Puzzles For Dogs: Fun & Mental Stimulation!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Dogs get lots of stimulation normally when you take them outside or just spend some time playing with them. Obviously, we can’t be there for them all the time though. Sometimes your dog has to be left alone or there might be times when there are lots of people around, causing your dog to get anxious. Keep your dog’s mind engaged and stimulated with the best puzzles for dogs.

Why You’d Want To Get Puzzle Toys For Your Dog:

Why does your dog need a puzzle toy? Well, they might have other toys and they go out on walks, but without the need to hunt for food, dogs really don’t get as much mental stimulation as they would in the wild.

Hiding a piece of food in a toy will help their brains stay strong. It’s lucky that there are tons of toys on the market that do just this, but they also help your dog behave better!

Bored dogs cause trouble, so giving them something to do can really improve their behavior. This is especially true when they feel a little anxious and need something to act as a distraction. Whether you use the toy to slow down their eating at dinner or use it for simple snacks, your dog and you will definitely benefit.

Best Dog Puzzle Toys

You want to get a dog puzzle to help your dog when they’re anxious or bored, but which one do you get? It’s important to consider what works best for your pup.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong certainly is a classic when it comes to puzzle toys. You just put a little treat inside and watch as your dog searches for it. The bounce is perfect for fetch and you can get it in tons of sizes too. Read my Kong review here

Why It’s So Popular:– It lasts for hours to keep your dog occupied- Extremely durable- After months of chewing, the toy is still in perfect shape

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– The Kong brand treats fall out too easily- Quality control is an issue; some toys fall apart and split open- Tough chewers may tear through


Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle

For some interactive fun, try this interactive puzzle for treats. Your dog will have to navigate through 12 chambers, so you can be sure they’re stimulated without worrying about toxic plastic or BPA’s. One of the best puzzles for dogs.

Why It’s So Popular:– High quality plastic; performs as it’s supposed to- The pieces move equally as well for small dogs as for large dogs- You can customize the difficulty depending on your pup

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Dogs can master it quickly- Older pets may not like this type of game


Nina Ottosson DogCasino Interactive Puzzle

This easy to clean toy by Nina Ottosson is great for interactive play. It aids in commands like wait, go ahead, and find, so it’s perfect for puppies. You can even put it in the dishwasher when you and your pup are done.

Why It’s So Popular:– Dogs are able to use their paws more- Any size or age dogs are able to learn how to play- You can change up the difficulty for a different challenge every time

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Dogs master the toy very quickly- You can’t leave your dog completely unsupervised- The product isn’t the most durable for heavy chewers


Dogit Mind Games

Play with your pup while they play with their puzzle! You get three toys in one with this toy that focuses attention and reduces hyperactivity. The suction cups will even keep it in place.

Why It’s So Popular:– It’s fairly durable for excited pups- The three games in one are great- The set up is easy for each game

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Dogs learn to master the games pretty quickly- You do need to be there; not an unsupervised game- More cups would be useful


StarMark Bob-A-Lot

Dogs don’t always get much exercise all alone, but this toy will solve that problem. The large chamber can fit a full meal of food, and with the adjustable difficulty and weighted bottom, you can be sure your dog’s meal is entertaining.

Why It’s So Popular:– It’s a great way to keep dogs busy- You can customize it to make it harder or easier for the dog to get the food- You can pour the kibble right in with ease

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Dogs master the product fairly quickly- The “chew-proof” plastic is definitely not chew-proof- Dogs may choke on pieces they’ve chewed off


Trixie Activity Center Dog Puzzle

Trixie’s one toy can be up to five games! Your dog can scoop out treats, cats can map out the layout, and you can even hide toys and treats. Your pet definitely won’t be bored with this toy.

Why It’s So Popular:– The game is well-designed to fit paws in the alleys- Pets can’t cheat and just stick their faces in- Very durable for heavier pets

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Pets often figure this out pretty easily


Trixie Mad Scientist Puzzle

You just might feel a little like a mad scientist as you place treats in beakers and watch your pet search them out. There are lots of games you can play with this puzzle, and your pet will certainly thank you for it.

Why It’s So Popular:– Takes a little longer for pups to figure out- Dogs really love trying to get the treats out- Very easy to clean with durable plastic

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– It’s a little short for taller dogs- The base isn’t weighted enough to keep it from tipping- It’s slightly expensive for what you’re getting

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At first I didn’t know why I would buy my a puzzle for dogs. Sure, it was entertaining to watch her, but my dog actually gets tons of mental stimulation when she’s playing around too. Look through my top picks for the best puzzle for dogs and watch as your pup’s behavior improves when they work for those treats.

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