BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded, 81L2A Review

poweredge bissell pets review vacuum
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

If you share your home with pets and kids, then hair, food, litter, leaves, sand and mud will eventually end up on your hard floors.

A cleaning routine then usually begins with a vacuum cleaner and continues with a broom in your hands, as you try to sweep every last piece of debris the vacuum cleaner just pushed around and failed to collect. When you are done with the broom, you finish by switching to a mop and getting rid of the most persistent stains and dirt.

If you struggle like this to keep your hard floors clean, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded vacuum cleaner is the ideal product for you. Its manufacturer has introduced an exciting innovation – a V-shaped cleaning head for perfect results – no brooms and mops needed. Read here for the best vacuums for pet hair on furniture!

About this Product

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The wipers of this vacuum cleaner are made of a special rubber material that attracts hair, making this product perfect for homes with pets. Moreover, the shape of the cleaning head and the built-in swivel feature allow easy maneuvering around your furniture.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with great suction power and a wide cleaning path to collect everything on your hard floors – larger debris follow the center suction path, while ends of the cleaning head capture small, fine debris.

As it weighs only around 7 pounds, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning the entire home. It is made with high quality materials and components that make it flexible and durable.


• Easy to assemble, use and maintain
• It is a lightweight product, weighing only around 7 pounds
• V-shaped swivel head for easy maneuvering, sharp turns around the furniture and ultimate suction power
• Perfect for vacuuming pet hair with no need for special attachments
• It is bag-less and the dirt container is very easy to empty
• It comes with a 20-ft. power cord

poweredge bissell pets review vacuum

Maintenance Tips

To make sure your device keeps its maximum cleaning performance, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding care and maintenance.

If your vacuum cleaner starts to overheat, it will automatically stop working. The cause of overheating may be the overfull dirt container, dirty separator grill, clogs or dirty filters.

The dirt container should be emptied before the debris reach the line indicating the maximum capacity. Then, you must empty the debris into the garbage can and wash the container with warm water. Make sure the container is completely dry before you snap it back into place.

The separator grill is placed behind the dirt container and should be wiped down with a damp cloth from time to time. Maintaining the filters means washing and drying a foam filter, while the pleated one should not be washed – just tap it firmly inside of a trash can.

The cleaning head, on the other hand, should be maintained by wiping off any debris that had accumulated over time on its underside.


• The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, easy to handle and suitable for cleaning all floors of your home
• V-shaped cleaning head is great at picking up pet hair, dirt and grass
• Large capacity dust container
• Apart from hard floors, you are able to use it on short rugs, as well
• It is made with high quality materials and though it comes with a one-year warranty, it generally lasts much longer
• It is one of the most reliable vacuum cleaners on the market


• It makes a lot of noise
• The downside of a large dust container is the vacuum cleaner’s inability to fit under furniture
• The 20-ft. power cord is much shorter than the standard ones
• The V-shaped cleaning head takes some time to get used to
• The handle is prone to breaking after some time

If you wish to cut the hard floor cleaning time in half, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded vacuum cleaner can be a good solution for your problems.

This lightweight vacuum cleaner with its big dust container can be easily carried from one floor of your home to another. It does an excellent job on hard floors and some short carpets, but you will have below average results with other types of flooring.

Ironically, what seems to be this vacuum cleaner’s greatest feature – its innovative V-shaped cleaning head – can be its greatest disadvantage, as well. This cleaning head easily captures various debris around the legs of your furniture and edges of your carpets, but some people find it very hard to get used to it. Negative reviews are mainly focused on users struggling with this feature and finding the vacuum cleaner hard to use because of it.

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