Big Barker Dog Bed Reviews: How It Supports Your Dog & You

big barker dog bed reviews
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Harley (my large dog) is great for hugs, but maybe not so perfect for my bed! Large dogs can end up taking up so much room that you have to scoot all the way to the side (come on, we’ve all done it). If your dog had a bed that was perfect for them, then you might just have your own bed to sleep on. This post I’m sharing today can help you figure out if it is right for you.

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An Introduction to the Big Barker Brand

The Big Barker brand may make great beds for large dogs, but they don’t leave out small dogs or senior dogs either. These beds are perfect for all types of dogs with a comfortable and well-made design that’ll support even dogs with joint issues. The company itself has also received great reviews as people rave about their customer support. Any sort of issues were discussed and resolved quickly and efficiently, and even without issues, they genuinely want to ensure you and your pet have the best experience.

Benefits of an Orthopedic Dog Bed

Competition for the brand is hard to come by with its superior construction and durability.  An orthopedic dog bed works well to warm up your dog so they don’t need to lie on the cold floor all the time, or sweat it out during the summer. Not only are these beds great for dogs with existing arthritis problems to alleviate pain, but they can help prevent potential problems too. Sharing a bed might be fun for a little while until both you and your dog want your own space. A great dog bed provides that, along with great sleep support and additional space to move.

  • Warms up your dog during cold weather
  • Keeps your dog cool during summer
  • Helps with arthritis problems
  • Prevent further health problems for your dog
  • Provides great support, great sleep and more space

My Review: Tried & Tested!

This bed is ideal for any dog, even if you have your tiny friend taking up the whole space! Ok, so it might be more ideal to get a smaller bed if you don’t need one quite this large, but this bed is comfortable, soft, and perfect for your dog’s needs.

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This bed comes as a large, extra large, and giant size with three available colors. They’re specifically calibrated for larger dogs and might just be “too powerful for smaller dogs,” according to Amazon. A 10 year guarantee makes these beds more than worth it, especially since the foam is meant to retain 90% of its original shape over that time.

This bed won’t flatten or pancake out even with a larger dog. If it does, send it back and get a new one free. They’re even meant to be cleaned in the washing machine by shedding the cover! Your life just got so much easier.


How the bed is made matters. Proper construction ensures that your dog gets the support they need. The bed is 7 inches thick, made with high-quality foam from the USA.

The foam is actually better quality than the foam used in most human beds! The foam isn’t even just one type, but a bottom layer of comfort foam, a firmer middle layer, and another top layer for comfort. I think my dog sleeps better than me now. As I mentioned before, the cover is removable and machine washable, but it’s also thick and made with microfibers for soft comfort.


  • The high quality is one of its best features, so wear and tear shouldn’t be a problem
  • Compared to other beds, it won’t flatten in a few weeks
  • Hailed as the best orthopedic dog bed thanks to support they provide
  • Reduces stress on the dog’s joints
  • Easy to clean and match up to your home


  • It’s more pricey. But many dog owners whose dogs suffer from ailments swear by it and the health benefits for their dog
  • They aren’t 100% chew resistant, but they are still quite sturdy
  • They can take up a large amount of space, so you need to be prepared to make room

Other Reviews

Don’t take my word for it, or even the company’s. If you want to know what’s up with this bed, go right to the reviews. Almost all dog owners rave amount how much they love this bed.

Gerard loved how supportive it was, and even when he sat on it and pressed down, it was so sturdy that he couldn’t touch the floor. Other reviewers agreed with his assessment, adding that their dog loved the bed almost right away. As soon as Sheryl’s guy started sleeping on it, he wasn’t grumpy at night anymore and had so much more energy during the day. The greatest positive thing people had to say was about it solving arthritic issues. Any sitting on the furniture problems were solved too, since he didn’t want to get off his new bed!

The most common issue people had was that their dog didn’t use it. Some people said that their dog needed something more firm. Obviously, dogs are like us humans – we all have different preferences! Melanie said that it was just too warm for her dog to use during the day but it loves it at night.

A few people said the color of the bed bled into their flooring, but that wasn’t a common issue. The highest reported problem was the cost. Although many reviewers said that over time, the high initial cost was definitely worth it.


The Big Barker Dog bed has been a lifesaver for many dog owners and dogs. It’s large, but it’s made specifically for larger dogs (and for cats if your dog doesn’t like it!). We want our dogs to have the best bed to protect their joints and keep them supported. Big Barker does exactly that.

No more sharing your bed with your dog, not when he’ll never want to leave his own bed now. If you’re interested to find out more, you can check out the current price here.


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