Best Tough Durable Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)

When your dog is a heavy chewer, an endless stream of toys will parade through its jaws from puppyhood to adulthood. Heavy chewers know no limits, tearing and shredding whatever object you give them to pieces while awaiting the next one.

Best dog toys

Dogs have a natural tendency to use their teeth; it is how they survived back in the old days. If you observe the various types of teeth in your dog’s mouth, you will know that they were meant to tear and shed and eventually swallow.

dogs fight over toys

They do not do a chewing motion per say, but for all intended purposes, chew is the term typically endorsed. Not all will chew to shreds, but if your dog is keen on making a toy disappear after a few rounds, here are some of the best and toughest dog toys for them to enjoy.

Do Indestructible Dog Toys Really Exist?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding no. No toy, or anything for that matter, can be considered indestructible – no matter how much said object boasts that it is. Every toy will come to an end eventually.

As an added measure, if the toy were to actually be indestructible, then your dog would most likely break its teeth trying to shred it. Ironically, if indestructible toys were to exist, they would be useless.

The good news is, you can find toys that will last quite a long time, months even if you are lucky. That can be considered pretty indestructible to some pet owners.

Parents of four-legged animals search for toys that will please their pup, but will also be friendly on their wallet. With prices of such items elevating and so many to choose from, it is hard to know which ones are worth purchasing.

My Top 10 picks

Mary & Kate Toy for Aggressive Chewers

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If your dog ruins all of the toys you get for it and are you now looking for a toy that will hold up to your pooch’s aggressive chewing habits, then look no further. Mary & Kate’s dog toy for aggressive chewers is made to last, even against teething dogs.

It is machine washable and has a silicone handle so that you can play with your dog comfortably. They are so confident in their product that they offer immediate replacements if your dog does manage to chew through it.


  • You can wash it in a washing machine
  • They will send a replacement toy if anything happens


  • Some bigger dogs have managed to chew through it, though it is rare

TufToys 14″ Big Tough Dog Toy


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Some dogs can chew through virtually anything. If you find yourself having this problem, try letting your dog play with this toy. This chew toy is made out of specially formulated rubber, which is far stronger than most rope or cheap plastic toys.

The design is smart, offering handles so you can play with you pooch, or multiple dogs can play together. On top of that, it even floats on water. What makes it unique from other dog toys is that the shade of blue was specifically chosen to stand out against grass and most carpeting.

As dogs have some color blindness, blue specifically stands out in their color spectrum.


  • It floats in water, making it perfect for dogs who like to swim
  • The shade of blue will stand out against grass and carpeting
  • Non-toxic and strong
  • Made of specially formulated material


  • Some dogs were able to chew through it

Aizara Durable Chew Toy

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If you have trouble finding a dog toy that will actually last longer than a week, then check this one out. AIZARA dog toys are built to last; designed for aggressive chewers.

This toy will do more than last, it will also clean your pooch’s teeth and keep him or her mentally and physically stimulated. Unlike most dog toys, this one is eco-friendly and recyclable.


  • Smart design, made with upgraded material that both floats and bounces
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Good for your dog’s teeth
  • Extremely long-lasting


  • It is a bit heavy, so it may not be good for smaller dogs

Ethical Pets Virtually Indestructible Rubber Bone Toy

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If you are having trouble finding a dog toy that will last with your dog’s destructive behavior, try the Ethical Pets Rubber “S” Dog Bone Toy. This toy is virtually indestructible and well-suited for dogs of all shapes and sizes. However, it is more geared towards larger dogs.

It is made from a non-toxic, thermoplastic rubber that is durable and it can even float and bounce.


  • Chewing this toy is good for your dog’s gums and teeth
  • Made from long-lasting, durable material that can float and bounce
  • Unique shape creates interest for your pooch


  • Some dogs were able to chew this toy apart

Rocco & Roxie Dog Toy Ball

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The Rocco & Roxie Dog Toy Ball was created to last, tested by the resident pooch. This toy is intended for those dogs who are capable of chewing through any toy.

It is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is not only resistant to your dog’s best efforts, but also to all sorts of weather conditions.


  • Made from safe materials and is BPA-free
  • Extremely durable material that is weather resistant
  • You can get a refund if it does not live up to its reputation


  • Some dogs have managed to chew holes through this
  • The ball is not large, so if your dog has a tendency to swallow balls, you may want to avoid it

Petlou Bite Me Durable Squeaker Dog Toy

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Some dogs just do not like hard, rubber toys. If your dog would rather play with a soft, plush toy, but has a tendency to rip through the material, this Petlou Bite Me toy is perfect for him or her.

It is made to last, but also designed smartly – without stuffing to ensure that if your pet does manage to rip through it, he or she will be safe from swallowing stuffing like it typically would with plush toys.


  • A plush toy is perfect for dogs who do not like hard rubber toys, but still do tend to chew through softer ones
  • It is a squeaky toy, offering endless entertainment for your pooch
  • Well-constructed, with multiple layers of material and strong stitching


  • If your dog has a tendency to chew through plush toys, be careful with this one

Pet PhD Inc Chew Toy

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If you are looking for a toy that will stay intact despite your destructive dog (like pit bull), try the Pet Ph.D. INC Dog Chew Toy. This toy is created with an extremely durable new material that is safe for your pet and floats in water.

The Pet Ph.D. INC Dog Chew Toy is perfect for dogs of all sizes, unlike most toys that are indestructible but are extremely heavy, making them more geared towards larger dogs.


  • Made with a soft rubber that is safe for your dog’s teeth, while still being extremely long-lasting
  • Can help clean your dog’s teeth and gums
  • Can help with your dog’s mental development


  • Some dogs will manage to bite through this toy

Fluffy Paws

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Brushing your dog’s teeth is not necessary with this toy. Strategically placed divots in the toy work to keep your dog’s teeth clean and his or her gums massaged. The toy is durable and shaped in a ring for endless entertainment for your pooch.


  • Helpful in the dental department by cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums
  • Made from durable material that floats
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, so it is perfect for different breeds


  • Some dogs find the shape awkward
  • Some are not interested in the toy

Mogoko Squeak Chew Toy Ball

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If your dog loves tennis balls but always manages to bite through them, then the Mogoko Chew Toy Ball is a perfect, durable alternative.

It is made from a long-lasting material with little ridges and shapes on the surface, which create an easy to grip toy. In addition to that, it has interesting bounce patterns for infinite fun.


  • Made from non-toxic, durable rubber
  • It has an interesting shape that creates bounce patterns
  • Easy to grip


  • This toy is intended for larger dogs and will likely not fit in the mouth of smaller dogs

FengRuil Chew Toy

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Some dogs are not interested in toys, only in food. For dogs like that, it may be difficult to encourage them to exercise and play. The Fengruil Dog Chew Toy is perfect for combatting this problem, as you can place food or treats into the toy, which will encourage your pooch to play.

This toy is durable, long-lasting and with concealed food inside, your dog will never lose interest.


  • Smart design with an interesting surface and an inner cavity that holds food or treats
  • Made from extremely durable material
  • Long-lasting and virtually indestructible


  • This toy is not intended for smaller dogs, as they may have trouble getting the food out

Why Are Chew Toys Important For Your Dog?

Chew toys are actually not a luxury, but a necessity for dogs. Dogs will quickly become bored or anxious if left alone too long, or if not exercised properly.

A sturdy and appealing chew toy will keep their minds busy and away from potential dangers, escapes, or messes. Chew toys are not only for entertainment, but for physical stimulation as well.

Since domestic dogs have long since given up on hunting to survive, their powerful jaw muscles, gums and teeth require frequent stimulation to remain strong, healthy and clean.

In summary, chew toys are important for all of the following reasons: entertainment, physical and mental stimulation, for controlling behavior and offering comfort.

How To Choose?

Size and Appearance of Toy

Always buy a toy that is big enough for your dog because anything smaller can pose a choking hazard. It is also important to take into account its physical appearance. Each dog has its own personality and will play with what appeals to him or her best.

Sometimes, fancy toys are ignored while a simple chew bone will be favored. It may take a trial and error type of investigation before finding the correct toy for your lovable pooch.

Construction Material Used

Since not all toys are built the same, it is extremely wise to take into consideration what construction material was used to make the toy. Rawhide is a popular material that is relatively inexpensive but can be dangerous if it was preserved with formaldehyde or formalin.

Products made from rawhide in the United States of America require specific health guidelines to be followed, including the banned use of formaldehyde and formalin. Check where the rawhide toy you wish to buy was made to determine if it is safe enough to use.

Safety guidelines for pet toys will differ from country to country. It is important to be mindful of such things when purchasing objects. Certain plastic materials may also pose a health risk if made with dangerous chemicals.

This is why it is important to choose a trusted brand and watch out for any harmful chemicals or materials used. In other words, always read the labels.


Safety should be a priority and this includes checking for any hazardous risks from the toy in question. Small external (or internal, such as squeakers) objects can be chewed off and swallowed by your pet.

Stay clear of toys that have that potential risk, but if the small part is easily removable, do that instead before chucking the toy away.

What Toys To Avoid?

It is clear that the toys your beloved pet chews need to be made of safe material, no matter how persistent the dog is or how strong its jaws are. This is something you have to pay special attention to if your dog belongs to the group of heavy chewers.

dog wreck stuffed soft toy

To determine whether a material is safe, it firstly shouldn’t be broken or torn easily. Secondly, it shouldn’t be toxic – those are the two main parameters. However, here are more detailed guidelines as to what to avoid.

Vinyl and Latex Materials

Neither vinyl nor latex are durable enough to withstand the jaws of a heavy and stubborn chewer. If the toys made of these materials break, they will probably be left with sharp edges, which can injure your dog’s mouth.

An additional risk is that the dog might swallow or choke on some of the parts that chipped away. That is why you need to make sure you buy a chew toy made out of a sturdier material.

Leave the Soft Toys To The Kids

Seeing an adorable stuffed toy can easily make you reach for it and carry it to the register before you’ve properly thought about the possibilities of its survival when your chewing machine snatches it.

Think twice and you’ll realize that your dog would see the delightful plush teddy bear you’ve lovingly picked out as yet another chewing challenge. In fact, it will set out – and most probably succeed – to rip it apart as soon as you bring it home.

The unnecessary but small expense aside, there are plenty of other dangers that could be a result of your dog playing with these gentle toys. First of all, choking on stuffing can easily occur, especially in relentless and aggressive chewers.

Squeaker Toys

The squeaker is something that will occupy your canine’s attention, as long as they don’t find it. No matter which material the toy is made of, they will resolutely keep trying to locate the source of the noise.

As soon your dog manages to find it, it will most likely eat it. This can then lead to a number of issues.

The Best Material to Choose

You don’t have to wreck your head too much when choosing the right material for your dog’s toys – either tough rubber or thick rope are the way to go. The toys made of one of these two materials will last the longest and will keep your dog’s playtime the safest.

Thick Rope Toys

This is the other highly durable type, but its durability is just one of its features. Helping in your dog’s mouth hygiene is definitely why these toys are a good choice. More specifically, the threads help in cleaning your dog’s teeth as he or she chews on the toy.

two dogs chase rope toys

Also, this material is extremely safe and your dog will easily pass the bits and pieces of it if it happens that they chip away during the chewing. On top of that, these toys are truly easily cleaned, which many owners may find as a huge upside.

For the highest durability and safety, you should choose the items made of cotton with a high number of threads – the more threads, the stronger the toy.

Tough Rubber Toys

These are truly reliable and can stand tenacious chewing for the longest time possible in comparison to other dog toys. These are also great for the teething period, since that is when naturally heavy chewers become even more persistent and aggressive in chewing.

When it comes to shape, practically the only thing to pay attention to is that the edges are not sharp. Everything else depends on your choice and your dog’s size.

Toys for labradors

If you have already been looking into these toys, you may have noticed that they are a bit pricier compared to other types and materials. However, if you want to keep your dog safe and avoid spending on their toys too frequently, these toys will certainly do the trick.

Consider Your Dog’s Age and Development

Dogs go through the same life stages as humans do and accordingly, their energy levels and jaw strength will vary throughout their life. This is another criterion you should take into consideration when choosing a chew toy for your pet.

Chews for Puppies

The youngest ones need a lot of sleep, since they are still going through the body formation and strengthening process.

Their teeth are at the same stage at this point. Because of that, their chewing toy should be a bit softer and smaller so that they can bite on it and not hurt their gentle, new teeth and mouths.

Chews for Adult Dogs

Adult dogs are at the peak of their strength, so their toys would have to be able to endure the relentless chewing of strong jaws to which they will be subject.

This is where a wide range of harder and sturdier toys would come into consideration, which would not be the case with pups or elderly dogs.

Chews for Elderly Dogs

As dogs get older, their teeth and gums become more sensitive. As a result, toys made out of hard materials wouldn’t be as appropriate as those made of softer materials with no rough edges.

Safety Tips You Need To Know:

  • Stay clear of stuffed animals because most pets will eat the stuffing, accidentally or otherwise.
  • Avoid cheap toys that seem easily chipped or can present paint peeling.
  • Your dog should be up-to-date with vaccinations and veterinary checks in order to avoid health issues with a possibly harmful ingestion. For example, it is important that you know if your dog is allergic to a certain material or sensitive to specific chemicals.
  • Always supervise your pet at first when given a new chew toy to determine if it can be easily broken under pressure.
  • If your pet is playing with a broken chew toy, be a generous and safety-conscious owner and buy him or her a new one.
  • Do not underestimate your dog’s willpower and strength to chew through a toy.
  • Having a few toys – but not more than necessary – for your dog can also help prolong a toy’s life.
  • Children toys are not suitable pet toys; always buy pet-friendly chew toys instead.


As mentioned, it may take a few unwanted toys before you find one that is the right match for your dog. Once you know, though, it will be very easy to just replace the toy.

You can opt for having two toys to keep things in balance as well. This offers a longer durability to the toys and your money. Most expensive is not always best, but price should not dictate your final selection.

Investing just a slightly higher amount of money into a good-quality, tough, rubber toy for your dog can go a long way, especially if you have a heavy chewer on your hands.

If you have seen the speed with which your canine friend goes through a cheap plush or even a vinyl toy, you’ll realize that this calculation makes perfect sense.

Instead of spending smaller sums of money each month on a chew toy that will not last as long as your trip to the pet shop, you should opt for investing into a bit pricier but far more durable toy that will resist your dog’s persistent chewing for a year or more.


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