Best Tasty Dog Food For Picky Eaters

There are a couple of things that most living creatures on this planet have in common. Even though we are different in every way, we still need to breathe, eat, and drink. Those are the things we need to do every day to survive. You probably remember how your parents forced you to eat veggies when you were a kid. You refused to eat them because you didn’t find them tasty as much as chocolate. If your dog refuses to eat his food, it might be because of the similar fuss you threw when you were a kid. If you give your dog treats all day, chances are he will take a pass on the regular dog food dinner. If that keeps repeating you will have a problem. Dogs need to eat every day to remain healthy and to energize themselves. Today we will talk about best dog foods for picky eaters. So, if you are having the same problem with your dog, keep on reading.

When Should You Be Concerned About Your Picky Eater

If your dog skips a meal, there is no need to panic. Sometimes your dog just isn’t hungry so if he decides that going to sleep is better than chomping on some food, let him be. However, if that behavior starts to occur more frequently, your dog is a picky eater. Dogs generally aren’t picky when it comes to food and eating in general even though some breeds tend to be pickier. You will most likely never see a Labrador declining a bowl full of food, no matter what is in it. Smaller breeds such as Yorkies and Maltese tend to be pickier. If your dog skips his meals but is still energized, perky and alert while maintaining his weight and shiny coat, there’s probably no reason to worry. However, if you notice changes in behavior and physique of your dog or if he suddenly stops eating, there might be something wrong with his health, and that is when you should consult with your vet about what you could do next.

How To Encourage Your Dog?

There are a couple of things you can do to encourage your dog to eat dry dog food. As a matter of fact, that problem is avoidable altogether. Before you even get a dog and bring him home, make sure that you and your family have a plan. It is important that everybody sticks to the scheme. If you honor the deal, but someone else in the family is feeding the dog with human food on the side, it won’t work. Also, try not to feed your dog while sitting at the table. Your dog might get spoiled by human food, and after that, he might take a pass on regular dog food. To avoid that problem you must not feed him with your food during a dinner or lunch. Another trick you can do is to completely separate dog food and human food. This way your dog will never associate his food with your food and vice versa. He must know that the only food he will get will be the food from his bowl. If your dog is still a puppy, then feed him two to three times a day. As dogs get older and bigger, they should eat less frequent. Adult dogs should eat once, maximum twice during a day.

Top 5 Picks For Your Picky Eater

If your dog is giving you fuss with his eating habits, don’t panic. Here are some of the best dry dog foods which even the pickiest dogs will chow down in a matter of minutes.

Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural

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This delicious dog food is completely grain-free and made out of the United States farm-raised turkey. That turkey is also the number one ingredient in this food. Also, you won’t find any fillers, artificial colors or gluten in Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural food but you will find chelated minerals and vitamins. All ingredients are 100% real, and that is why this food is on this list. No dog will decline a full bowl of Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural dog food with real turkey.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

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If you are an owner of a smaller breed, a puppy or a high-energy older dog, then this dog is the best choice for you. Especially if your dog is picky when it comes to eating. The Honest Kitchen Dog Food is rich in proteins and calories, and it is completely grain free. The main ingredient is ranch-raised beef, and no dog will take a pass on that. This food is made in the United States, and it is minimally processed. If your dog is picky and just walks by dry dog food, give him The Honest Kitchen Dog Food, pour some warm water over it and you will see what your dog thinks about it once he cleans his bowl.

Taste The Wild

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This grain-free formula is made out of peas and sweet potatoes which are highly energizing and easily digestible. How often do you hear that dog food contains real roasted meat? Well, Taste The Wild is full of roasted meat which is guaranteed to make every dog lick the bowl. Since there are fruits and vegetables in this formula, your dog will also have a rich intake of antioxidants. Not that your dog will just eat, but he will become even healthier with this dog food.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

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This dog food is famous for its LifeSource Bits which are a perfect mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, whole grains and fresh vegetables. It sounds almost good enough for human cuisine. This formula is entirely made in the United States, and it can convince your dog to eat normally. Holistic, natural and healthy dry dog food is guaranteed to wake the appetite of your dog. This formula is made for adult dogs, so keep that in mind. Your dog is going to enjoy tasting the garden fruit, real chicken, garden vegetables and whole grains.

Purina One

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The main ingredient of this dog food is the real lamb meat. That’s probably enough to say about this food but let’s talk about it some more. If you take high-quality ingredients and mix them up together to get a dog food, you will get a high-quality and tasty dog food such as Purina One. This formula is guaranteed to convince even the pickiest dog that it is time to eat some good ole’ dog food. This food also contains natural glucosamine, high-quality proteins, and Omega-6.

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