to be sure they’re safe. You can’t do this if you can barely see them in the frame.

This is why lots of people love the ones that roam back and forth to catch angles and corners. Consider what type of setup it needs too in order for you to place it in the most optimal area. If it needs to be plugged in, you might find you have some limited options.

High-Quality Video

For those of you who have watched 320p videos on YouTube, you know how annoying it is to watch videos that are low quality. That’s why you’ll want something that’s at least 720p HD to ensure that everything is clear, crisp, and easy to see. You won’t need to squint just to see your pet through your screen. 

Camera Functioning

Look for the ones that allow you to have more control with zoom and tilt. You’ll be able to catch your dog or cat from all angles, even when they’re in that far corner. You can make sure your pet is extra safe like this since you’ll be able to take a look at what they might be eating if they’re looking alright, and how much trouble they’ve gotten into.

Good Security

You’d also want to take note of security. There are pet camera hacking concerns when it comes to wifi cameras but just be cautious to pick a brand with a good reputation when it comes to security.

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How To Pick The Camera That’s Right For you?

Now you’ve got a selection of only the best cameras, here are some key questions that everyone should be asking themselves to make sure they end up with a product that most suits their needs:

Ease of use 

First should be ease of set-up and use. Some are more hi-tech and easier to set up so if you’re not very tech adept, keep a look out for this factor. There are some versions that only require under a minute to set up!

Device compatibility 

Next, you should think about device compatibility. Do you want to interact from your smartphone or would using a computer be alright? Live streaming is crucial so we recommend purchasing one that comes with a mobile app (that’s the best!) so you can literally monitor and communicate with your dog or cat on the go. Some can be teamed with Amazon Alexa too.


If you want to have that connection to your cat or dog, you will probably be looking for one’s that allow you to give them a treat. This is the sort of reward that will keep them close by the monitor so you can interact with them as much as possible. 

Another feature for pet engagement is one that allows you to talk to them. You will want to think if this is an important part of it for you. Especially for dogs, hearing their owners voice will act to reassure them and limit any anxiety they have for separation. Plus, it’s just a nice way to play with them!

Night Vision

Is a night-vision function necessary or important to you when it comes to cameras? Some owners don’t really mind but some do. If you are often away for longer periods or want to monitor your dog or cat at night (if you’re out often til late), then night-vision would come in handy. This can even double up as a security feature of sorts!

Motion Sensor capability  

This is great when you want to know if your dog or cat has somehow escaped a certain boundary and is entering a room that is out of bounds. The sensor will activate and send you a signal (whether it’s an alert to your phone or a gentle sound signal). Great for activity monitoring.


Whether you just want to keep an eye on your furry friends, or check on your pets. Maybe you would like to play with your cat when you’re away at work, there’s a whole load of reasons why you’d want to pick up a smart pet camera. Just make sure you pick one from this list that suits all of your needs and consider what features are most important for you. They even double up as a baby monitor. So why not?

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