Best vacuum cleaner for cat litter

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2019)

Cats are known as very clean and tidy animals, but their litter still somehow manages to spread away from the box and lands in every corner of your home, along with the hair and pieces of their food. This is why owning a good quality vacuum cleaner is a must for every cat owner.

There are many different vacuum cleaners on the market, but to help you find the one that suits your needs best, we have made a selection of 5 top-rated products, reviewed by a number of satisfied customers.

The Dyson Ball Animal Pet Vacuum

The Dyson Ball Animal Pet Vacuum is designed with pet owners in mind. Not only it has the strongest suction properties on the market, allowing it to remove any type of cat litter from your home, it also has specially patented tool that removes pet hair from your furniture without tangling it.

It can be used on any surface (carpet, wood, vinyl or tile), as the self-adjusting cleaner head easily transitions from one type of surface to another, giving your house a truly deep clean. It is lightweight and you will be able to reach the smallest corners and vacuum under the furniture without a problem.

What makes this vacuum cleaner perfect is the fact it traps even the smallest dust particles within its HEPA filtration system. It prevents spread of allergens through the air and reduces chances of allergy breakouts and asthma attacks. On top of that, you can empty the dust bin with a single touch of a button, avoiding contact with dirt altogether. Dyson is such a well known and reliable brand; I really recommend it if you’re looking for something that will truly perform.

The Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum

This is a lightweight powerful vacuum cleaner that allows you to get rid of every type of cat litter and other debriefs your pet leaves behind.It is bagless upright cleaner with a folding handle and retractable cord, which makes it suitable for small storage spaces.

It works perfectly on any surface types and its main advantage is the ability to pick up stubborn cat hair from any surface it lands on, relying on the special “Windtunnel 3” technology to suck up all the dirt.

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away True Pet Vacuum & The Shark Navigator Vacuum

These two vacuum cleaners are almost identical, both rated high by the customers on various websites. The most praised feature of these cleaners is the detachable canister, which allows you to deep clean hard-to-reach areas. The advanced steering technology allows you to maneuver effortlessly around furniture and other obstacles and LED lights on a handle and nozzle make your debrief hunt a complete success.

You can clean any surface in your home, switching from carpets to bare floors and back by a simple press of a button on the cleaner’s handle. As the canister part separates from the rest of the cleaner, you can get into small spaces without a problem. This is ideal if you keep the litter box in a closet or some other small area, where traditional vacuum cleaners just don’t fit.

The Bissell Poweredge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

kitty stares with big green eyes

Bissell is a top brand in vacuum cleaning technology. This model is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a swivel steering feature. It has a V-shaped head, which allows you to easily clean around furniture and capture debrief along edges and tight spaces.

However, this is not a vacuum cleaner you can use around the entire house. It works best where other vacuums may fail, on the hard floor surfaces where the debrief will be sucked in with power, rather than just  pushed around. The debrief is captured in the small bin, sufficient enough for the cat litter area.

It is best to have it in the same room with the cat litter box and use it to keep this area nice and clean.

The Panasonic “Jetforce” Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic “Jetforce” Vacuum Cleaner is a model equipped with powerful suction air-turbines and upright bagless technology for easy cleaning. The dust bin is hourglass-shaped, so you don’t have to worry about cat hair being trapped inside of it.

The unique design allows free airflow, as the hair and other debrief fall to the bottom, away from the filters, preventing loss of suction power. In addition, the debrief gets compressed and falls out in one piece when you empty the dust bin. This way your hands and filters stay clean after every use, which is a huge advantage over other models.

The vacuum cleaner performs excellent on any type of surface. It has an innovative dirt sensor that alerts you when your vacuum is still sucking up dirt off the floor – a red light means you should stay put and a green light tells you the area is clean and you can move on.


If you are struggling with cat litter, hair and other debrief sharing your home with a pet brings, switching to a different type of litter grains just won’t do the trick, believe us. In the worst case, you will end up with much bigger mess than before.

It makes every sense to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. Pick one from our list and keep your home nice and tidy in easy daily routines.

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