6 Best Toys For German Shepherds That Are Practically Indestructible!

german shepherd toys
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2022)

German Shepherds are dogs that have high energy. They have lots of strength not only in their body, but in their mouth too. On top of that, they’re smart and needs lots of stimulation!

Any German Shepherd owner knows that their pup needs proper toys for their jaws, mind, and body to stay healthy. But you might not know exactly which toys to pick out. There are lots of options out there including German Shepherd training toys. How are you supposed to know what will benefit your dog the most?

Long Haired German Shepherd details

In this article, I share what types of toys will work best for your dog, along with what things you should consider before you start buying. As the owner of a german shepherd, you’ll need to think about how to keep your dog entertained, which toys might help with training, and what toys won’t be shredded within a matter of days! Let’s take a look at the best options for your energetic pup.

german shepherd toys

Different Types of Product

There are a few different types of toys you can pick up when you’re walking aimlessly around the pet store. They serve different purposes, but they can all be useful to your german shepherd in some way:

  • Indestructible toys are necessary for this energetic breed, so they can withstand chewing, pulling, and lots of punishment by your dog. These are perfect for dogs with high energy
  • Comfort toys that are soft and cuddly, to help with sleeping
  • Puzzle toys german shepherds keep your dog’s mind entertained. On top of this, these types of toys prevent your pup from tearing up things or getting anxious when you’re away for a little while
  • Teething toys work well for puppies, since they’ll help strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums. They’ll also distract strong chewers
  • Training toys also work great with puppies, since they can be used for obedience training

Best Toys For German Shepherds


Kong Extreme Goodie Medium

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Kong makes popular dog toys, and with good reason! The natural rubber of this toy holds treats for your pet, so your dog will stay busy and entertained when you’re away. The patented Goodie Grippers keep treats in, while the nontoxic rubber should hold up to any intense chewing.

Why I Love It:
– Edges fill easily with treats
– Freezes to keep your dog occupied for hours
– Proper Kong toys are very durable

Dean and Tyler Bite Cuddly Pillow

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A bite pillow like this is great for german shepherds, since it can stand up to some heavy chewing. The entire thing is made from high quality leather, with two handles for you to hold onto while you play with your dog. It can be used for training or police work, and you can be sure it won’t break. A great german shepherd cuddly toy!

Why I Love It:
– Firm handles offer strong handling and easy positioning
– Material and workmanship is high quality
– Great for tug of war between dogs too
– So durable that you can be assured your dog will be safe

Nero Ball

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This cute little Nero Ball is even used by police dogs and military dogs to help with training. The natural rubber and strong nylon rope stands up to some biting and pulling, and even makes sure you’re able to throw it farther too! Use it whether you’re training, motivating, or just playing together. A great german shepherd training toy!

Why I Love It:
– The material is easy for the dog to tug while still being durable
– Knobs on the ball make it non-slip; every detail has been considered
– Works as a great training reward
– Can be thrown around 70 yards with little effort

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy

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This Goughnut doughnut is made of natural black rubber that is meant to be completely indestructible even for the most extreme chewers. You can use this for large energetic dogs with ease, and even the shape will keep your dog entertained. On top of that, the shape prevents any sort of safety issues.

Why I Love It:
– Very durable even after consistent chewing
– Easy for dogs to carry around with them
– Safe since it’s unlikely to break even for heavy chewers

Kong Dental Toy

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We all know about the classic Kong toys, with this dental toy meant to clean out your dog’s teeth while improving their gum health. You can easily add treats like peanut butter to the grooves, with large and even extra large toys with hollow centers to hold onto treats.

Why I Love It:
– Great for the teeth, especially with german shepherds
– No visible damage even after weeks of chewing to get treats
– Fits even large-sized treats inside with ease

Kong Extreme Doggie Bone

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Grab this extreme doggie bone for your german shepherd and set it up with treats. All you’ve got to do is stuff it with treats and watch your dog be entertained for hours to come. The tough rubber will be sure to stay strong even after so much chewing.

Why I Love It:
– Interactive and easy to freeze
– Keeps your dog occupied for hours thanks to the shape
– Durable, and fairly priced

Buying Guide: What To Consider

It’s best to think about the most important considerations before you pick up any of these toys. In order to get the greatest toy for your pup, take a look at the features you want and what you should avoid.


Any toy you buy for your German Shepherd should definitely have one thing: durability. You’d definitely want indestructible toys for your German Shepherd! That’s because they are known chewers when they’re bored. When you get a toy to stop them though, you don’t want to be buying tons of toys for when they destroy them.

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Physical Activity

Toys that keep your dog active and running are important to buy too. They’ll help your dog expend lots of their extra energy without too much difficulty. If you do get a toy like this though, make sure your dog’s got more than enough room to run around.

Puzzle toys for german shepherds

Your german shepherd will need more than just physical stimulation. They need something to keep their mind occupied too. Try interactive puzzle toys for your dog to help their mind stay sharp while your furniture stays in tip top shape too!

To Avoid

In the end, you need to avoid certain types of toys too. Anything that’s not durable isn’t worth it. You’ll just end up sweeping random bits of broken toys into the trash can before you buy another toy. Rawhide is questioned for this very reason, since pieces can be broken off and swallowed with heavy chewers. This may cause problems when it comes for digestion, and if they get stuck, your dog may need surgery.

That being said, rawhide breaking apart and getting stuck in your dog’s intestines is not common. Any well constructed toy shouldn’t break at all, but regardless, make sure any product at all is high quality and not likely to cause any issues.

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There are lots of toys that you can buy when it comes to your German Shepherd, from puzzle toys to fetch toys to german shepherd cuddly toys, and more! If you want to keep your dog from chewing things up, any one of these indestructible ones is a great option. They can be used to help your dog with anxiety or boredom when you leave, to help them expend energy or to be even used for training. Pick the one out that your dog will like best!

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