7 Top Pup Shampoos For A Healthier Coat!

It’s important to give your pup a wash! Those little trouble makers find a way to roll around in everything, and while it’s normal, we don’t want them tracking dirt everywhere. When it comes to your pup's shampoo, did you know your choice matters? In today's post, I'll take you through some of the most popular options so you can make a more informed choice.

​Which One to Choose?

​Just as with any other product, it’s not easy to pick the right one. Do you need a one for skin conditions? Should it be gentler? How about for dirty puppies? And what about good smelling ones? I know I’ve spent far too long reading labels in the store or reviews online, so hopefully you'll save some time now from this post.

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​Medicated Ones

Skin conditions are common for your new pup, including bacteria, skin irritations, dandruff, dry skin, or greasiness. A good way to fix them up is with some good shampoo for whatever they might be suffering from. These  can be divided up into two categories: for pests and for skin.


These are meant to get rid of pests and are generally anti-parasitic ones that stop eggs from hatching and kill other creatures, and anti-fungus shampoos, which stop fungal growth on the skin. Anti-microbial ones are also important for killing off bacteria. These conditions can be incredibly irritating for both your pet and for you. Skin irritation is commonplace thanks to these, so you might need to add in a skin shampoo after the pests are gone.

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These types are a little more common. They include hypoallergenic ones to soothe irritation from allergies, anti-pruritic shampoos to stop scratching, and anti-seborrheic ones to fix the remaining issues such as dandruff, dry, and greasy skin. All of these issues aren’t as tough to handle anymore.


Natural ones fall into the other category of skin care. These types without medicine are less irritating to skin, and can actually soothe the skin after you’ve used flea or tick shampoo. Did you know there are actually brightening ones for the actual fur? Just like your shampoos shine up your hair, these shine up their coat! Water-less options are used like your dry shampoo, and allergy options relieves your allergies rather than theirs. Conditioning, deodorizing, and actual shampoos soften the fur and clean up smelly pups gently so bath time isn’t a problem anymore.

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Earthball All Natural

Your fur kids shouldn’t be crying when they get their baths! The Earthball brand will clean your dog without hurting their eyes. Advertised as “heavenly-scented,” this is safe, gentle, and effective, not to mention soap-free.


  • Dramatic results stopping obsessive scratching
  • There’s no strong perfume smell and it includes great ingredients
  • Oily, very itchy skin is fixed quickly


  • Can cause allergic reactions in some dogs instead of fixing them
  • Some users considered it hard to remove from the dog’s skin
  • The tea tree oil in it may be fatal in larger doses

OxGord Organic Oatmeal

You, or someone you know, eats vegan, but now you can wash vegan too. Your dog deserves good quality when it comes to their coat and skin. Let’s face it though; you want it too for when you give out hugs and pets! This tear stopping one with quality ingredients is great for both nature and your pet.


  • One user said it “smells like heaven”
  • Great for long-haired and short-haired dogs
  • The quality is high and even the way the bottle is made allows easy usage


  • Users say that it is not actually organic and is restricted in other countries

Oster Oatmeal Naturals

The Oster Oatmeal is actually made with oatmeal to soothe and protect the skin. As long as your pup is 8 weeks or older, lather on this shampoo made with wheat protein, rosemary extract, and humectants for a healthy coat. Raise them up right without any sort of extras and a simple baby powder scent.


  • Itchy, flaky, and sensitive skin is no match
  • It smells simple like a baby shampoo and makes fur softer and lighter
  • It doesn’t interfere with the treatment of other medicated ones


  • Some people have actually said their dog suffered more from dry skin after using this
  • Lathering doesn’t always rinse away easily
  • Dogs with allergies might suffer in some cases from skin issues

Particular Paws Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Hypoallergenic shampoos are very popular now with how many people find themselves allergic to their pet’s fur. That’s why Particular Paws gets rid of dirt, grime, and dander naturally so you won’t need to worry. It’s so great for sensitive skin with the gentle, all-natural ingredients, and skin irritations won’t stand a chance.


  • Pleasant aroma, a good lather, easy to rinse out
  • It’s anti-itch and combats allergies well
  • The smell is gentle and not overpowering while it helps smelly dogs clean up too


  • There’s some uncertainty over the actual ingredients
  • Some people make the point that it’s not any better or any worse than other products
  • It can appear a little cheap to some based on the cost

Tropiclean Hypoallergenic

Coming in a variety of scents and types, the Tropiclean Hypoallergenic is certainly tropical! It just might be the nicest smelling one out there for both your cats and your dogs. Without soap or detergent, it’s 70% organic and ready for you to get washing.


  • The detangler makes it easier for you to comb out mats in the fur
  • You can go through less product when bathing
  • Effective at stopping scratching and extra-dry skin


  • The lather isn’t necessarily great
  • The bottle squeezes out more than you may want at one time
  • It’s been known to cause dandruff in some dogs

Rocco & Roxie Spa

Rocco & Roxie make a variety of products to clean and wash your pet, including conditioners and shampoos. For tender skin, this is perfect. Don’t worry about tears or allergies with good ingredients meant even for nails and follicle growth. Bath time will now be a breeze with this easy rinse!


  • It smells great and doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin; also stops irritation
  • Your dog’s coat feels great between baths
  • Lathers and rinses easily


  • Didn’t seem to stop the itching and scratching for some pets

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)


I can’t tell you how many labels I’ve been through looking for some good options for my little guy. Our pups deserve the top kind of care, and that includes washing them and bathing them with good products. Pick out the one that works well for you and your pup so you’ll both be smiling!

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