The Best Pup Pads: Top 7 You Should Totally Try

If you've recently bought/adopted a pup, the topic today is not going to be the favorite part of your journey! Let’s talk potty training for your new pup. It’s messy, smelly, and often something which you have no control over. Don’t lose faith though! I have gone through all of this myself so I’m here to help you with a little advice. Hope this is helpful to you!

How To Use Them?

I have to say that they almost saved our lives! We had just moved into a new house and as you would understand, we were extremely worried about our new pup's toileting habits (or the lack thereof)!

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Buying them is of course, just the first step - you still need to train your pup to get used to it. Here are some guidelines:

1. First and foremost, find a small area for your pup in the house

2. Place one of your pup potty pads there. It's important to make it a comfy space where your pup doesn’t feel scared or threatened in any way.

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3. The important thing now is to soak a paper towel in your pup’s urine and place it under the pad. This is usually done because dogs/pups mostly urine in the same spot

4. Keeping the soaked paper towel under it ensures your pup keeps going to the same spot for his business

5. Once your pup is done with his business, you can reward him with a treat. This encourages him to keep doing that

6. Slowly and gradually, move it outside so it associates the potty pad as a trigger and not the location where it was kept initially

7. After you’ve taught your dog some basic commands, you can order them to go outside and remove the potty pad altogether allowing the dog to be independent.

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How To Choose

Knowing how to choose one will rid you of the inconvenience that comes from a pet not liking and eventually refusing to use it. There are a lot of variants out there and knowing what’s good will help you narrow down to a few options.

The most critical components while picking one out are absorbency and size. They ultimately determine whether your pup has liked it or not. Not choosing the right one can also sometimes cause skin irritations. The general thumb rule is that most premium brands out there do a good job for small puppies or smaller breeds for that matter.

When it comes to larger breeds however, or even worse, dogs that can’t control their bladder, the absorbency quotient often becomes the game changer. With the new advancements you can look for a simple unattractive one or go for the eco-friendly or washable options.

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7 Top Pup Pads I Recommend

Parachute Pets

Parachute Pets certainly is one of the top ones out there. The extra large size and the quality ensures that it holds good for both indoor and outdoor use. The product is accompanied by a training guide that lists out the steps for efficient potty training as well as common mistakes made by owners. Plus there’s a money back guarantee option that comes along if you don’t like them.


  • Extra large size that suffices for larger breeds also
  • Fast absorbing material that prevents dampening of floor
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • The absorbents are not on the border allowing urine to leak if the dog urinates near the border


LovePets4Life are a very convenient option in case you are looking at something hassle free. They are eco-friendly and have 5 layers which are absorbent and large enough. They are also infused with pheromones so your dog gets attracted to them instead of the floor


  • The product works great for dogs of all sizes
  • Affordable
  • They are odor free


  • Delivery was late

Four Paws Wee Wee

Four Paws Wee Wee are standard size that use a 5 layer leakproof Floor Armour system that protects your floor and carpets. Equipped with excellent odour control, this is a must buy.


  • The quality of the product is very good for the price offered
  • The absorbent quotient is very high as compared to others in the same price range


  • The scent of urine is a dampener if used indoors

Simple Solution Training Pads

The Simple Solution training pads are a hassle free way of letting your dog use the pads. At 60% larger than standard ones, these trap more urine for repeat use. The odor neutralizers eliminate the urine odor allowing them to be used indoors as well.


  • The pads convert liquid to gel to prevent tracking
  • 100% money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers
  • Great for old age dogs


  • The quality of the pads isn’t as great


The All Absorb training pads are standard pads built with 5 layer technology. The surface is quick drying to prevent tracking, the odour neutralizer eliminates urine smell, and the attractive colour makes for a good sight.


  • The pads are softer and easier to use
  • Holds the urine in one place allowing better absorbing
  • The pads are perfect for training smaller puppies


  • The quality of the pads has deteriorated over the years
  • The scent of the pad can be irritating sometimes

Top Dog

The Top Dog pads absorb twice as fast and twice as much so you can avoid ruined floors and carpets. Carbon technology allows odor elimination and all day use. The Leakproof Dry Lock polymers convert the liquid into gel instantly.


  • The pads are large enough for use by both small as well as large breeds
  • The pads are thinner but effective
  • They look nicer than most pads
  • Has carbon technology for odor elimination
  • Comes with phermone feature so your pup knows where to hit the right spot!


  • Suits smaller dogs better in my opinion

American Kennel Club

The AKC pads as they are known, are probably one of the few brands that have a 6 layer protection instead of the 5 layers offered by other brands. The quick drying gel, odor neutralizing scent and anti-bacterial infusion keep your pet happy and infection free.


  • The pads are perfect for training ageing dogs
  • 6 layers with a quick drying gel for immediate absorption
  • Anti bacterial and eliminates odor


  • Not as absorbent as I'd like
  • Some people say the urine leaks through the pad

Investing in some good pup pads will certainly help in its training and make your life a whole lot easier. Which ones do you use for your home?

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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