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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Dogs need exercise just like people do, and a walk or run at the park a few times a week is essential to keep them youthful and healthier for longer. However, because most pet owners lead such busy lives, pets sometimes tend to get neglected in the exercise department, and some simply don’t have the space or the weather might be bad. Whatever the case may be, treadmills are a great way to keep your little friend in shape and have fun at the same time. They give your animal exercise without the need to leave the house, and you’re absolved from the guilt of not taking your pet on a walk. It’s a win-win! Read on to find out why treadmills are a great idea, and check out the many options available on the market.

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Difference Between Dog and Human Treadmill

It might seem fine to use your own treadmill in exercising your pet, because they’ve probably jumped on it a few times and managed just fine. However, pet treadmills are built with their needs in mind, so they work better for them than the human variety. Plus there are quite a few distinct differences between dog and human treadmills, that it just makes sense to get your pet one that’s designed for them.

Check out some of these differences below to see what I’m referring to:

  • Sound: Human treadmills usually make a loud humming noise when you turn them on, which might scare your pet away as their ears are more sensitive to sound than ours. Luckily, the mechanisms in the canine ones are much quieter by comparison, an are configured to keep them comfortable as they exercise.
  • Hidden motors: The pet ones are also designed so that the motors are kept sealed away to prevent their hairs and other debris from getting in. This ensures that there won’t be anything disturbing the motors, thus prolonging the lifespan of the machine.
  • Size: Human treadmills are much bigger in size when compared to the animal ones, which are much smaller. They also come with specialised belts and safety features to keep them safe and rightly positioned while they exercise.
  • Controls: With a human one, the control panel is usually placed in the front of the person so that they can configure the machine to their preferences, but pet ones don’t require that. So the control panel is placed facing away from the user so that you, as a pet owner, can easily configure it for your pet while they enjoy their exercise routine.

How to Train them to Use The Treadmill

This is a no-brainer. Training is a must when you get your your pet one of these exercise machines, just to get them used to it and prevent any accidents that might occur from wrongful use. Here are some tips on how you can effectively train them to use it:

Familiarize your pet with it first, before you even turn it on. You can do this by getting on it yourself to show them how it’s done, and then encourage them to jump on it while it’s still stationery. Once they are comfortable with it, you can then turn it on for some real training.

Using a leash, lead him to the moving treadmill, taking it one step at a time. If she resists, give her some leeway and understand that this is probably a really weird situation for him. Keep repeating this routine until your pet gets used to the idea of ‘playing’ on the treadmill. They’ll probably go in one paw at a time for the first few times, so patience is required.

After a few tries, they will get the point and start getting comfortable with it. Although he might get scared the first few times after fully stepping onto it, you can use the leash to gently encourage him to stay on. Also try and increase the speed gradually as he will need practice, a ‘trotting’ speed setting might be more suitable and comfortable than a walking one.

Dogs typically tend to slide off because they don’t know where the boundary is. Again, a leash might be helpful to guide them back onto it each time he slips off, and after a few repeated attempts he’ll get the groove of things and notice the boundary on his own.

What to Look For When Buying

As with any purchase, there are a few determining factors to consider before you buy your pet one. From the size, the make, the features in relation to their needs, as well as your budget. Here’s what you should look out for when shopping for one of these canine exercise machines:

  • Size:  They come in various sizes to accommodate different breeds of dogs. So you can easily find one that’s more suited to their size, and they’ll be more comfortable on it.
  • Speed: When it comes to speed, you’ll want to choose a setting that goes with your pets preferred pace. Having seen your pet running or walking in the past, you probably know what speed they prefer to run in, and treadmill speeds usually run from a very slow .5 mph to a super fast 7.5mph. Depending also on their breed, needs and preferences,you’ll most likely want to go with something in-between.
  • Measurements: If you’re cramped for space, it might be a good idea to check the measurements before you purchase it, just to be sure that it’ll fit into the space you’ve allocated for it. Apart from that, there are other features that differentiate doggie treadmills from the human kind that you should probably know about, such as:
  • Conveniently placed controls: The controls on these products for your canine are conveniently designed to face away from them and towards you as the owner, so that you can easily configure it. Really fancy ones come with a remote control function too.
  • Side bars or walls: This is a protective measure to keep them from falling off and hurting themselves while getting used to it.
    They’re made especially for canines, with features that are carefully thought out to meet their needs. This makes them safer, more convenient and twice the fun for your pet!

Best Treadmill for Dogs


Check price and more details here

This product is available in different sizes to cater for different breeds and their needs. It features a metal eyelet at the front, so that you can attach their favorite toy for them to chase after. You can change the speed settings using either the controls on it, or through the remote control that comes with it. Dolly wheels allow you to move it around to pace it anywhere in the house so it doesn’t have to remain stationary in one place, and the parts are protected inside closed vents to keep fur and other stuff from getting in. It weighs about 123 pounds and its dimensions are 15 x 123 x 74 inches.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It gives you the option of controlling the speed through a remote control
– It comes with dolly wheels for convenient mobility
– It’s available in six different size to suit various breeds
– There’s a metal eyelet at the front to attach their favorite toy to play ‘catch’ with
– It runs quietly so as to not startle your pet
– Very sturdy and long lasting
– Easy setup

Keep In Mind:
– The price. It’s a bit high-priced but a good investment.

Go Pet Petrun Pr700

Check price and more details here

This is a nicely compact treadmill that carries a weight capacity of up to 44 pounds, and it was designed with small pooches in mind. Features include a super low platform that makes it easy for them to climb on, and a remote control for wireless configuration on our part. It has a belt adjustment to protect from wear and tear and it runs silently, which makes it quite comfortable for pets to enjoy without the disturbances of sound. Its dimensions are 15 x 81 50 inches, and it weighs 81 pounds.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’s very easy to start your canine on this treadmill, as it has a low platform and un-intimidating size
– It’s very quiet and runs smoothly
– Easy to use remote control that allows you to configure the machine while keeping communication with your pet
– Due to it’s small weight and size, this is lots of fun and ideal for small dogs
– Great customer service from the manufacturer

Keep In Mind:
– The rails are a bit tricky to assemble
– It’s a little heavy and doesn’t come with dolly wheels to move it around

Domestic Pet Dogpacer

Check price and more details here

The product comes with three pre-set fitness programs (e.g. incline) that run in 30 minute intervals. You can increase or decrease speed between and during the intervals and your pet will surely enjoy the customized exercises to keep the treadmill interesting for your pet. It’s practical design features a Folding Patented system to save space, and side banners to protect your pet from falling.

It comes with a care kit and instruction manual for easy maintenance, to help make it last longer, and it’s dimensions are 10 x 26 x 47 inches. It weighs about 97 pounds, is suitable for canins of up to 180 pounds and has a quiet but powerful motor that peaks at 7.5 mph.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Thanks to it’s size, this one is suitable for larger breeds
– Comes with side banner to protect your pet from falling injuries while they get used to running on it
– Features a customized fitness programs to help your pet get the most out of their workout
– It comes at a pretty accessible price point too, especially considering the features it offers.
– Setup is simple, fast and easy
– Maintenance is made easy with a complementary care kit and instruction manual

Keep In Mind:
– The electric motor does make a sound which could put them off, but it’s still not as loud as a human treadmill

PetZen DogTread

Check price and more details here

With its low-profile running platform and specific design, this product from PetZen is made precisely for smaller breeds. It’s lightweight and fully portable, and features space saving and a slim line design, so you can place it anywhere in the house. Other features include pre-programmed workouts, programmable speed of up to 5 mph and it measures distance and time spent on it. It also has a feature at the front for you to attach your pet’s favorite toy or treat. The dimensions are 44 x 20 x 21 inches, and it weighs 47 pounds, which makes it ideal for smaller breeds that weigh up to 30 pounds.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It doesn’t make any noise when switched on and it runs smoothly
– It’s designed to meet the needs and requirements of smaller breeds
– It’s portable so you can place it anywhere
– Comes with a low profile and integrated console
– It’s 5 star approved by the American Pet Association
– It features pre-programmed workouts and settings for incline running
– It has a spot at the front so you can attach treats
– It’s very durable

Keep In Mind:
– The instruction manual some may find too technical and difficult to understand at first

dogPACER Mini Pacer

Check price and more details here

This one comes with multiple exercise programs and has an adjustable speed setting that ranges from . 5 to 7.5 mph with an incline angle that goes from 5 to 9 degrees, so your pet can really get on their stride with this. It also comes with protective side banners which you can use to easily fold it up and move it around. It’s very silent and ideal for placing anywhere in the house.
The dimensions on this are 71” x 16.5” and it weighs 79 pounds. Works great for both small and large breeds.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’s a highly affordable product that provides value for money
– It’s built to last with durable carbon steel
– It comes with an adjustable speed setting from .5 mph to 7.5 mph, s it’s great for big and small breeds
– Features protective side banners for safety and portability
– It’s designed to easily fold up and move around for convenience
– It’s runs silent when turned on

Keep In Mind:
– The speed is not customizable while the treadmill is in movement
– The side guards are made from a flimsy material that can be unreliable when protecting your pet, so be sure to keep an eye on them


Help your pet to stay in shape using one of these products that’s designed just for them. Not only are they safe and more convenient for your pet, but they also come with specialized features that provide an experience that your pet can really look forward to. And as you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your preferences, budget and pet size. Here’s to stress free days knowing that your pet won’t have to wait on you to get their exercise!

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